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Continuation of The "mussel" cousin 2 - Humiliated.

I knew by logic that the guy wouldn't have told my cousin anything about that appointment, so I took advantage of it to have a double meeting, only to contact Annamaria I had to invent an excuse to tell him to meet me in that bathroom, maybe anonymously. I had no idea how, if I had called him he would have recognized me right away and maybe he would have rejected me, screwing everything up. So that morning I left him a letter addressed only to her, in the mailbox, trying to write it with lipstick, as far away from my handwriting as possible, I wrote to go to that bar at 19:30 and enter through the door of the women's bathroom, he would find a nice surprise. I just had to hope he would read it in time.
Reasoning that at the second meeting Luigi would surely have been able to focus better on my features this time I made up in an even heavier way, but I was not good, not at all, it was perhaps the third or fourth time I did it and more than anything else I had observed Annamaria do it, but following what the makeup artist had explained to me I managed to combine something, looking moreover very slutty, indeed a prostitute. At this point I decided to avoid crossing my parents, it was better to go on foot, following secondary roads.
I arrived at the pool bar five minutes early but he was already there waiting for me, this time sitting in the back alone, he wanted to do things right and from the way he held the keys in his hand I bet he was also thinking of taking me somewhere else. I had to avoid him. When I arrived he sat down to avoid people talking, I went, squared by all, directly to the bathroom. He followed me, red in the face, a minute later. The clothes I had bought were already one size too big for me. In these weeks of preparation I had eaten little or nothing, partly because of the anguish of those horrible words, partly to dry myself and throw away all the unnecessary fluids. Even my face had become thinner. Inside there were two men, I entered the door dedicated to women, he waited for them to come out and knocked. I let him in, but purposely left the door unlocked. We started making out like a porn video, he was touching me and squeezing me everywhere, he wanted to rip me off, so he hinted at what I had thought, he wanted to take me to a quiet place... I talked him out of it by unzipping his jeans. Only I couldn't give him a blowjob, despite the red hair and heavy makeup, I was afraid that the prospect would bring back memories of my features, making him realize who I was. Even though I was overexcited and had the urge, I didn't even want to fuck, thus making it his, the first real member to penetrate me. It was obvious that I was no longer a complete virgin in the true sense of the word, but I also didn't want to lose that "moral" with a depraved pig like him. I delayed telling him to lick it again as he had done the day before and I lifted my skirt, moving the thong but instead of lowering it he started to beat me hard and fast with his fingers, licking my whole neck. He was against me, he didn't want to go down to lick her, he wanted me to let him in at all costs. Annamaria wasn't coming... I was soaking wet and excited by the mechanical stimulation of her fingers, I was about to give in, then an idea... I want to try to let you in behind him I said. I said I was curious to try it. I certainly had no idea of the trouble I was about to get myself into. Of the pain I was about to feel. And the embarrassment I would feel, getting it all over him. He stood up with his eyes wide with excitement for what I had just proposed, I knew he had asked Annamaria several times but she had absolutely refused. I turned around putting my legs well apart, I pulled up well the denim skirt, and widened the buttocks with one hand, with the other one I plugged my cunt, to prevent the asshole from playing tricks on me.... in fact he tried to put it between my fingers but I played the nasty and said, "no, no, first in the ass. He began to spit on my anus and to try to penetrate it with a finger, more and more inside, of course I did not like it... someone finally entered the main bathroom... it was not her... I hoped it wasn't a girl. He spit on his ass and turned that finger, again and again. The index finger went all the way in. I jumped but I pretended to enjoy saying, "oh, yes, again"... he enjoyed me pushing that finger in as much as he could, then he took it out and saw the finger a little dirty... my heart began to beat three thousand thinking it would blow up, but instead... he wiped it badly with the paper on his right and tried with his dick. Behind me I was tight, very tight and I was also very worried. He placed the tip and with a firm push of his fingers he pressed it in. I felt a sharp twinge, to the point that I escaped a small tear of pain and I still pretended to enjoy ... praying that the bitch would come as soon as possible. Then there it was. The door opened, slowly and then...the storm. She immediately recognized him and grabbed him by the hair, screaming. Luigi tried to compose himself as best he could, with his dick still hard, she took to beat him as she could. I raised my thong very quickly and tried to run away but Annamaria managed to grab me by the arm while screaming almost incomprehensible words. "Who are you, you filthy whore," she said, "What do you want from me?" She screamed, then as he held her, to prevent her from beating me too, I said, "But how! You said I wasn't even good as a whore!" the two remained ice cold, they finally recognized me. I left to see her again almost a month later... the two of them had broken up.

This time she came to apologize. I don't know, maybe it was the loneliness. When I came down the stairs and she saw me again, even though I was becoming "a little me" again, she was amazed again. "But how the hell did you do that?"..., "With my savings, I spent it all..." I said with an annoyed air, "but, man you've changed completely... you're...", she couldn't say it, she didn't want to tell the truth, then she understood that she had to stop pretending and she revealed everything to me. "You're beautiful," she said lowering her head, "I actually liked you before." I hugged her. I don't know how, I don't know why, I was moved, hearing me say that he liked me even before melted me like pudding, so, he kissed me. I don't know why, he kissed me... intensely and deeply, caressing my red hair that was coming back a little more curly and also had some dark regrowth. I didn't have a mustache anymore and now I always used a little lip gloss. So, while he enjoyed the new me, we made out inside the stairwell door. "Excuse me," he whispered in my right ear. "I've always been a lesbian and with him I wanted to try to lose this problem"... "I couldn't, I want you" .... "That time I said those words to you I just wanted to talk you out of being with a man and I insulted you to get you away from the idea..." then while his heart was beating almost out of his chest he said "I love you"...I swear I didn't know what to do.
She asked me to go upstairs. I took her to my room, only my mother was in the house. They exchanged four words, several pleasantries then we left her. She took me hand in hand in my room, locked it. We began to make out passionately again. She pushed me against the orange wall as she undressed me. My pussy was still nice and smooth, there were only the black dots of the rebirth of the bulb, when she saw it she was so attracted that, this time she was the one who got down on her knees and sucked me off. I remember it like it was yesterday, she licked it so greedily that she seemed to want to eat it. Meanwhile she was masturbating. "It wasn't that I didn't want to lick it before" he admitted "Forgive me, but it was a matter of hygiene" he said. Now she was licking and sucking my juices like she was thirsty. I struggled not to gasp to keep my mother from hearing me. But after a few minutes the orgasm that came to me was so strong that I couldn't stay completely silent. If that was the only problem, no harm done, I sprayed something, on her face, on the floor. My mother knocked on the door and I climbed back into my suit, just in time to throw away the dirty clothes I had on the chair next to me. Annamaria dried her face with the blanket on my bed. I went to open...

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