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"How many are left?" asked Sofia.
"These are the last two. Then we're done with the second round of interviews," replied Alessandra.
"Alright, get going. I'll finish reading and then I'll catch up with you" she said as she scrolled through the folders on the laptop monitor.
Alessandra took some papers from the desk and, accompanied by the sound of her heels on the parquet floor, she went out closing the door behind her.
Before meeting the candidates, Sofia wanted to look at their CVs. Alessandra was smart, but she was not yet smart enough to be able to spot the small inconsistencies that only a trained eye can recognize. The omission of a date, the superficiality of a description, the way in which certain experiences were presented and not others, were all clues that allowed her to recognize possible shortcomings to be investigated later.
In the last few years, even though he had not been directly involved in the selections, he had always tried to keep his analytical ability trained and for this reason, from time to time, he chose to be present at the interviews. On this occasion, the person chosen would become the personal assistant of one of the partners, and if the evaluation was not done accurately, the personnel department would surely get in the way.
"There you go," he muttered to himself as he tortured his lower lip with one finger.
The first of the two candidates seemed to have all the right qualifications. A degree from a prestigious university, a master's degree abroad, some important experience in international companies, perfect knowledge of three foreign languages. The picture that emerged was solid and described the ideal candidate for the position.
The second CV, on the other hand, was decidedly less exciting. In terms of both education and work experience, it had a number of gaps and inconsistencies that did not bode well. Some passages, then, gave the impression of having been copied in full, as both the style and the choice of terms were quite different from the previous paragraphs. Sofia wondered how that person had made it through the first round of selection.
After closing the laptop, she stood up, opened the door, and walked briskly down the corridor leading to the interview room, then entered.
"Good morning" - he said, smiling as he extended his hand to the first candidate.
Standing up, the boy answered the greeting and, after shaking her hand, he sat down again while Sofia took her place next to her colleague.
After about ten minutes spent listening to questions and answers, Sofia began to think about something else. With her eyes on the window, she enchanted herself by looking up at the tops of the trees occasionally at the buildings in the distance. She thought that if the weather had remained so nice, on the weekend, she could have gone to the beach with Luciano. Instinctively she laid her eyes on her knee, looking, in vain, for the color of her skin hidden by her stockings. Fifty years old, blonde, a body that definitely contrasted with the petite and almost anorexic body of Alessandra, Sofia was a beautiful woman. In the office by now they were used to her presence, but hardly anyone who had not met her before could remain insensitive to her charm. Even when she wasn't dressed in a provocative way, her generous breasts, legs and back, ended up catching the eyes of the interlocutors. When she was young, this attractiveness had caused her many problems, but later all her qualities had been recognized and by now, for some time, she was considered a fundamental asset of the company.
"Do you have any questions Sofia?" - she heard Alessandra ask
Turning her gaze towards the boy, she compared what she had imagined with what was in front of her and concluded, with satisfaction, that there were not many differences.
"Why are you interested in this position? It's an assistant's job, and you've had roles with much greater responsibility," she said, keeping her gaze on him.
The boy thought for a moment about the best answer to give and then said
"I hope that this experience can later open the way for a career in marketing within your group".
Sofia smiled without him being able to understand if the answer given had been evaluated positively or not.
With a glance Sofia made her colleague understand that the interview could end there.
Alessandra accompanied the boy out of the room, assuring him that he would be contacted shortly to know the outcome of the meeting.

For about a minute Sofia remained in the room alone and resumed looking out of the window.
She thought that she had put on the wrong socks because it was already too hot. If they had gone to the beach, she would have asked her husband to take her to that uncrowded beach so she could sunbathe without a bathing suit. She hated the marks on her tan.
Her thoughts were interrupted by Alessandra, who entered the room again and pointed out the empty chair to the second candidate.
Sofia was pleasantly impressed by what she saw. Behind her colleague appeared a tall dark-haired boy, with a perfect face and an amazing physique enhanced by a suit that was certainly made to measure.
"Good morning" said Stefano showing his very white teeth while he sat on the chair that had suddenly become too small.
"Good morning" replied Sofia, finally realizing how come that guy had managed to get to the second interview.
