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When the phone rang, I didn't have time to figure out what time it was. As soon as I got out of work, I had to go home, wash and get ready, and then go immediately to the square of my hometown, where like every summer, the village festival began.
"Yes ready!" I replied, it was one of my friends, "Hello! Can you come to the square a little earlier tonight? They need you in the kitchen!" I taken by the concern and that I was already late, I replied, "Ok ok fine! I'll see what I can do! But why? What's going on?"
She went on to tell me everything that happened in the afternoon, but finally explained that unfortunately, the cook was left alone and there was no one to help him out on the first night of the festival.
I shuddered slightly, almost automatically from what I was hearing, in my head there was already the thought of spending an entire evening in the company of the man who since childhood, has aroused in me much admiration but also excitement ... He was the man who coached us as kids in the county soccer team, he was the man who came to take a shower with us at the end of practice, he was the first mature naked man I saw, since my early teens with me he was paternal, friend, he was the father of one of my teammates, he saw me grow up, yet I trembled when he was near me. When we were all in the shower, I was spying on all that hair in his chest, that magnificent dick that when it was limp, to me, who was small, seemed huge, and that hung like crazy, resting on that swollen and pastured scrotum, I remember the smell of his shower gel, I remember his mustache full of soap that dripped while he was intent on soaping his body, in short, for me was a wonder of mother nature.

