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Back in the room with Franco I try to hide that little embarrassment that was born from the fact that he had noticed everything but, very wisely, he tells me that there is no problem, we are both free even if we fuck together, in short, two friends with benefits.
I really appreciate his understanding, to the point of putting myself in sheep's clothing just for him but without much enthusiasm but with gratitude for having taken me out of the embarrassment.
I was awake all night, I still couldn't realize that everything was true, something so beautiful, sudden and unexpected surprised me too much, I couldn't believe it but I wanted to live it to the fullest.
In the morning I called the office asking for a day off, I could afford it, I asked Franco to tell the others that Jerom had asked me to accompany him somewhere and I could not refuse, it was not the case to lie, after all there was nothing to hide, except the fact that we were going to fuck.
I prepare myself well, I knew what I was going to encounter and although Franco had fucked me, I try to open the gates of paradise better with two fingers and well deep.
Jerom arrives, fresh and perfumed telling me that he slept like a log, we go to the deli to get those little sandwiches with steamed ham that you can only find in Treviso and that are delicious, a couple of beers and off we go.
What we called "our place" was always there, ready to welcome us, full of sunshine and without a breath of wind.
Jerom undressed and, after taking off his pants, I noticed with pleasure his already hard cock coming out of his briefs, we looked into each other's eyes and immediately started kissing, I was struck by an aftertaste of the coffee we had taken before leaving. We lay down and he asks me to do everything very slowly, it had to be one of the first real fucks for him after the accident and he would have wanted to enjoy it fully, whispering to me with my hands in his:
"I realized that I had found someone who knows how to do it, someone who can capture every nuance of every inch of my body, to feel real sensations without caring about anything else...and that I needed it badly."
No response came out of me, I just moved closer to his mouth with my own to give him free give him that kiss I'm sure he'd been waiting for.
Lying on our sides and embracing, with his cock pointed in the middle of my thighs we continued to kiss, when I tried to take him in my hand he stopped me saying to wait, he wanted me to lick his back well, something they had never done to him and that gave him wonderful sensations.
A thing that I also like a lot, I can "feel" with my tongue all his satisfaction and in those points I delay more, I increased his excitement that, reflexively, increases mine making me go even beyond certain limits. With him it is not difficult, he shows all his enjoyment very clearly without saying a word.
After an abundant licking, he turns slowly letting my tongue slide on his side up to his navel and asks me:
"Come on, let me inside you."
I nod, reaching into my backpack for the cream I had gotten before we left. I put it on his cock and move on to lubricate my little hole by putting a couple of fingers in it.
I make to sit on his cock thinking that that might be the most comfortable position for him but he tells me that he wants to come on top of me. I still don't understand how he could support himself since he lacks a knee to lean on but, without worrying, he points a knee on the towel and rests his half leg on mine, a little sideways.
He begins to push and inserts only the head asking me if it hurt, while his balls rub between my thighs, I replied that at the moment it was fine, I just had to take it slow and wait for me to dilate completely. He goes in and out only with the tip with precise movements and my excitement rises to the point that with a blow of my kidneys I insert more than half of him. He stops thinking of hurting me but I beg him to go in all the way, now I'm ready.
Very slowly he pushes and at that point I realize how long it is, it never ends but the pleasure far exceeds the pain and finally it's all in. He stops but I start to retract and push my ass to taste it well, sure that now I feel only pleasure, he starts to pump, first slowly and then with vigor making it come out almost all and then putting it all again.
His position a little higher than me makes his dick stimulate my prostate to perfection and the rubbing of my dick on the towel makes sure that I come contracting my ass in sync with the spasms of the cumshot and at the same time I feel his hard cock pulsing inside me, his breath becomes short on my neck and he comes pushing me hard up to the last millimeter, I clench my ass to stop him, with that thrust he came up to my stomach.
He stops, he turns me on my side pulling me to himself so that I'm lying on his stomach but with his cock still inside me. I make to get up but he holds me back telling me to sit on top without letting him out and turn my face towards him. The twirling of his cock in my ass during my position change was almost making me come again.
So he wants me, face to face with his cock inside me to kiss me to fuck me at the same time.