While Alessandra was raving about the job description in case he was chosen, Sofia slowly crossed her legs, taking care to make the dress high enough to leave a generous portion of her thighs uncovered. Despite the fact that she wasn't wearing any particular clothes, that day Sofia was still a knockout. High heeled shoes, black tights under a red dress, very short, which enhanced her breasts while leaving it entirely covered. To complete everything, a shoulder cover, also black, on which stood out the honey-colored hair.
With pleasure Sofia noticed that that movement had not gone unnoticed. Stefano tried to keep his gaze on his colleague, but, every now and then, his eyes moved slightly, so that he could have a taste of her legs.
Sofia liked to be pleasured. She loved the fact that men looked at her with desire, that they eagerly sought her gaze to find, or delude themselves into finding, the confirmation of a complicity that could mean the green light towards pleasure, towards the possibility of squeezing her breasts or kissing the most intimate corners of her skin.
She had always enjoyed it. She remembered very well the first time she had noticed it. She had just turned 14 and was at the seaside for her vacations. The family had rented a small villa right next to the beach and, one afternoon, while she was in the shower washing off the salt before returning home, she had noticed a man watching her carefully. Her body, although still immature, was already well developed and her curves, although hidden under the clothes of a teenager, already attracted the eager eyes of adults. Warmed by those glances more than by the sun now on the horizon, she hadn't run away. On the contrary. Under the jet of the icy water, which had immediately awakened her nipples, she had caressed her legs more than usual, and offered her back and her bottom to the sight of that stranger for a long time, bending forward to pretend to remove the sand from her feet. Then, before moving away towards home, positioning herself in such a way that he could see well, she had slipped two fingers into the side of her panties, pulling them away just enough to reveal her innocent sex. She had remained in that position for a few seconds, running a finger along her slit. Then she had run home laughing, aware that she had just discovered her power over men.
The interview was going on but Sofia knew very well that Stefano was not suitable for that role. She could have closed immediately, but why miss Alessandra's show who, surely attracted by that imposing body, with a dreamy look was hanging from her lips.
Crossing her legs in the opposite direction, Sofia placed a hand on her knee and with her nails lightly teased the fabric of her stockings.
"Can we call each other by name?" she said suddenly, drawing his attention even more.
"Sure," he replied, finally free to look at her without subterfuge.
"Given the type of position, we're looking for someone who is willing to devote themselves completely to the job. I see from your cv that you have many interests, photography, music, you even indicated that you play water polo professionally."
Engaging his gaze, he asked, "Are you sure you want this job?"

Stefano was stunned by that question, having already realized, from what Alessandra said, that he would never get that job. At the same time, he was glad, because it allowed him to prolong the vision of that marvel. He thought she must be around 45 years old and that he had rarely seen such an explosive body. From the way she was sitting, and from the way her red lacquered nails touched the nylon, she succeeded in the not easy task of presenting herself as a classy woman and at the same time a great slut. The size of her breasts was such that one could not help but imagine weighing them with both hands before sinking one's face into them.
"Absolutely," he said, breaking out a smile that must have helped him in the past to slip off many panties.
"For an opportunity like this I'm willing to make any kind of sacrifice."
Sofia wondered if he was talking about the job or something else.
"Alessandra, I think Stefano should also participate in the next round of interviews" she said standing up and pretending to fix her too short dress.
The colleague looked at her with an expression of joy, like that of a child who has just been given a new toy.
"Sure," she said, standing up as well.
"We'll call you shortly to schedule the new appointment" she added accompanying him towards the door.

When Alessandra returned to the room, Sofia asked "What do you think of these last two?"
"The first one is definitely on the ball. De Dominicis is not an easy guy, it takes someone who doesn't quit on the second day of work. He might be just the person. Prepared, calm. Sounds perfect to me."
"What about the second?"
Alessandra blushed slightly. "Other than being exceptionally cool?" she said with a laugh.
Looking at Sofia's serious expression, Alessandra assumed a more professional tone.
"Well...I don't know...maybe we should still look into it. It seems to me that she has qualities anyway," she said, lowering her gaze slightly.
Sofia understood very well what that little bitch would want to delve into. Everyone in the office knew she was sleeping with the head of purchasing, a quiet family man who actually fucked her in the hotel at least twice a week.
