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Since I can remember, Saturday afternoons after school were accompanied by moments of fun with friends, we thought only to run in the middle of the meadows, climb trees and play hide and seek etc. etc.. All this, however, until 17.00 where, I remember very well, we all gathered in the town square, because we had to go to confession.

All this has not changed even now that we are young adults, with the difference that on Saturday afternoon, instead of playing hide and seek, we prefer to run with the bikes or simply meet at the bar for 4 chats and two drinks. But at 5 p.m., the hour struck.

It was a Saturday afternoon in late November, at this time it was dark, there was a cold wind coming from the east, and I set out to go to the square. When I arrived in the square I was cold and unlucky that it started raining, but I was there and I started to run until I entered the church, hoping to hurry, but there were many people before me and the parish priest had not yet arrived.

I was full of cold, and wet as a chick, I changed my mind and wanted to go home, I turned around and to get out of the church I passed in front of the sacristy, there I heard a thundering voice that told me: "Hey! Where are you going?" I turned around and it was him, Don Giuseppe, he had just arrived and was changing for confessions.

Don Giuseppe was the parish priest of the town, a big man, almost 1.90 m tall, without moustache or beard, with two big deep black eyes, a big nose, but thin and pronounced, many white hair like platinum, which he wore combed to the side, forming a wave on his forehead like those of the sea and fine lips that made a mouth often serious, but at the same time important and tender, the chin had a nice dimple in the middle. He had two hairy arms coming out of the sleeves, a nice pronounced chest that pushed into the tunic, accompanied by a nice firm belly. In short, I won't deny you that even as a child, I was fascinated by our priest, authoritative, decisive, and almost military.

"Good evening Don Giuseppe!" I said, "excuse me but I've caught so much rain and I'm very cold, I can't stay in the church to wait my turn, there are many people I saw!"
He, raised his big white eyebrows that looked like two toothbrushes, white and thick, and said to me, "Come on run over here, go upstairs for a moment, the heat is on in the bathroom, dry yourself a little bit, I'll confess all the others and meanwhile wait your turn. Don't worry, I'll come and get you!"
So I agreed, entered the sacristy and went upstairs, there were 4 more rooms there.
Two were in disuse, some old furniture but nothing more, in one room there was a crucifix, a sofa full of holes, and two beautiful bookcases, which were so old that they looked like something out of a Lord of the Rings movie. The last room was the bathroom, which I entered.
Everything was nice and warm and clean and smelled good. Probably Don Giuseppe had just been, because there was the scent of his cologne.
I locked the door, stripped and put all my clothes on the two hot radiators, and curled up, waiting to warm up and feel a little better.
I gasped, and said, "Yes? I'm coming I'm coming!"
It was Don Giuseppe who told me that if I wanted to, I could come down to confess that it was my turn.
I was still there all naked and raw, and I exclaimed, "Give me a moment please, I was drying my wet clothes! I'll be right down!" he retorted, "Take your time!"
And while I was getting dressed, I had a very strange feeling, a shiver went down my spine, while I was getting dressed, I turned my head and I instinctively looked at the keyhole of the door, there was a strange glow, as if there was an eye that reflected the light of the room. I immediately took that thought out of my head, I finished dressing and rushed to the door, I opened it to go downstairs, and there was no one there, "it was just my imagination" I said to myself, and I went down the stairs, I arrived in the sacristy and there was Father Giuseppe waiting for me, he said: "I'm going to the bathroom for a moment, in the meantime you go to the confessional!
Instinctively I froze... I remained 2 seconds staring at the void, while I heard Don Giuseppe climbing the wooden stairs, in my mind I thought: "But yes, why not? Just once, and then never again..." I thought back to the glow of the door, so I turned around and quietly, swiftly and silently, I went up the stairs, tiptoed upstairs, passed all the hallway, came to the bathroom....
I was starting to sweat, my heart was pounding. I ducked down slowly, put my face close to the keyhole, and holding my breath, began to watch and spy.

"DID YOU FORGET ANYTHING?!?!?!" I heard thunder behind me.
It was Don Giuseppe catching me red-handed as I tried to spy on him through the hole in the bathroom door.
"Here I ... .... apologize. It's not what it looks like ... Please ..." I began to cry in shame.
He stood there with a serious face, eyebrows covering his eyes, and in dead silence staring at me. I cried and fell down sitting on the seat and stood with my ass on the floor sobbing and apologizing to him.
"I think that's enough for today..." he told me in a quieter but firm tone, walked over and took me by the arms and stood me up.
"Now run home, IMMEDIATELY! I'm going to pretend nothing happened!"

I nodded my head and immediately tried to escape the situation, walking past him he pinned me with his other arm, wrapped his arms around my chest and gave me a squeezing hug.
I could smell the scent of his cologne, his breathing was deep and low, I had my head on his chest from which a few white hairs sprouted from the collar, which tickled my nose,
he leaned close to my ear and whispered, "But first, you must atone for your sins..."
His breath smelled minty, his warmth was enveloping, I didn't control myself and I got an erection....
"Come with Don Giuseppe," he whispered again, holding me with one arm, he took my weight with the other and as if by instinct, I clung to his neck.
He took me into the next room, where the couch was, I tried to say something, but each time he shushed me in a religious, but military and diligent manner.
"Now you have to confess. Right?" , I nodded.
"What were you looking for before, beyond the bathroom?" I remained silent.
"I asked you what you were looking for beyond the bathroom?" I still remained silent.
He held me tighter to him and looked me straight in the eye and repeated:
"I'll ask you for the last time, then know that I'll never come back to this conversation for the rest of my life, just think about it, because it means it will be your only chance...."

