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I was in Berlin for three weeks for the summer season. I'd just passed my three-year term and was waiting to start my residency. Through one of my closest gay friends I had found a job in an ice cream shop and a room in a house where an old lady lived with her disabled son. I had a large room with two beds, an old sofa, a small fridge and stove and a small bathroom in the basement; it was an oven, having only one window to the bathroom and one above the stove, but it was cheap and it was near the subway.
Everything was quiet until I was informed of the unexpected arrival of his son who had been kicked out of his girlfriend's house and would stay for a while sharing the room with me.
One day I came home after the morning shift and once I opened the door to the room I was overwhelmed by an intense smell of sweat. I love the smell of men and I hate those who use deodorant but it was very intense, it was like being in a gym.
I knew right away why he'd been kicked out. The room was a chaos, he'd scattered his stuff, shoes, clothes, gym equipment, boxes. The asshole had also put stuff on the bed where I slept, still unmade because I had run away in the morning.
I approached and found a pair of briefs on the pillow, clearly used given the obvious piss stains, and tank tops and shorts on the sheets.
I felt the shower water leave and instead of disgusting myself I felt my cock swell while the shower water left. I took those things in my hand, they were hot and humid sign that he had just taken them off and so I carried them on my face and started to inhale. The smell was intense, a mix of sweat, piss and cum. The panties were full of cum that had left a stain on my pillow. I licked it from a raptus as the shower water closed.
I came to my senses to see who had the smell that drove me crazy. Knowing that the shower was without a curtain I went into the bathroom and threw my clothes on the floor shouting angrily that the dirty stuff was on my bed but the words stopped halfway through my vision.
It was a dreamy alpha beef super steer, tattooed arms and neck, chest all worked up and hairy, shaved head, unshaven beard, sculpted abs and a v that led to a very long cock at rest.
I lingered too long admiring that wonder and when I woke up I noticed a grin on his face.
"There are two things: either you come over here and pump my dick instead of looking at it or you go out and wait for me to finish my shower."
"Fuck you, asshole." I went out and came back to my room as the door opened wide and my colleague Ivan, also gay, came in, all euphoric, screaming that he got tickets to the most famous bdsm-themed party. I blocked his mouth saying that there was a new tenant in the shower and I took him out.
We went to his house and on the way he explained to me that through a friend of his he had managed to get an invitation provided that, after the selection, we had entered as slaves of the guy who had provided tickets for the two days of the party. The friend assured me that the guy was very interesting, dirty and gifted and this was enough for my colleague; I was a bit hesitant but both of us were very excited about the idea of being able to attend that famous gathering.
After several deep intestinal cleanings, some beer, a couple of reeds and shaving the body as requested, we headed for the meeting in a disused factory in the industrial area.
There were already twenty or so cars there, sign that many wanted to try the tests. The selections began at 7 p.m. and would continue until the complete selection while the party would start at midnight.
We went in and one at the entrance made us immediately sign a release form withdrawing our document. The waiver indicated that we could abandon the test until the last test. Then we would have to endure what was required even forcibly and for the duration of the weekend.
We signed, and my life changed as soon as we were blindfolded and let into a club where I knew there were other people. From the loudspeakers a voice ordered us to undress without taking off the bandages and to get down on all fours, the only way to move from now on, warning that some organizers were passing by to wear leather collars, wrists and ankle bracelets and assign a serial number drawn on the back with a big indelible marker. Our identities were cancelled and now we were just numbered slaves who were ordered to move only on all fours and not breathe a word. I was number 38.
I was called and an orderly approached me. He lowered himself onto me and fastened a leash and ordered me to follow him. I had to crawl on all fours for a minute when I was finally ordered to stop. I heard a door close.
"Well number 38 now begins a test of questions, but while you answer as a slave you cannot stand still and so you will remove my shoes and clean my feet which have been in these shoes for hours."
I got down on all fours and felt my shoes and sat on my knees starting to untie my laces. I was grabbed by the hair and a hard punch hit me on the cheek,
"You asshole who told you to get up, you gotta be on all fours like the bitch you are." He pulled my head back and spit on my lips and nose.
Another one gave me a jab on my back and then two on my ass ordering me to put myself in my position. I immediately obeyed and resumed unhooking my shoes while another pair of jabbing hit me on the ass.
As soon as I took off the first shoe an intense stench reached my nostrils, made me curl my nose but I didn't want to give up immediately and so I approached the mouth and with my tongue I spotted the big toe that I started sucking.
Behind me I felt spit on my hole and a big finger make its way inside me.
