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The massage section of the Messaggero filled an entire page of the newspaper and many of the ads were preceded by a long series of "A's", which served to gain the first positions in the alphabetical order and thus give greater visibility to the ad itself. Saverio discarded the first few ads because the long sequence of "A's", making the ad expensive for the advertiser (each "A" was one word and the cost of the ad was proportional to the number of words), led him to hypothesize that the masseuse demanded a higher rate to recoup the expense. He then began to examine the ads that were in the middle of the column, trying to find some indication to guide his choice.
The advertisers all declared themselves to be very young and ready to satisfy every desire without haste and Saverio lingered on an ad that declared availability to perform any type of massage which, according to his interpretation, meant availability to have anal intercourse.
Saverio was crazy about the ass, but he had not had any experience of that kind; in fact, he had none at all. As a teenager he had risked blindness because of the large number of handjobs inspired by imaginary hot encounters with supercharged women, as was the fashion at the time. At the cinema his muse was Jane Mansfield, blonde, buttery and decidedly abundant, while on television the dance of Abbe Lane, even if it didn't reveal any nudity, excited his senses with the swaying of her sinuous curves. For real, however, nothing had ever happened. He didn't have a girlfriend and the few friends he hung out with didn't seem willing to grant him anything, least of all what he wanted most.
To make it even more difficult his weaning there was also the shyness that froze any attempt at approach with the girls making him drown in awkward and confused speeches or in absolute muteness.
So he had decided to lose his virginity by resorting to a professional, to whom he could also ask for the much fabled entrance from the back side.
He had accumulated the necessary money by putting aside what he could from the monthly allowance he received from his parents and had called a few numbers taken from the ads to know the prices charged and now, finally, the amount accumulated was enough.
With some apprehension, he inserted the token in the public telephone to call the number of the ad he had chosen and, after a few rings, a female voice answered and, with an accent of a southern dialect, told him the amount requested and the address to reach.
The rate was just within the amount he had set aside and the address was that of a street in the center, famous because in the years before the entry into force of the Merlin Law was the site of many brothels.
Finding the house was not difficult and, once he got the front door open, a flight of dimly lit stairs led him to the second floor, where a door was waiting for him ajar. As he approached the door, it opened, leaving just enough room for him to enter, and an elderly woman of short stature made him sit in a deserted room, begging him to wait a few minutes.
He remained in silence looking at the room, where the ajar shutters let a little of the summer light filtering through, hitting the facade of the building in front. The room was quiet and cool, immersed in the half-light accentuated by the presence of red curtains. In addition to the sofa on which he was sitting, in the room there was a chippendale style servant with some porcelain ornaments, some chairs, a table and a small low table on which lay some magazines from which peeped photos of movie stars in costume.
He didn't have to wait long and the woman who had opened the door came back to tell him to come in, not before collecting the agreed fee.
Saverio was very agitated and the wait in the hall had further agitated him, so much so that he did as he was told without exercising the slightest critical spirit: it would have been difficult, in another context, to accept to pay before receiving what was due, but now his anxiety was focused on the next meeting and his heart was beating wildly.
The mother let him enter a bedroom even darker than the room where she had made him wait; a sweet perfume hovered and, on an unmade bed, a not very tall and chubby woman was half lying, dressed, or better, undressed with black panties and bra.
The woman could have been between twenty and thirty years old and showed a very pale complexion on which two abundant breasts bloomed. As soon as she saw him, she exclaimed with an air that seemed sincerely pleased: "Look at that handsome boy! You'll see how much fun we'll have! ". Then, pointing to a door, she added, "If you want to freshen up, there's the bathroom.
Saverio, who had just come from a long walk in the sun, thought she was referring to the sweat on his face and hands and rinsed both of them off in the cool water of the sink. Only later, going over in his mind the events of the meeting, did he realize that it referred to the intimate parts he would have to deal with. However, fortunately, he was fresh enough from the shower to be able to overcome without embarrassment the oral contact to which he would be subjected.
When he came out of the bathroom, the woman, who was waiting for him completely naked on the bed, asked him to undress and helped him unbuckle his belt. Saverio finished undressing like an automaton, without almost realizing what was happening, staring at the woman's naked body on which two impressively sized nipples stood out, crowning the abundant breasts and the thick black pubic hair. The woman approached him while kneeling on the bed and while exclaiming: "oh what a beautiful bird, now we will cuddle him a bit", she began to kiss the tip of his cock that she had extracted from his underwear still in a resting position.
Even though the contact was limited to his mouth, Saverio could almost feel the fragrant warmth of the woman's body and her soft texture, which the thought of a hypothetical relationship with another client made even more exciting.
If the excitement had initially reduced the size of the inhabitant of his panties, already the first contact with the woman's warm lips had promptly brought him to attention. Now the woman had swallowed the entire member and was moving her head back and forth. That warm, enveloping mouth was causing Saverio great waves of pleasure, especially when, with a skilful movement of her tongue, the woman caressed the swollen tip and licked the frenulum.
If the woman had continued with her movements Saverio would have come copiously, but the woman, being the skilled professional that she was, knew just when to pull the rope and so she stopped sucking him off and stretched out on the bed, opening her legs and showing her thick pubic bush. Then in a low, teasing voice she said to him. "come love, fuck me good, I want you all inside without a condom".
In saying this, she had drawn Saverio to herself and, after expertly moistening her pussy, had guided his cock inside.
Saverio was amazed at the ease with which the penetration had taken place. He felt the warmth of the woman's body, adhering to his own, the contact of his pubic hair with that of the woman and the intense and disturbing heat of her pussy that seemed to envelop not only his penis but also his entire being.
The woman began to move her pelvis, causing Saverio further excitement and a flush of heat that spread from his lower abdomen to his head. It seemed that the whole world was concentrated at that point where the two bodies became part of each other.
Finally Saverio began to regain his consciousness and push his pelvis against hers. The sensation of sinking into that warm and soft flesh was wonderful and the woman, simulating a growing excitement, incited him to go on: "come on, come on, push him in that you make me crazy!".
A few quick strokes followed and Saverio's heavy breathing revealed that he was close to coming: with a quick move the woman made him leave and handed him a long stretch of toilet paper in which Saverio emptied all his excitement.
Although Saverio would later tell his friends, in perfect good faith, that the relationship had lasted over an hour, the whole thing had taken place in just over a quarter of an hour, including the time it took to undress.
On the way home Saverio felt almost as if he were drunk: he did not perceive the world around him and it seemed to him that he was walking on a cloud.
Only when he got home did he realize that, due to the agitation caused by the novelty of the experience and the precipitation of events, he had not even thought about fulfilling his initial desire to have anal intercourse.

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