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Like almost every day, coming back from the office, I checked on my pc the various sites where I was registered to see if there was some couple or some beautiful lady who had sent me some messages or proposed me directly some meeting. Unfortunately, the requests languished for some time while my desire to fuck increased more and more. I was about to close, when a trill announced me the arrival of a message. "It will be the usual mex about the latest news" I thought and so I closed.
After dinner, however, I turned my computer back on and found, with amazement, a series of incoming messages from a certain Betty, 37 years old from Morciano di Romagna, a small town not far from Cattolica.
The lady in the messages told me she had read my ad on "****" and finding it to her liking, wanted to meet me. She asked me to send her some photos of me and that she would be willing to further acquaintance if she found compatibility with her character affinities.
"Bingo!" thought I, "maybe he'll get laid!" I replied to her; asking for some pictures too and reminding her, to avoid misunderstandings to read my ad well because I was over 50. Betty answered me that she had a particular attraction for people much older than her and that by meeting in the site chat we would have deepened our knowledge.
We began to chat daily, exchanging photos and telling each other our desires for sex, then I, to show myself on webcam and she, who could not, to send me photographs, which showed a magnificent body.
So almost three weeks passed and I wanted to make a concrete meeting as soon as possible. For safety, seeing the many false ads that are found on these sites I asked her to have at least telephone contact, since from the west of Liguria where I live to her house, there were almost 550 km. distance.
She accepted and so in addition to the meetings in chat we also combined fiery and spicy phone conversations, waiting to find a favorable day to meet. This occurred on February 10 of this year, taking advantage of the absence of his partner for work issues.
On the ninth afternoon, finally, after packing my suitcase and almost six hours by car, I arrived, late in the evening, at the hotel I had booked in Cattolica. I called Betty to tell her that I was looking forward to a day of hot sex in room 305 in the morning. I had dinner at the hotel restaurant and then to bed!
The next day, after showering, shaving and eating breakfast, feeling a strong arousal coming on, I tried to relax by laying down on an armchair in my room waiting for my cell phone to ring to announce Betty's arrival! Instead... I heard a knock on the door, I opened it and.... wonder! A beautiful woman appeared, tall, with brown hair, all in black, stiletto heels, wearing a half-knee coat and a scarf that protected her face. "Hi, I'm Betty. May I?" she said as she walked in. I was surprised and impressed by that image, "what a woman!" I thought as I closed the door. I walked over to greet her but she said, "wait look at me first!" I stared into her eyes, then as she uncovered her face and took off her coat showing off a remarkable breast tight in a light colored shirt and a mini that showed off perfect thighs, I knew! She was a tranny! "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" I said with a voice almost choked, pissed off for the trip, the expenses and for my stupidity: She, on the other hand, staring at me, said "Yes, this is the Betty that you desired and that made you jerk off on cam, this is the Betty of the photos that sent you on tilt, this is the Betty that desires you!" She came over, pushed me down on the bed, rubbed her very sensual body against mine and pressed her lipstick red lips to mine in a French kiss that left me astonished and breathless.
The first reaction was to reject her but Betty held me firmly in her arms and continued to kiss me passionately, I felt that my inhibitory brakes were leaving me, "after all she is like a woman and what a woman!" I thought, so I let myself go, I began to correspond to her kiss, while an infinite warmth rose from my groin to my face. She was really beautiful with soft and sinuous shapes, I felt her soft and abundant breasts rubbing on mine and her hand that explored eagerly my body. It was a new situation that I would have never imagined, but intensely pleasant, the adrenaline increased and more and more consciously, I began to enjoy her attentions. Now the desire, the unstoppable desire had taken us both, we undressed feverishly without stopping to touch each other, she only in her hold-ups and thongs, I completely. Betty had dived between my legs and had started to lick and touch with passion and skill my now turgid cock craving for pleasure, "What a mouth!" She knew exactly where to give me pleasure and when to stop and then continue again to suck it with greater greed. I begged her to make me cum but she continued, changing pace and manner every time she sensed I was about to come, she almost made it all disappear in her mouth and I could feel her nose in my pubic hair "how had she done it?" After that with one hand he held my balls, with the other he began to caress my ass and slowly crept between my ass cheeks until he slipped a finger in my little hole. At that point a last gasp of pleasure, I had never experienced such a sensation, I felt her finger moving inside me, a jolt and I came with one, two, three violent and hot sprays that were voraciously swallowed by my Betty who did not let go until my cock began to deflate.
We were both exhausted and stayed in each other's arms for I don't know how long. Then, while waiting for our lunch to be brought to our room, I began to observe her splendid physique; two firm tits, an enchanting ass and a dick that even if not swollen embarrassed me and at the same time made me curious. Betty noticed my glance and reading my mind she smiled at me, "Let's have lunch first then I want to enjoy you" she said and taking her purse she went to the bathroom to settle down.
During lunch we talked about her partner, the various adjustments she had made to her body, how she was able to shape her masculine voice, the rumors of the country and the doubts and fears that she read in me and that I could not externalize. She was not only an explosive physique she was also very intelligent and cultured.
After we got back in bed, she put my cock in her mouth and gently caressed my balls so that I got an erection, she slipped off her briefs and brought her pelvis closer to my face. "You like that? Stroke it!" I signaled him yes, stroked him and he came hard. "Now take it in your mouth, don't be afraid" For me it was the first time! "Easy, easy, go, so good" he urged me as his cock got harder and harder. Then she turned me around and took a cream from her purse and started to spread it on my buttocks, creeping into my groove up to my anus. Betty had noticed that I was already a virgin in the morning and that's why she invited me to relax in order to feel more pleasure. She added more cream and slipped two fingers inside me. I was having an immense pleasure, I didn't think it was like that! Then he said to me. "That's enough now! We'll have other opportunities. Now it's your turn to take me" She got down on all fours and shaking her ass invited me to penetrate her after having put a little cream on her little hole. I spread it with my cock and then opening her ass cheeks I pointed my cock ... I pushed and felt her little hole open slightly, I pushed again and her anus opened to receive all my cock. I stopped, to let her get used to it, then began to piston her with rhythm. Betty humored me and with each deeper stroke she moaned with pleasure, her enjoyment rising higher and higher. I held her by the hips while she began to masturbate and increase the pace as I pushed harder and harder. We both tried to prolong this pleasure to the maximum then I came inside her flooding her with cum, I took a breath but I did not remove myself from her hole until she came with a cry of pleasure. Then she abandoned herself on the bed and hugged me kissing me.
Although tired, after more than two hours of fucking, we were both full and satisfied.
It was time to go! Betty didn't want to wash herself, she wanted to carry my scent with her until the evening and while she was getting ready, she confided to me that she had deceived me, hiding that she was a tranny because she wanted me and if she hadn't done so I certainly wouldn't have continued the relationship and she wanted me. Then putting on her coat she said "Now that we've been together I'm sure we'll see each other again soon, not even you can be without me" She kissed me and ran off.

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