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Here I am again to tell you my vicissitudes, dear diary...

After the last experience I had with Laura at the truck stop, my fantasy has almost no brakes. And limits.
Every day I think back to what happened together with my friend Laura, and many times I was tempted to go there. But at the last minute I didn't do anything about it, and I don't understand
So I lie on the bed, close my eyes and masturbate to exhaustion....

The other day, however, Laura calls me and invites me to lunch at her place.
I gladly accepted and after a while I was at her house.

She welcomes me, half-naked, with only a semi-transparent robe.
She makes me sit down and says "Just a moment and I'm at your place".
Shortly after she reappears and was dressed "normally" ... to which I "you looked better before" accompanied with a laugh.
"Oh yeah?" she says, "if you want I'll go put my clothes back on the way you like them" trading laughter.

We ate and chatted about more and less, but almost immediately we slipped into the thing that united and intrigued us most, which was sex in all its forms.
And, guess what? We immediately delved into our jaunt to the rest stop, which had shocked and fulfilled us in every way.

"Shall we go again?" she says to me...I look at her and, without a second thought "Why not, but the way I'm dressed doesn't seem right. In fact I was wearing a low-cut sweater and sweatpants that were anything but sexy.

"Don't worry," she says. Come to the room, I'll get you something appropriate.
We have the same build, only I have a fourth bra and she a third, but still a nice pair of tits, believe me.

She hands me a nice wide wrap skirt (my favorite), a low-cut, semi-sheer blouse and a pair of flesh-colored hold-ups. Nothing else.
I understand that I should have "offered" myself like that, ready to use....

She wears almost the same things.

We got into her car, a spacious Jeep, and drove to the chosen location.
When we got there, however, we noticed that the parking lot was completely occupied by trucks and lorries.
Without a hole for our car.

We looked at each other in the face and, without a word, we started wandering again, walking towards another parking lot that we knew was much bigger.

When we got there, we noticed that, although it was very large, it was only occupied by two trucks on one side and, on the opposite side, there were two imposing trucks.

We parked and waited. In the meantime I had moved to the back seat, who knows why... But it had been the right move because, all of a sudden, from the two trucks came down a discreet and robust sexting man about 35 years old and one in his sixties, both powerful and well built.

They approached us, the sexting man on my side and the other on Laura's side.
Laura lowers the glass and the sexting man "hello...looking for cocks? My name is Salvatore, my friend Vincenzo. What do you say?"
She immediately... "pleasure, I am Laura and my friend Elisa and...yes we are here because of what you said..."

A second later she was sitting next to me and Salvatore next to Laura.
Without preamble Vincenzo's hands were looking for everything I could offer hand had taken possession of my tits with the nipples now hard.
The other was making its way between my thighs that, almost automatically, had opened just enough to allow him to frisk my pussy now well wet and ready.
I opened my eyes and saw that Laura was also at the mercy of Salvatore's hands. He had almost undressed her, and I was almost naked too, since I had very little to take off...

Vincenzo said "Let's go in the cab of my truck? We'll be more comfortable and less conspicuous".
We told Salvatore and Laura as well and a little later we were lying on the bed naked, me on Vincenzo's bed, Laura on Salvatore's bed.

I lay all quivering with desire, waiting....
Vincenzo got completely naked and lay down next to me. I hugged him tightly, kissing him passionately, while he positioned himself between my legs, now wide open...
He pointed his beautiful, superb, hard, slippery shaft at the entrance to my pussy and began to thrust.
I went along with him as best I could, spreading my thighs even wider to best receive him inside me...
I felt him all the way inside, all the way down my throat, hard, long, powerful. Oh mamma mia what I was tasting... A nice hard cock of a stranger, which makes a special effect to me. It makes me so horny, it drives me crazy....

He made me come twice, and very intensely. I squirmed under him like an eel, offering myself to his cock as best I could.

