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adult erotic stories

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    I'M Horny now Guys so please don't late kik me : cum320
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  3. snapchat nudes

    A Friend's Friend

    We had spoken on the phone a couple of times, our contact had been a mutual friend, it had been a few simple conversations, but immediately confidential. No photo, except the one that our intermediary had shown us before we exchanged the number, let's say more out of practice than out of...
  4. snapchat nudes

    The Massage

    I hear the alarm clock go off. I turn in the warm touch of the blankets to turn it off, I control it by opening just one eye for the annoyance of the first rays of sunshine, it marks 7:45, today will be a long day, but at least, this evening there is the birthday of Francesco, the friend of the...
  5. snapchat nudes

    The Voyeur Novice

    Venice, 30 January 1740 My dear, tender bridegroom, I am writing to tell you, to your delight, how in one of my last nights of lesbian pleasure, a wonderful novice of about twenty years old joined me. She is a close relative of the Countess and the Count of Sorenno, who are giving us great...
  6. snapchat nudes

    An Unexpected Massage...

    The alarm clock sounds, the hand looks for it in the darkness of the room to turn off that hateful sound that tells me that another day must be faced. The tactile senses refine and my fingers slalom between the various objects resting on the nearby bedside table in search of the alarm clock, I...
  7. snapchat nudes

    The Psychologist

    I always look forward to Tuesdays. Many people hate it even more than Mondays. It's a day that makes no sense, you don't have the fresh memories of the weekend anymore and it's still far from next weekend, many people hate it, not me. Why? Because on Tuesdays I have a very special meeting, I get...
  8. snapchat nudes

    Proof Of Work In The Bakery

    I had just moved in and was looking for a job, so I placed an ad in various shops, the butcher, the florist, the baker... Just to introduce me to the people of this little town. I was called Salvatore, the owner of the bakery asking me if I was interested in working in their shop, the hours were...
  9. snapchat nudes

    Art Proposal (Part Two)

    Solidea's studio/house was in the centre of Bologna, near Porta Mascarella. It was not difficult for Anna to get there by bike since we lived just over a kilometer away. They had agreed the day after dinner to meet on Friday afternoon, exactly one week from the evening at our house. Anna told me...
  10. snapchat nudes

    Art Proposal (Part One)

    I heard the doorbell ring from the closet I was hiding in. I peeped through a small hole in the plasterboard wall that separated the closet I was in from the rest of the loft. I saw my wife and Solidea come in to meet her and greet her festively: I saw them converse for a few moments without...