Changed and showered, I arrived in the square, greeted everyone, and went to the kitchen. I opened the door, a gust of heat and the smell of grill entered my nostrils, and he was already there. He had obviously aged since the description of when I was a kid, at the time of the story he was about 62 years old, but for me, it was as if I saw an angel.
He was in short shorts, completely bare-chested, all but covered by a chef's apron, the kind you tie around your neck and belt, so only his arms and complete bare back were visible.
"You're finally here!" he said in dialect, "I've been waiting for you for an hour!" he continued laughing and snickering, "look you already have the trailer on your seat!" He was referring to a mug of beer he had kindly prepared for my arrival. We're off to a good start, I thought, so I put on my apron and started helping him with the cooking.
The evening passed between dirty jokes, mugs of beer, orders of grills and chips, and the occasional sly glance. He told me about playing soccer when he was young, and if I remembered when he used to coach me as a kid, as the alcohol and the beers got higher, the stories got weirder, he told me about his escapades, what he was up to as a soldier, how he met his wife and we met again at 11pm. 30 past, we were finally cleaning up, tired, serene, but rotten drunk (at least I was), and as you know, when you are tired and drunk, inhibitions are aside ...
Our colleagues from the festival passed by one by one to say goodbye because they were going to sleep, and someone asked if we wanted a hand, but we always refused, also because we were almost finished (it wasn't true), until shortly after midnight we found ourselves alone.
I was intent on cleaning one of the grills when the cook, (that's what I'm going to call him by now), said to me: "Did you close everything? or shall I do the rounds? So we'll close the kitchen here too, we'll clean up and then we'll go to bed. I replied that yes, everything was already closed. "OOOh!!! Finally! HE'S HOT!" he said; and all of a sudden he took off his apron in a liberating way, and remained shirtless and in shorts, I could smell his sweat, while he was intent on drying himself as he could, but I couldn't move my eyes, I had an erection, which I tried to hide by turning my back and continuing to clean the grill.
I tried not to look at him anymore, his silence made me very suspicious, all of a sudden I heard his voice in dialect whispering close to my ear: "baby, do you think I never noticed how you look at me? I began to tremble, my back was always turned, I was trembling with excitement, my breathing became labored, and when the cook finished telling me those words, I felt his mustache descend on my neck and begin to gently kiss me. "May I?" he continued, I remained silent, he took my hand and slowly turned me towards him. "What are you ashamed of? We're between men," he said as he turned me around, and when I was turned around, I saw the most beautiful sight of my life.
He had stripped completely, he was just like mom made him, a mature and hairy grizzled and gorgeous physique, with a bit of a hairy belly and underneath, his cock was not as I remembered it, but much better, it was on fire, bigger, harder, and pulsing upward, his chapel looking straight at me, was already dripping and begging for desire, his scrotum was swollen like a krafen, and hairy as wool.
I looked into his eyes again, he was horny as hell, he grabbed my head and kissed me, his tongue was bitter and his mature male smell made my cock explode in my underpants, his mustache smelled like beer, I was in heaven and thankful for that moment.
He pulled off, took off my shirt and weighted me up to lay on top of the freezer, took off my pants and started licking me all over. After that, he turned my head on the freezer and handed me his dripping jewel that he had between his legs. I began to gorge myself on that wonderful cock, and from time to time I would come out to lick his balls well and smell his pubes, while with my tongue I continued to lick his head, and then continue to blow him as he deserved.
I was sawing and blowing him, I was enjoying a divine delicacy, that only a miracle come true could explain what I was feeling.
I could feel him enjoying, panting, sweating on me, and his voice made me commit even more, to satisfy that old bull. He licked his fingers and started fingering my asshole, panting in dialect he said to me, "baby, I've been dreaming of fixing you up for years, fucking you like never before, so maybe you'll stop looking at me like that since you were young!!!" I nodded and replied with a muffled moan, because my mouth was full of his cock, and he was fucking it all the way down my throat without stopping.
All of a sudden he took my weight and lifted my legs up to his face. "You have a nice dick young man, congratulations!!" he said, "But I really want this other one!", he opened my buttocks with his nose and stuck his tongue in my ass, he started to eat it as if he was licking an ice cream cone.
I could feel his whiskers scratching on my balls and then disappearing under my ass, as he was starting to tongue fuck me....
I let out a scream of pleasure, I couldn't control it, by instinct the cook, put his hand on my face to plug my mouth, but he continued with his tongue work, until my hole became like a ring of butter.
I was enjoying myself like crazy, I didn't understand anything anymore, finally he pulled away, his lips were red from eating my ass, he pulled me by the legs towards him and said: "Here it is, your wish has come true", and with a soft but firm blow, he penetrated me from behind up to his balls and started to fuck me faster and faster, with his scrotum that marked the rhythm, snapping against my sweaty buttocks, at each pumping he gave me.
I was enjoying myself like crazy, my world was spinning, I didn't understand anything, by now I was helpless in his arms, I accidentally started to moan too loudly, but to keep me from screaming too much, while he was fucking me he started to kiss me, with his big moustache that tasted of my juices, and his hot tongue that cuddled mine.
He was enjoying like crazy, he was pumping me like a bull, just thinking about it now, I have a monstrous erection, I don't remember how long it went on but I couldn't resist, I started to enjoy more and more, more and more, I said: "Cook! I'm going to come I can't resist! Oh God!" , he all sweaty and excited gave me a sweet smile, and said, "Then explode puppy!" And he started fucking me even harder and faster...... I cum, exploded like a volcano and begged him to continue because I was in another dimension. He at the sight of me ejaculating, with a finger picked up some of the cum, smelled it, and then tasted it like a lollipop, and told me: "Here I am! Here I am! Your dream has come true! Take it all! I enjoy!!! Here I am!!!", he pulled his wonderful, throbbing cock out of my ass and lifting me up he shoved it into my mouth.
It was an explosion of pleasure, the cook began to cum and enjoy it so much, that I couldn't contain all his honey in my mouth, his cock was throbbing in my mouth and spraying a very hot and sweet jam, I swallowed as best I could, but the rest, came out all over my face, and on my chin and on my chest. Seeing his face as he enjoyed it, and hearing his voice trembling as he cum all over my mouth, was gorgeous, beautiful.
The quiet that ensued afterwards was strange, but of course I understood that we each had to go back to our own lives.
"Aren't you going to say anything?" he said as he helped me clean up from all the goodness that was given to me.
"I have no words," I replied, "except to thank you cook. I have been longing to have you, even for a minute naked for me, for ages, and you have instead given me an evening of passion." "I don't know how you figured it out, but I'm grateful. I hope we can see each other again magar............." but he shut me up by covering my mouth with a finger and said in a whisper: "look, dreams don't always come true, don't be greedy! Dreams are desires, and they must remain so, otherwise without desire, nothing could have happened tonight".
He gave me a big kiss in the mouth, I felt for the last time his big moustache tickling my nose, and after we got dressed he gave me a little pat on the butt saying: "Off to bed now, see you tomorrow! Night baby!" I took the opportunity to give him the last touch to that wonderful package he had and I gave him a big kiss on the cheek.
Outside the kitchen, we said goodbye like this, like two friends, fellow countrymen, each going his own way, things seemed sad at the time, but in reality, everything goes as it should.

The next evening, we said goodbye as we have been saying goodbye for 30 years, but the assistant cook of the festival and the girl who worked at the grill returned to the kitchen, so I returned to my role in the beer stand.
The subject was not touched again even in the months that followed, and currently, I did not even have the opportunity to be in situations alone with him anymore.
When we see each other we greet each other, with the classic pleasantries of countrymen, as if nothing had happened, but with a look full of complicity.
I will never forget this midsummer dream.

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