Exhausted and lying on the crib, I watched as Vincenzo picked up his cell phone, dialed a number and said one word, "Shall we change?"
I could tell that on the other side they had agreed because he whispered, "Are you going to Salvatore's?"
I like an automaton, and immediately, whispered... "YES."
I covered myself as best I could with a plaid that was laid out at the foot of the crib and got out. I walked towards the back of the truck and there I crossed paths with Laura who was doing the reverse route. We crossed ourselves and, without saying a word, we looked into each other's eyes making a wink of understanding, walking towards our new "destinations". She, however, had uttered an unequivocal "Break a leg", the meaning of which I was soon to understand.

I found the door already open, I got on and Salvatore made me lie down on the cabin bed, behind the seats....
"Hello Silvia"... "Hello Salvatore"...
Lying on the bed I waited for him to lay down next to me, but he laid down on top of me, covering me almost all with his beautiful muscular body. Without a word he had taken possession of my pussy, which was waiting for nothing else....
I gave myself to him with all my might. I felt his big, hard cock thrusting into me with vigor coming inside me...(I take the pill) flooding me all over with his hot cum.
I enjoyed it like a hedgehog (as they say), almost screaming like a horny woman, while I held him with all my weak strength to me, and he didn't stop pounding me.
And me happy to be pounded like that....
Then he laid down next to me resting his more than superb dick, not only with his 20+ inches, but in "consistency". In fact I could barely encircle him with my hand so big was he. And hard...especially hard....

After a while, exhausted, especially me, out of my mouth came in a huff, "Would you like to take my little ass too?"
He looked at me wide-eyed but immediately said yes....
So I turned around sheepishly, offering him my ass, "broken in", but also a little afraid, given the "amount" I was about to receive...

He stood behind me, resting the tip of his superb cock at the entrance of my ass and began to push gently but firmly.
I let him do it for a while but then I took the initiative starting to push myself towards him, afraid but quivering with desire for all that abundance.
I kept one hand over my mouth to keep from screaming in pain, but I kept pushing into him. I wanted him now with all of me...inside me completely.
So I gave a dry thrust, hard, and felt him all inside me, with all his grandeur, his sweet and mighty vigor....
He started going back and forth, gently at first, but then more and more decisively. I tried to synchronize our movements and slowly I succeeded. So, while he was pushing I was "heading" towards him, faster and faster, more and more full of desire to receive him deep inside me.

We went on like that for I don't know how long, while I had extended my hands to touch him, but also to take my buttocks, to spread them, to offer myself to him
completely, all the way down...
I could feel his balls bumping against my buttocks, each time our flesh dripping with sweat but also with the desire to give, and especially to receive...from me.
A scream of his made me realize that he was about to come so I accelerated my "work" to come with him.
to come with him.
His prick continued to smash into me while I, wiggling all over, now out of control, I had an orgasm so powerful and total that left me exhausted, exhausted, destroyed. But abundantly satisfied by all that wonderful "abundance". So I collapsed, now without strength and panting, on the warm bed, soaked with our sweat and our humors.

A little later we heard a knock at the door. It was Laura who, fully dressed,
was calling me to come home. I didn't feel like it, I would have liked to start all over again, give myself to him again, let him fuck me again...and again...and again...

But I let him convince me, a little reluctantly, to get dressed and get out of the truck.

We looked into each other's eyes without saying a word and, reached by Vincenzo and Salvatore, we hugged them and kissed them with transport and warmth.
I couldn't help but reach out a hand to Salvatore's fly, to feel once again the wonderful abundance between his legs.
He reciprocated, with his big hand, with a gentle but firm squeeze on my ass still sore but paid for what he had received just before ...

Another fleeting kiss and a whispered hello with still so much desire...

And we went back to Laura's house, where I took my 500 and went back to my house. Where, while I was taking a shower, I found myself with one hand in my pussy and three fingers of the other making their way into my, by now, well-tested and welcoming back hole...

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