"Okay. You call the first candidate and summon him already for Monday. I'll take care of the second one."
Alessandra nodded, accepting the punishment.
On the way home Stefano tried, without succeeding, not to think about that woman. She had given him the impression that she was flirting with him, but had it really happened or was it his imagination? Would she be present at the next interview? He hoped so. Not knowing her name he decided to call her Arianna.
He hoped to see again her legs and those blue eyes at the same time innocent and full of passion. He fantasized about how she must be completely naked. Was she shaved? What color were her lips when she felt like it?
The fact that she was older than him particularly excited him. Who knows how many had had her before, how many had ridden her until they emptied themselves inside her. Was she moaning out loud as they mounted her? He felt his cock swell under his pants. She thought it was time to drop in on Sara to vent.

"Hello Stefano?"
He had been waiting for that call for three days and immediately recognized Arianna's voice.
"Yes, good morning," he answered, trying to remain calm. Although it was almost noon, he had just gotten out of bed and was eating breakfast.
"I'll call you about the appointment. I know it's short notice, but could you make it this afternoon at 5:30?"
Stefano would have said yes even if she had told him to show up fifteen minutes later.
"Uhmmm...yes, I can cancel another commitment and be at your place with no problem."
"Alright, I'll see you this afternoon then. You can ask directly for Sofia Moretti when you're at the reception."
"See you later, thanks" he said as he felt his erection growing under his pajama pants.
Sofia. So much better than Arianna, he thought. She was on cloud nine. This meant that he would surely see her again because he knew that the other colleague was called Alessandra.
Then he looked at the cell phone he still had in his hands. The call had not come from a landline. Could it be that she had called him from her cell phone? It had to be a business number. "Nothing unusual," he thought. Anyway, he decided to save it in his address book.
Immediately he gave it a try. "Let's see if he has WhatsApp." Nothing. Trying to write to Sofia Moretti did not result in an available recipient. With little hope he tried Telegram. This time, however, the attempt was successful. For a few long minutes he stared at the screen not knowing what to do. He tried to put his thoughts together to see if he should send a message or not. He had no problem admitting to himself that he didn't give a damn about that place. The goal was to get her into bed. What could have happened in the worst case scenario? That they wouldn't hire him, so....
Wiggling his fingers quickly, he typed "Thanks again for this opportunity" and pressed send.
The reply appeared shortly thereafter - "You were quick to find sure to be on time."
"You knew I'd be looking for you," she thought as she smiled. What more could he write? He decided to be cheeky "Do you want to go get a drink afterwards?" His heart began to beat faster.
"Don't you think it's better to wait and see how today goes?" he read, again almost immediately.
By now he was on a roll - "Just seeing you again is something to celebrate."
Without realizing it he had slipped a hand into his boxers to run the skin and caress his balls.
The reply took a little longer to arrive and, with terror, the idea that he might have exaggerated appeared in Stefano's head.
When he read the message, however, he had to stop his hand for a second.
"You've got guts."
"It's now or never", he thought, before sending "Just one drink".
No more messages came in, and he didn't feel like pushing. At this point all that was left was to wait and see what would happen.

Waiting for the moment to leave the house had been nerve-wracking. To pass the time he had decided to work out. He continued to exercise until his muscles begged for mercy. Tired and sweaty he stepped into the shower and spent a long time under the jet of boiling water. Rubbing the soap on his skin, he looked with satisfaction at the raised veins on his belly that, once past his abdominals, disappeared under the skin and then reappeared on his penis. He dried himself calmly and then carefully chose the dress for the appointment trying to pay attention to every little detail.
The journey to Sofia's office took about thirty minutes, but considering what she had written, he decided to leave well in advance.
By five o'clock, in fact, she was already under the office. He saw many people leaving the building and few entering. He also saw Alessandra walk away with a quick step towards a car that left as soon as she had closed the door. If Sofia hadn't been there, he probably would have hit on her. It could have been a good fuck, but in that situation there was no match between the two. Sofia was a thousand times better, and sex had to be a mind-blowing experience with that fabulous body she had.
Walking back and forth she managed to wait until 17.20 so she decided to go in.