His sperm, always abundant, drips from my ass onto his balls and I begin to massage them with my hand reaching his well-lubricated hole, allowing me to insert a finger. No reaction from her that starts to fuck me again, with slow and regular movements. I push my finger up to his prostate and Jerom stifles a sort of moan, I take it out thinking that I hurt him or that he didn't like it but he reassures me that that jolt was only of pleasure and that I can continue.
I insert my middle finger to get to his prostate and start massaging it with more vigor while his movements become more convulsive favoring both the entrance of my finger in his ass and that of his cock in mine, cock that has not lost any vigor after the first coming. With his hands on my hips he moves me downward facilitating the thrust of his cock on my prostate which immediately causes my and his second come together. He immediately pulls me to himself holding me and kissing me passionately. We rub on each other smearing my cum on our abdomens and I find it very exciting.
We stay like that for quite some time, continuing to kiss and hold each other until the moment when his cock has completely relaxed and comes out of my ass.
I get up stretching my hand towards him to help him reach the river to clean us up, he leans on my shoulder as naturally as possible.
After eating he lays down in the sun on his stomach and I lie between his legs, with my face resting on his pubes, on the opposite side of his cock that was resting behind the back of my neck.
A little relaxation leaning like this, on his warm body smelling the scent of his skin, I almost doze off.
His big hand slowly caressing my face brings me back to reality, I smile happily at that caress without assuming he was very interested. He rests his hard cock on the back of my neck inviting me to resume the games.
I only had to turn around to find that totem pole slightly facing downwards within my mouth, on the trunk of which I let my tongue slide.
Now I want to lead the game, I lick it, I sink it well into his throat moistening it and I stand up asking him to bring his legs to himself, to hold them on his chest releasing his cock from underneath.
I take a little cream but I realize that it is of little use, four fingers were freely entering my hole so much dilated by the previous fuck.
I turn on my back and sit on his cock sliding it slowly all the way in while I massage his balls and slide a finger inside his ass.
I feel him all the way inside, hot and hard, I can feel the swelling of his glans to the much pleasure he gets every time I push my finger on his prostate and it turns me on like crazy.
I drive him in and out slowly, guiding him over my prostate and rubbing his balls on mine, an indescribable pleasure that makes my ears ring but not enough to not hear his words:
"I can't take it anymore, comeoooo".
I feel all of his spurts inside me, from first to last as I cum as well. I stop with a tremor in my legs and hold him still inside me, all of it, down to his balls...until his cum starts to come copiously out of my ass.
I stand up, let him spread his legs and kiss him almost lovingly.
"It's a good thing you're leaving soon, otherwise I might have fallen in love with you," I tell him between kisses.
After one of his thunderous laughs and a moment of silence he answers me:
"It's a good thing I met you, you know, when you have an accident like mine, your world collapses, you think all the time and in every circumstance about your new condition. Finding someone who, like you, doesn't give it any importance to the point of making you forget it is just lucky and I didn't let myself be influenced by the fact that you were a man or a woman, I just wanted to live it."
I answer him:
"No dear, the luck is you who are finally accepting yourself without thinking of others but only of you. The embarrassment is only yours, it's you who feels different more than others can, you're freeing yourself from this condition and you're starting to live again, your beauty, your youth, to love yourself for what you are without taboos."
He says:
"Yes, maybe you're right, I know I have an open mind and you've seen that too, I know I'm not a bad guy, I have to learn to live it better and enjoy life. In the meantime meeting a sex machine like you brought me back to reality, it made me realize that I'm not missing anything to experience everything I've been dreaming of for a long time."
"Of course you have an open mind, who else would have taken me and fucked me like you did, as if I were the most beautiful pussy in the world, and I'm surprised even of myself, you made me relax as few times I have done in life leading me to do things to you that I hardly do but that are always in my dreams, I look like you too, and I thank you for making me feel sensations that I have not felt for a long time ... in short, to have brought out all the pig in me."
He after the usual laugh:
"What can I say, for me it was almost natural, since we met and you looked at me in that strange way, I couldn't help but "deepen" our knowledge and what matters most is that I never felt any discomfort, I enjoyed it trying to give you back all the pleasure you gave me"
"On the term "deepen" I would draw a veil, other than deepened...!"
We embrace laughing and continue kissing.

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