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It had been over a year since I had moved to Treviso, both for courses and for work, and I would still have to spend several months there. Treviso is a particular city, I like it, with that desire to be a bit like Venice but the impossibility of succeeding, with that particular smell of fresh water algae that has nothing to do with the smell of the sea...but you get used to it.
We were 5 people, three outsiders and two guys from Treviso. Me, a guy from Milan, very nice but not inspiring sex even in his underwear, a guy from Calabria with too little brain to try and a Neapolitan full of life and always ready to joke and play. I shared a room with the latter who fucked me practically every night. He was not a handsome guy, a normal person, a little taller than me, thin, with a nice hair but not much dick and came quickly. He served in any case to do something since the free time for a few rides was always little since we were almost always together and then, in bed, he was very sweet and gentle.
With us, two guys from Treviso, nothing much, I did not like their accent but I think one would have been happy to suck a cock ... but I never wanted to investigate, the other ... intrombable!
We had all agreed to meet in Piazza Vittoria, Jerom was coming from Holland and we were all going to eat a pizza together. He was a dear friend of the two people from Treviso, they always spoke very well of him, perhaps because a few years earlier he had had a motorcycle accident that had caused the amputation of his left leg just above the knee, this united them a lot not only because they had known each other since childhood but also because of stupid pity, something that those who have a physical problem, do not really need. In any case, his friends had strongly recommended not to ask him any questions, he still hadn't digested the incident and he didn't like to talk about it.
Jerom, almost thirty, lived in Holland with his mother after his parents had separated, she was Dutch and his father, of Jamaican origin, lived in Treviso. Jerom still came a couple of times a year and stayed with his father as long as his job allowed. He worked in the company of his mother, from what I understood, a woman with balls.
All gathered on a late May evening with an almost summer-like temperature waiting for him to arrive.
A car with Dutch plates shows up and I guess it's Jerom. He parks the car and gets out, a cool piece of shit. At least a palm taller than me, a black tank top with a short-sleeved white shirt over it, open, highlighting a body well shaped by the gym but not exaggeratedly so, a pair of white pants, baggy that tried to hide the prosthesis on the leg but did not hide the strange "claudication" of those who wear a prosthesis, black hair gathered in a thousand braids that came on the shoulders, a beautiful nose of some importance perhaps inherited from his father and two blue eyes to seem two aquamarine ... and what about that mouth, lips that screamed kiss me, kiss me ...
His friends introduced him to us and I was still open-mouthed when I shook his hand, a strong and sure grip that made me even more embarrassed, which I think he noticed because of the wink and the smile he gave me.
After the pleasantries we all went to a pizzeria not far away, recommended by the people of Treviso.
I watched him all evening, often crossing his eyes and exchanging some nice deep and questioning smile.
At the end of the evening, we exchanged phone numbers promising to talk or see each other soon, so soon that I heard from him the next day. He called me and asked me to have dinner somewhere, of course I accepted, accepting all the others but without saying that I would go out with him.
With that peculiar accent of his, Jerom spoke to me, strangely enough, the whole evening about his accident and the problem that he was beginning to accept but that created discomfort in him not so much personal but that he read in the eyes of others as pity, something that he had not seen in mine besides the relationships with the girls both physical and in approach.
My only response was that with his beauty, likability and sex appeal he didn't have to worry at all either about work or relationships with girls or the behavior of others, just be yourself always and live life quietly, adding:
"You're so 'cool' that I'd do you too".
I will remember all my life his thunderous laughter and the hug he gave me with those big impressive hands whispering that he was not good at certain things...erasing all my hopes.
When he took me home, he invited me to go with him to get some sun in a certain place he had discovered along the Sile river, just outside the city, the next day would have been Sunday and I would have been free all day.
Packed lunch brought by Jerom and an almost early start to the day at the river. A very secluded place, he didn't like to be seen by others because of his problem. We lay down in the sun in a clearing behind a grove of willows and he took off only his tank top, remaining with his long pants. I take his hands and say:
"Listen, my friend, let's make things clear right now, we came to sunbathe and I don't like you to keep, with your pants also shame and discomfort, with me you have nothing to be ashamed of, you know the work I do and how I think, there is no problem, indeed, you create the problem to me considering me one who judges, who is not able to understand, if I'm with you, I'm fine with you as you are."
His eyes lit up and he gave me a kiss on the forehead before taking off his pants and asking me what he should do with the prosthesis and, promptly, I told him to act as nonchalant as he is when he is alone and he took it off.
I finally saw his real condition which didn't impress me at all, on the contrary, I was impressed by that package that couldn't be missed once in his underwear. A perfect body even with a half leg, hairless but not shaved, natural hairless, with all the muscles in evidence but not exaggerated.
As he took off his pants he looked at me perhaps to understand what I noticed first in him, if I had looked at his leg I would have embarrassed him, but my gaze lingered on that great package that his black briefs barely held. We smiled together and he asked me if I had a problem taking it all off, he loved to sunbathe naked. Reassuring him I replied that I too get naked when I'm in isolated places, but without being able to hide my sudden blush that arose from being able to discover what was between his legs. A triangle of short, neatly trimmed hair towered over a sizable cock resting on two balls that were the envy of a bull, the head of a little elephant tattooed between his belly button, and the triangle of black fur that looked like it wanted to compare its trunk to his cock.
He smiled after noticing my look and told me that I, who in the meantime had taken everything off, was not bad at all for my cock.
I lay on my stomach to hide a sudden erection that he hadn't seen and we talk, talk, talk...he tells me a lot of things about himself but the spectacle of that body was very distracting and I don't really remember everything he told me, only that at one point he asks me to give him a hand, he hadn't brought his crutch to walk without prosthesis and he wanted to get to the water to rinse his hands. We get up and he wraps his arm around my shoulder so that I can be his crutch as he slowly wades into the river. Putting my hand behind his back I could feel all the warmth of his body and the beginnings of his marble-hard buttocks as, with each hop, his cock jerked between one thigh and the other.