"Hi, I have an appointment with Sofia Moretti" he said to the curly brunette sitting at the desk.
"You are?" two black as night eyes asked him.
"Stefano Ferrari."
After talking on the phone the girl turned again to Stefano handing him a small plastic card.
"After the turnstiles take the elevator on the right - eighth floor room 12"

When Stefano got out of the elevator he didn't have to look for the room because Sofia was already waiting for him in the corridor. If the previous time she was a knockout, seeing her that day he thought she was fantastic.
The red dress had given way to another, much lighter, pale pink and covered with delicate floral motifs. Even shorter than the previous one, it left her legs and arms uncovered, coming to close at the base of the neck to bind her breasts and back. When she turned to precede him into the room, Stefano couldn't help but notice the perfection of her calves and buttocks and the hypnotic swaying of her hips. Once inside, Sofia closed the door and pointed him to the chair in front of the desk.
"Well done," she said when she was seated on the other side of the glass table.
"You were right on time" she added crossing her legs again and settling more comfortably in the black leather chair, causing the already short fabric to rise further almost to show off her underwear.
Stefano was in ecstasy. Some sheets prevented a full view, but her legs, slightly tanned, were visible in all their splendor. Sofia was not very tall, but the proportions were perfect.
Involuntarily she bit her lip.
"Let's see if this job is for you," Sofia said, seeking his gaze. Her eyes, highlighted by makeup, seemed even more beautiful than he remembered.
"Sure," he only managed to say.
"I'm curious. Tell me about this water polo experience."
Moving his gaze from his eyes to his mouth and then to his breasts and then back to his eyes, Stefano began to tell.
"I started when I was a kid and never stopped. In middle school and high school it was very difficult to study and train at the same time, because I was in the water every day and on weekends there were games. Things got a little better in college, but grades always suffered anyway," he said, smiling.
Sofia listened to him intently as she stroked the pendant that fell right on her breast with one hand.
"I've played in all categories and even the national team. Now I'm in the big leagues but honestly I'm tired. I don't enjoy it as much as I used to and I think this will be my last year," he concluded.
"Are all the other players like you?" asked Sofia with a mischievous look.
Stefano smiled.
"Well yes...water polo develops all the muscles...".
"Then the games are no joke" - he continued - "above and below the water the forbidden shots are continuous".
"Ouch" made Sofia squinting slightly to mimic a sensation of pain.
Stefano thought she was a wonderful woman.
"Do you mind if I smoke?" she asked him.
"No, don't worry."
Sofia opened a small metal box and, pulling out a cigarette, lit it with a small silver lighter.
"Do you smoke?" she said, handing the box to Stefano.
"No, I've never smoked."
"Just a nice guy..." he said as he blew upwards.
"So would you like to have a drink with me?" he asked raising an eyebrow.
Stephen's pupils dilated imperceptibly. He hadn't expected that sudden change of topic.
"Or have you changed your mind?" she smiled.
"I'd like that very much," he finally said.
"And then what? What would you like to do next?" - she was forcing him into a corner, playing like a cat with a mouse.
"I don't know... I haven't thought about it" Stefano lied.
Sofia looked at his pants and noticed a slight bulge. It would have taken her only a few moments and, if she had wanted, she would have made him come like a little boy. Again she felt a feeling of omnipotence.
"Do you take me for someone who goes with everyone?" he asked, reaching out to touch Stefano's hand resting on the glass.
That contact made him wince. His fingers were soft and he couldn't help but dream of feeling them on her back as he pumped her hard.
"No..." he tried to say.
"But you want to take me to bed or don't you?"
"I'd like to make love to you," Stefano said feeling exposed.
"Make love or fuck me?" Sofia wanted to expose all her hypocrisy.
Stefano didn't answer. He had never been in a position like this before.
Sofia kept moving her fingers over his skin and with her gaze she was delighted to see his erection now growing more and more noticeable.
"Have you thought about how you would like to do it?" she asked to torture him.
Stefano understood that it was useless to lie
"Yes," he answered
"And how?" - Sofia didn't give him a break
"From behind, while with my hands I hold you by the hips and you are leaning forward."
"Continue" she said changing the position of her legs and bringing a hand to graze the fabric between her thighs.