"Now bitch, you have to answer yes or no to my questions while you keep wiping my feet perfectly and you get punishment for getting up without permission".
While I was licking the other toes of my first foot I was taken by the pelvis a big chapel started pointing to my hole and as soon as I discovered the crack a big cock sank mercilessly into me. I was breathless while with my shoe I was pushed on my bare foot that entered my mouth forcing my jaw. In that position the guy behind me started to fuck me like a rabbit while the other one started the series of questions to know what practices I had already tried. For each question the shoe on my head released the grip to let me free my mouth and answer; thinking at that time was not easy because of that big cock that was sinking inside me trying to push deeper and deeper, I had not yet had much experience in the field but I had too much desire to experiment and so I thought to cheat by answering yes to most.
I was grabbed by the hair and my head was lifted up. I smelled the unmistakable smell of cock and qlc of wet rubbed on my lips. Opening my lips a second dick went into my mouth while my body was always shaken forward by the dick that was opening my ass. Finally I felt it swell up and with a last deep one he started to cum inside me while from the one in my mouth started a flow of hot liquid. It was the first time I felt the strong taste of piss while I felt 4 big splashes of cum in my ass. A flop and I felt my ass empty and the cum pour out while I was struggling to swallow that hot stream that kept filling my mouth.
"Big hot ass No. 38. You've made me enjoy it." When he said that he stuck two big fingers in me and then he put them in my mouth full of his cum and the moods of my ass.
"Vladi let the cum inside her that now while he's cleaning my other foot Ivan still opens his ass. I like the fucking sound of that dick sinking into a cum-filled bitch's ass."
Obediently I untied the other shoe and again the stench filled my nostrils but this turn without disgust.
So I began to lick my fingers while my ass was slapped and opened. Another big dick began to make its way while I moaned of enjoyment licking between my toes.
This second dick was less big but longer. I could feel it sinking like never before, giving me a deep sensation. I could feel my erection reach its climax but my fucker felt it too and from underneath he patted my balls to take my breath away.
I was grabbed again by the hair and pulled back my head. "You filthy bitch, you can only enjoy it when I let you. Open your mouth."
A spit hit me inside while the guy in the back grabbed me by the neck with both hands and started to fuck me with violence, letting all his dick in and out.
I could feel myself opening up and I was enjoying it. My dick had come loose after the ball smack but it was dripping presbyopia. The guy in front of me grabbed me by the ears and stuck me with his big chapel pushing my head with his pelvis. It was the biggest dick I'd ever heard. He was gripping my jaw for as long as I had to keep my mouth open. The chapel pushed into my tonsils and the gags shook my body even more, already hit by the sinkholes that invaded my ass.
I was out of breath, I felt open as never before. I was dripping saliva and phlegm from the nose and the edges of my mouth but the cock in my throat kept pressing. I felt my face flapping when he finally backed down and let me breathe. All the while the one behind me wouldn't stop sinking.
Then the cock started fucking my throat again. My head was pressed up and already that tube and the ass now opened welcoming with pleasure that long pole inside him.
Finally in unison they unloaded inside me. I had never had such a clear perception of the splashes of cum inside me both in the ass and in the throat where it seemed that a bottle was pressed down by discharging abundant and numerous sips. Never before have I enjoyed as in that moment discharging myself on the floor a cumshot never so abundant and without even touching my cock.
When my ass was released I heard like a cork noise and I felt lumps of cum dripping out while the air went inside. The dick in my mouth slowly began to soften slowly remaining always large; it began to back away leaving the chapel and a few inches in my mouth.
"Clean it up good filthy bitch and you Vladi fill his ass with piss."
He grabbed me with one hand by the neck while his dick went a little bit inside me, I began to feel the flow of hot piss and, while my tongue cleaned the chapel, the blindfold was lifted. I was astounded and frightened as my landlady's son stared at me with a sadistic grin and squeezed my neck until I suffocated. He held me tighter and tighter as I was being stuffed in the ass by endless piss.
It started to cloud my vision and I felt faint but finally when the cock came out of my ass I was released and thrown to the ground with a sound slap. I was gasping for air while the piss came out of my ass like a fire hydrant.
"Did you see you finally pumped my dick, you filthy bitch? Mmmmhh to think I was pissed off coming back to this town and I'm gonna have a lot of fun instead. Now wipe all that shit on the floor with your tongue with piss and cum and then they'll take you to the next step of the selection. Ah, by the way Ivan I think we can change the answer by putting a yes to pissing for No. 38?". And he ended the sentence by pissing on me again and aiming at my whole body curled up on the ground.

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