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You're over 50, you're a normal couple.
Not athletic, but you keep yourself in practice ....
You are sexually extinguished. You don't give up, you still want sex, in fact you want more and more. You still want her, her orgasms.
You try in vain to rekindle that flame, but nothing.....
Then that unhealthy fantasy, which slowly becomes desire and finally idea...
But do you really want it?
And how would she react?
She doesn't want to make love to you, let alone do anything else...
You talk to her about it, you tease her in the rare moments of intimacy.
Total closure.
She is scandalized at the thought that it could happen.
She is bitter that you would wish for such a thing.
She asks you if you still love her......
You love and desire her like crazy, how can she not understand that ?
You love her so much that you wish to see her shed the armor that constrains her, that squeezes her, that suffocates her.
That suffocates you...
That's why you insist.
With passion you tell her of your desires.
With tenderness you ask her about hers.
With patience you wait for her very long time.
With intelligence you finally involve her in your fantasies.
She understands that you love her, despite those strange desires.
But she doesn't give in.
She is different from you, you almost resign yourself, after all you know her, you have been together for many years.
You know her because you love her, you know how she might give in, maybe.
But do you really want to venture into something like that?
Men are different from women. Man acts on instinct, he's more of a gut person. He reasons less, or at least differently.
You act exactly like that and you contact him.
He's a dancer. You know she loves the bodies of dancers, toned, strong, not bloated by the gym.
He is not beautiful but cute and nice.
With great embarrassment you test his eventual availability.
You are not direct but he understands immediately.
And he must have experience, because without you asking him he shows you his merchandise....
Notable. If it happens, it happens great.....
You go back on the attack after weeks, during which you loved her gently and ardently.
But it doesn't have to be an organized thing, you would perceive it as sleazy.
It must happen by accident, she must feel that it happens by accident....
It's a period that you feel her unusually warm.......
You take her to see one of her ballets, since she loves dance.
You tell her you know the dancer. You go to greet him as you leave the theater, at the performers' entrance.
He invites you out for pizza, you accept immediately. She is a little surprised but goes along with you.
You spend a pleasant evening, chatting amiably about art and dance.
She is cheerful and serene, while you are tense.
He's really good at it, in the end he invites you to have a drink at his place.
You ask her if she wants to.
She is not stupid, on the contrary she is a very intelligent and sensitive woman.
She knows what you want for her, she understands how you would like the evening to go and she looks you in the eye.
You can no longer hold her deep gaze when she says "if you really want it.......ok".
You walk away still chatting, but the atmosphere is now tense.
He is again very good at getting her to relax and laugh.
You're in the house, they're sipping on something very alcoholic while he shows her his scrapbook.
The dining room is not very big, . You are sitting in the chair on one side of the table and they are standing in front of you, on the other side, the album is on the table separating you from them. You're facing them, you see your wife's face. Behind them a comfortable chair and then more the home of a bachelor.
He is at her side, as the pages turn he moves until he is almost behind her
At one point, as he turns a page, she opens her eyes wide.
You don't see the photo but he tells her that for stage requirements he was naked.
She feigns indifference and turns the page, notice that he has now put his hand on her hip.
There are more nude photos, you can tell by your wife's jokes, but she doesn't seem bothered. In fact.
He is now standing behind her and asks if it bothers her. You can't tell if he's alluding to the nude photos or the fact that their bodies are now touching.
She is resting with both hands on the table and looking down, not responding....
She lifts her head slightly and you can see that her eyes are closed.
His hands are on her exposed arms and caressing them.
She doesn't react, she doesn't look at you. You realize she feels his manhood pressing against her.
Your heart beats wildly as you see those strong hands on your wife's large breasts.
You are hard between your legs as you watch her having her blouse unbuttoned
And her bra
Her skirt falls down too, there's the belly she's so ashamed of.....
Those hands caress her roundness, and like you they appreciate it....
They both sigh.
He disappears behind her soft body.
Suddenly his hands appear on your now naked wife's hips just as she opens her eyes and mouth wide moaning loudly.
You shift slightly to see his face sinking into what your wife calls a too-big ass.
She gasps.
Suddenly he stops and stands up.
In a very short time he is naked.
He makes a quick, decisive movement .
"oooohh" moans your wife and opens her eyes wide again.
He is inside her, now looking at you languidly.
It's happening !
For the first time another male is inside your woman, the mother of your three children.
She looks at you but her gaze is misty with enjoyment, he has started to move.
He is sweet and fills her with caresses.
You are excited but your heart is bursting with pain.
You look for her gaze but she doesn't look at you anymore.
He has grabbed her hands and now possesses her from behind with ardor, standing there in front of you.
She moans louder and louder as he furiously fucks her.
You look at your wife standing in front of you, her soft form swaying violently with every stroke she receives from the male who possesses her.
She begins to scream, her eyes wide with the power of her orgasm.
With you she has never cried out.......
He doesn't stop, doesn't give her a break.
Insensitive to her moans that express annoyance.
Before long those moans turn into moans again.
Finally she looks at you.
You smile at her, but she doesn't see you, surprised by a sudden new orgasm.
It's different from the first, deeper but no less intense and long.
And immediately another one, as violent as the previous ones.
She's panting and whimpering, never had three orgasms in a row.....
He grunts, stops and turns her over.
He sits in the chair across from you and draws her to him.
You watch her crouch between his legs, he takes her head and pushes it there, guiding her in the undulating motion.
Your wife's head is bobbing up and down quickly, she seems very experienced in that art that she never practices....
He has his legs wide open, now her head is moving on its own because you can see his arms resting on the armrests of the armchair.
He moans louder and louder, he wants you to understand that your woman is making him enjoy a lot.
You hear his mouth pronounce vulgar phrases towards your wife, but she doesn't stop giving him pleasure.
He is almost lying on the armchair, panting with his head back.
He raises it again only to look at you and sighingly announce that he is about to come.
He tells you, not her.....but you're sure she'll stop now anyway.....
You finally watch him throw his head back again, stiffen and begin to scream.
His cries of pleasure echo through the house, arousing and embarrassing you as you watch your bride give him a long, overwhelming orgasm, continuing to move her head slower and slower.
Then he gets up and runs to the bathroom moaning.
You never managed to come in her mouth, she always stopped you before....
He looks at you with a satisfied smile, the big member, dirty with your wife's sperm and saliva, now semi-flexed, lying on his leg.
You watch the mocking gaze of the bull who has just possessed your wife without regard in front of you.
It has happened!
From now on nothing will be like before....

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