He's surprised that he's doing things with me that he wouldn't have done with anyone else, no one would have been asked to help him while with me it came naturally to him. We get back on the towel and I can't help but give him a warm hug. After eating a couple of sandwiches, he tells me that he had once tried with a man, he had a hand job but was not thrilled because he had to continue alone to be able to come. I tell him that was not the right way, the handjobs are done alone, it is the blowjob that makes you understand much more. Making one of his usual laughter, he turns to me and hugs me, sticking his tongue in my mouth. I am surprised and shocked, I never would have hoped for this. In addition to the kiss I feel something hard and hot on my side, it was his cock that became hard in a nanosecond. I liked it too much and without saying a word, I kiss one of his nipples and greedily go down on his cock with my hand.
No negative reaction and I guess, even from his breathing that I can safely go on. I open his legs and take in my hand his balls that the sun had made relaxed, long, soft, a burnished color, I begin to lick them gently while he held my other hand squeezing it hard. His cock was a work of art, hard but with soft and abundant skin, wide enough that I couldn't squeeze it all the way, it was dripping with abundant clear liquid that I immediately picked up with my tongue to continue licking his balls moistening them in profusion along with the trunk of his cock. His hand resting on my neck accompanied the movements and guided me to the right places. He took me by the arm and brought me close to his face to lick his neck, which sent him into ecstasy making his big cock even harder, I could smell his skin, fresh and sweet, then he guided me to his mouth again slipping his tongue down my throat, as if kisses were his forte. It felt like a dream and I kept telling myself that I never wanted to wake up.
I didn't want to miss a single centimeter of his body and, after a lot of kisses, starting from his neck, I slowly went down again to his balls passing through his nipples and navel, I turned him around and, from the nape of his neck, I went down licking all his back and slipping my tongue in the middle of those two asses that looked like a sculpture, so perfect they were, bending my back to favor me, sometimes squeezing them as if to hold me, he was panting and enjoying visibly. My heart was pounding like it wanted to get out of my chest and my cock was about to explode but I tried to hold myself back, I wanted to wait for him. It was at that moment that he turned around taking my mouth to his cock that I promptly made disappear in my throat surprising myself to be able to take almost all of it, I was really out of my mind.
I let it in and out slowly, turning my tongue around the glans that, always with the tongue, I had freed from the skin covering it in search of the most sensitive point that I found on the upper part of the trunk, as soon as I passed my tongue there I felt him stiffen with goose bumps, eyes half closed and nostrils dilated.
I couldn't take it anymore and so it seemed to be for him too, four well done lunges and I felt a river unleash in my mouth. He literally flooded me with an unprecedented amount of sperm and I came moaning like a bitch in heat but always keeping his cock in my mouth while he continued to writhe with pleasure and the sperm dripped copiously from my mouth on his balls.
And it's a good thing he said he wasn't good at certain things, I can't imagine what he would have done if it had been the other way around.
The thing didn't end there, as soon as I cleaned myself a little with the towel lying down next to him, he started kissing me again like crazy, opening wide that big mouth and turning his tongue around mine and sucking until it almost hurt while his full lips covered my chin. Of course, as soon as we relaxed just enough, I broached the subject, he didn't seem inexperienced and I didn't like being teased.
At my question he did one of those laughs that only one with his mouth could do, gave me a big kiss back and then told me it was all true and that he was surprised at himself but not sorry at all.
Since his accident he had never been able to relax enough even to enjoy a good fuck, his fear had always been that others would feel pity, that he would be ashamed to show himself naked in front of anyone, male or female. He thought that the few girls who had given themselves to him had done so only to "do him a favor" and that he had never taken off his pants or prosthesis during a fuck and that he had always done it under tension.
With me he had been so different that he didn't care about the sex of the person with whom he was doing it but only thinking about the pleasure he could get from it, all the pleasure forgetting his condition, I had accepted him for what he was, with the utmost naturalness he had been able to read it even in my eyes.
His strong point was just the kisses because with those he didn't have the need to show himself and that relaxation would allow him to kiss anyone without restraint.
I answered him with my thoughts telling him that that was the wrong way to propose himself and that he was the one who embarrassed anyone who decided to relate to him or to fuck him, he should leave aside any shame and get rid of all insecurities.
"Whoever is your friend or fucks with you does it because they are comfortable with you as you are and by hiding behind a pair of pants or in the dark, you are only hiding your fears, making those who are with you uncomfortable who, probably, did not invite you to undress completely precisely because they "felt" your discomfort and it is only of that discomfort that they felt pity and not of your condition, abandon your fears and be yourself as you are, those who choose you want you for who you are."
He stared at me with his slyly shiny blue eyes as a tear slid down his cheek, without saying a word, he walked over to me and answered me with a fifteen minute tongue in cheek.
In the evening we all met again at the pizzeria and he arrived with his crutch and without his prosthesis. To the astonished look of his friends he replied that he could walk faster with it while the prosthesis forced him to a slow pace and he was sick of going slowly...looking at me and winking.
We both had two conspicuous bags under our eyes, a remnant of the day at the river ... knowing very well what the reason was, Franco had also noticed, the Neapolitan friend and roommate who kept looking at me winking and smiling mischievously, he understood everything but I did not care.
Saying goodbye at the end of the night Jerom whispered in my ear:
"Tomorrow free yourself, let's go back to our place and...I want..."
"And sti cazzi"
I reply
"It will be hard but I want to continue this dream and I will try."
he says
"This would be another chance to kiss you, but there are too many people" ...

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