Stefano was beginning to not quite understand what was going on. Excitement was getting the better of him.
"What should I say?" he asked sincerely dazed.
"Explain to me in detail how you would fuck me," said Sofia as her fingers caressed the wettest part of her panties.
Stefano was dumbfounded. He didn't know what to do. That woman had completely taken control of the situation and all his confidence had suddenly disappeared. He was afraid to tell his most unmentionable desires because he had the impression that she would use them against him.
As if Sofia had been able to read his mind, she told him "Don't be afraid. You can say anything you want. I will stay between us."
Stefano couldn't stay still in the chair so much his cock was now swollen with desire.
"Now start" he ordered.
Stefano tried to describe what he was seeing in his head.
"You are completely naked except for your panties pulled down to the base of your butt."
"Go ahead," Sofia said closing her eyes to better imagine what Stefano was describing.
"You are on a yellow couch. Your knees are resting on the seat while your elbows are resting on the backrest. Your back is slightly arched and your hair caresses your shoulders."
"Continue" Sofia said as she brushed her fingernails over the slit.
"I'm looking at your ass" Stefano resumed telling stroking the now out of control cock from outside.
"It's big, firm, and underneath I can see the swollen, turgid lips. They look like a ripe fruit."
"Go on."
"On the panties, I can see traces of your humor. I draw my nose closer and smell them. They smell sour, I can smell your desire mixed with the other secretions. With the tip of my tongue I try to taste them too. I want to taste your urine."
Opening his pants, Stefano released his cock now ready to explode.
"Don't stop," Sofia said as the trembling of her lips began to betray the pleasure she felt. Slowly moving his hand along the shaft, Stefano resumed
"It tastes strong. With my tongue I begin to lick between your legs like I was a dog."
"Good, lick your mistress" said Sofia widening slightly her thighs.
"I am licking everything. With the tip of my tongue I pick up the humors and then bring them inside my mouth to feel the explosion of flavors. I started to taste the other hole as well."
Even Stefano by now closed eyes, was lost in that other reality. His member, fully erect, was bruised from the need to squirt the semen accumulated in his balls. The veins, swollen by the influx of blood, disappeared and reappeared depending on the movement of the hand that became faster and faster.
Sofia opened her eyes and saw him masturbating. Stefano's cock was of considerable size, without any curvature, ending with a large chapel that made it look like a juicy porcino.
Rising to her feet, she went to the door and clicked it shut, then came back to settle herself, on her knees, in front of him.
"Keep telling," she told him as she moved her hands to pleasure him with her mouth.
Stephen spread his legs and tried to settle himself better with his back, then continued
"I can taste you there too. I like it. I like everything about you. I'm standing now and I can see your breasts. It's huge and hangs like it's waiting to be milked. I can also see your back well, the pale flesh and the hollow of your spine."
Sofia listened as her head continued to lower and raise along the entire length of that stick. As Stephen continued with his tale, he sensed the skin of the chapel getting smoother and smoother with excitement.
"I rest the tip against your lips and enter slowly. I don't make any effort because you are a lake."
Sofia pulled the cock out of her mouth to watch Stephen's expression of enjoyment.
"Come on start fucking me" she said as she held his balls with one hand and jerked him hard with the other, as if he was the member of a stud bull from which to extract the semen for the fertilization of cows.
"I'm holding you by the hips and fucking you. I go in and out of your cunt and see my cock covered in secretions. When I come in I see your skin spreading and my cock disappears until my skin slams against yours. You are moaning."
Sofia knew she was close. She widened her mouth again to take him in.
"I'm enjoying it too. I feel like I'm going to cum inside you."
Sofia felt the tremor start from his balls and transmit throughout his shaft, then she felt the taste of cum in her mouth. A series of jets that completely filled her cheeks without giving her time to swallow. As she tried to swallow as much as possible, she felt a trickle begin to run down her dress.
She pulled back to try not to stain the fabric and looked at Stefano.
An expression of bliss was painted on his face. In his ecstasy he looked even younger than he was.

Standing up Sofia looked for a handkerchief to wipe away the drops of cum that still wet her lips, then she said
"Ferrari, I'd say we can meet again next week for our next meeting."

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