trans girl doing sex work

  1. Prettyfaceant

    Horny trans wants be fucked good

    I wanna be fucked like a slut so here add both my instagrams @ant2prettyy and the other one is @2bluntttanttt_ so see you there daddy ❤️ and here’s my kik prettyfaceant_530
  2. misskatherine581

    Mistress looking for a bdsm slave to Dominate

    Mistress looking for a bdsm slave to Dominate Kik mis010101
  3. Mistress_katherine02

    Trans mistress looking for a submissive boy to Dominate online

    Trans mistress looking for a submissive boy to Dominate online Kik mis010101
  4. snapchat nudes

    The First Time Part 3

    I obey him without even knowing why. I perform as if in a trance; my eagerness helps me overcome my shyness: more out of shame than anything else, I asked her to turn down the lights. Once in the dark I kneel in front of her, finding myself staring at her erection hypnotized; I can't seem to...
  5. snapchat nudes

    Sexy Transvestite Waitress

    after my story "the first time dressed as a woman", I became roby's little girlfriend (he liked to see me dressed as a slut). we often went by motorcycle to the barn, as usual during the journey I slipped my hand under his pants and caressed him and he pushed back his ass to turn me on. I got...
  6. snapchat nudes

    A BOY

    I'm surfing the internet without a precise destination, but still looking for contacts ... who knows! Then, as if by chance, here comes a site that looks inviting, really interesting! I sign up and start snooping around. I enter some parameters in the quick search and as if by magic in the...
  7. snapchat nudes

    First Dick In The Ass

    After having disguised myself for the first time with Roby and having had the experience of being a sexi-waitress with his friends, I was more aware than ever that I wanted to try to take a cock in the ass; I wanted it to be Roby, he had been the one to make me dress up as a girl, I wanted him...
  8. snapchat nudes

    I Tell You About My First Time. Sincerely

    as many transvestite I began to play disguising myself as a woman since very small underwear stolen from my mother and my cousin. maybe I did not understand what I was doing but wearing women's clothing I liked very much gave me a strange feeling of excitement that I did not understand. then...
  9. snapchat nudes

    Lured By Three Trans

    Hello everyone, it is necessary to start from a premise: my biggest fantasy since I started dating Sandra has always been to make an orgy, with me as the only sissy and to be fucked in every way by a group of transex. Every now and then I had also teased my playmate by telling her: "Come on call...
  10. snapchat nudes

    The Perfect Man For Me

    At the beginning it did not seem easy to find males even for a beautiful trav of 45 years like me even if still at the first real experiences but with internet ... a Sunday afternoon I chatted with a 50 year old male very serious, sincere and determined. I was already en femme, very lacquered...
  11. snapchat nudes


    Like almost every day, coming back from the office, I checked on my pc the various sites where I was registered to see if there was some couple or some beautiful lady who had sent me some messages or proposed me directly some meeting. Unfortunately, the requests languished for some time while my...
  12. snapchat nudes

    Highway Travel

    One night on the highway, returning from Milan after watching a soccer game, I stopped at an autogrill for a drink, before leaving I stopped at the toilet. I go in and I see that it is very crowded, but there was also a lady sitting with the basket of money, I do not pay attention and I start to...
  13. snapchat nudes

    Raped By Farmers

    When my friend Roby and I returned to the barn, we knew it was no longer a safe place for our lovemaking, after the farmer had discovered me dressed as a little whore and had taken advantage of it (previous story "first cock in the...). Unconsciously because of our young age or perhaps because...
  14. snapchat nudes

    Pigs In The House Of Travesta

    I met Marisa for the first time in the bathrooms of a train station, at the time it wasn't really Marisa, but a public restroom peeping tom who was watching my cock while I was pissing. As I told in another story, that encounter ended with my cock in her mouth in the station parking lots. After...
  15. snapchat nudes

    The Blowjob Closet

    By now it was clear: roby would never take me to the barn again, the violence he had experienced had shamed him and he never wanted to go back. We spent the afternoons on the attic of his house alone, doing homework and the usual games: the doctor, husband and wife, etc. ... where I dressed as a...
  16. snapchat nudes

    Violent Naja

    NAJA: 20 years ago it was frightening because of the dreaded hazing (the prevarication of older soldiers over younger ones); it depended on the location of the barracks and the weapon where military service was done (which for confidentiality's sake I will not reveal). I was prepared for what...
  17. snapchat nudes

    In Bed With The Pastor

    I'm a boy. in the park, on a bench, I'm waiting for my friend Roby. damn, a bead bracelet breaks, I bend down and pick it up. when I get up, a couple of meters away, I see a big guy, in a mechanic's suit, sheltered by a hedge, he touches himself between his legs:" ciao bella(al femminile) I know...
  18. snapchat nudes

    Adelina E Guendalina

    Some of us transvestites in private, indeed, most I believe (and if this is not so I would like to be proven wrong) have with sex and with the practicality of things a relationship that by definition embraces both the desire to be straight and to be homosexual. However, we are always bizarre and...
  19. snapchat nudes

    My Fantasy

    It was a calm summer day, a torrid heat and I was annoyed since I didn't know what to do. I start to surf a bit and in a chat room I meet a very transgressive girl, we start to chat and I discover that she lives in the same city as me. At this point my annoyance vanishes and I ask the girl for a...
  20. snapchat nudes


    March ... Saturday night ... fog and drizzle a crazy desire to be in bed embraced by a male. I was already en femme since the afternoon with an anal dilator inserted for several hours, shaved, lacquered and made up and I was looking for a meeting for the evening. I send sms, response: - sorry...
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