"What were you looking for before, beyond the bathroom????"

Me: "You don Giuseppe!!! You!!! I was hoping to see you in a moment of your own, and I apologize for that."
He gave a sunny, gorgeous smile, took my head and kissed me.
He kissed me in a sublime and tenacious way, his mint flavored kiss was wonderful, his tongue tasted mine like he was eating an ice cream cone.
He broke away and said:
"And you, naked you are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen my darling..." and began to remove my shirt. I immediately realized that he was really spying on me from the hole in the door when I was intent on drying myself. I looked at him astonished, but I was excited, my heart was racing and that priest that I have always adored, was there with me and for me, and he wanted me ...
I took off his shirt and the moment I did, the priest showed off a beautiful chest, very hairy and all white.
A beautiful, thick, soft hair, which only allowed a glimpse of two beautiful pink nipples.
A firm and beautiful belly, I could not resist and began to lick greedily in the middle of that chest. I was enjoying those gorgeous nipples. His cologne there, was mixed with the smell of his sweat, and slowly I went down more and more.
I laid him down in the couch and took over the reins. I started unzipping his pants and quickly took them off. He had white underpants, those of the past, with the front pocket, and you could see a frightening erection on top of which, a speck made it clear that the don was excited.
I slipped them off him supremely, slowly and eagerly. He bounced out a very hard cock, small but very big, with a shiny chapel and all wet that pulsed and continued to emit strong liquid humors, the balls were as big as the cock, huge, all immersed in a beautiful garden of white hairs, like snow, and sprinkled with his excitement.
The smell of urine was strong, he had probably been in the bathroom just before really, but the smells of his humors were also strong, and that cock kept pulsing like crazy, like it was asking to be eaten.
The priest let me do it, I started to enjoy that little but big pastry, licked his balls, sniffed it and then went back to blowing him as if I had to pull it off.
It tasted really good, he was my priest, he was my parish priest and this idea made my cock burst in my underpants.
Don Giuseppe started to enjoy it, but I only understood then what he wanted, he took my head and raising his legs like a peacock's wheel, he put my head between his buttocks.
"If you want me to forgive you, make me your boyfriend........." she said with a trembling and pleasurable voice. I didn't think twice, I stuck my nose and my whole face in the middle of that hairy white ass, sweat was soaked from his anal humors, his prostate was producing a huge amount of lubricant. I began to lick it, to eat it, to spread it with my tongue. It tasted so good...
He was enjoying it like never before and begged me not to stop. I could not resist, so I pulled down my pants and pulled out my cock, which was very hard by now. When he saw it he exclaimed: "There it is, the scepter of power my dear, I had sensed that you were attracted to me, but I didn't think so much! Today I had the confirmation! It's now or never my dear boy! Take advantage and make this old man happy!"
I thrust it into him hard in one stroke. Don Giuseppe cried out loud, but he didn't back down, I kept fucking and pumping him, until his screams of pain became of pleasure.
His ass was so wet and lubricated by his excitement, that by now I was fucking him at a high pace, my sweaty balls were popping on his ass, and while I was giving him the best time ever, I started kissing him and then, licking him nipple by nipple, in between the hairs from one side to the other, all while sawing that small, but big cock like a carboy cork.
I was at my peak, I couldn't take it anymore. He begged to continue, but I couldn't.
And on the second stroke, I began to cum in his ass all my pleasure and honey. He felt my hot cum entering him, and my cock throbbing, he looked me straight in the eyes and intimated, "WHAT A GLOW!!! HOW I ENJOY..... BOY YOU MAKE ME BURST!!!" "AAHHH!!!" "AHHHH!" he screamed and moaned;
And jets of cum began to come from his cock, but so many, that they flooded my chest and the first two landed in my face.
I quickly tried not to waste that goodness and I took it in his mouth, drinking as much as I could and cleaning it properly. He continued to enjoy with an expression of peace and resignation, I exhausted but happy, I fell back down and lay on top of him, all sweaty and in the middle of those hairs, and the warmth of his body I found a bed in which to relax and close my eyes for a moment.
We stayed like that for half an hour, in silence.
His breath made me rise and fall as on a swing, he exclaimed in a relaxed and tired tone: "I absolve you of your sins puppy....".
I answered nothing.
In the meantime it had stopped raining outside, we went to the bathroom to clean ourselves up and I took the opportunity to enjoy the sight of Don Giuseppe completely naked.
His little willy had become almost invisible, but it still remained as big as the wrist of a hand. I gave him a kiss on the cheek, he looked at me and smiled.
"I'll see you tomorrow morning at Mass!" He said, I nodded. Dressed and dry we walked out of the church, by now it was pitch black, I needed to get home and he asked if I wanted a ride.
I declined the offer and walked off into the evening darkness.

After that day, I never went back to church in my small town, ever again. I don't know if it was out of shame, modesty, or fear. Perhaps out of respect for him, who, not having sought me out in turn, made me understand that it was the right choice.
But the fact remains that Don Giuseppe, I never saw him again, I heard years later that he had retired, or that perhaps they had given him another parish.
The idea made me a little sad, but at the end I was serene, because I was the only one who had his deepest "forgiveness".

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