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Dario opened the door to let his three classmates in. All three were standing there, very nervous.
"Hi Dario. How are you doing?" Bernardo asked shyly. He was still afraid of Dario, as were the other two who stood there shivering.
"Just come on in." Dario replied.
They obeyed. They entered his house and sat down on the living room couch.
"Thank you for inviting us, Dario."
That means a lot," Luca said.
"It wasn't my idea, my mother told me to invite you," Dario stated with irritation in his voice.
"That's nice of her," said Cinzia.
"So, how about we play a game of truth or dare?" - Dario proposed as he sat down next to Cinzia.
"Isn't that game gross?" asked, mock embarrassed, Cinzia.
"So? We're all old enough now. Oh no?" Said Dario, challenging them.
"Besides, don't you want to be my friends? I've been misbehaving with you at school lately!" He added, with a devilish grin on his face.
The others exchanged glances and decided to go all the way.
Dario brought a bottle, plastic, empty from the kitchen and put it on the floor, where they all sat down.
He sat down in front of Cinzia and saw her pink underwear under her black skirt. She was also wearing a black hoodie that made up for her small breasts. Looking at the others, Dario saw that Bernardo was wearing a regular polo shirt with jeans and Luca was wearing a t-shirt with sweatpants. Meanwhile he was sitting there in a tank top and a pair of shorts.
The homeboy gave instructions: "We're going to spin the bottle twice."
First person to point first, decide what the second person will do."
He did not bother to ask the others their thoughts and therefore he spun that bottle.
The bottle pointed at him, and after spinning it again, he pointed at Bernardo.
"Alright Bernardo, obligation or truth?"
"Truth," he said nervously.
"Are you a virgin?"
Bernardo was embarrassed by the question. Dario had hit the ground running and was aiming - as he knew best - for humiliation.
Bernardo imagined that must be the case. He peered at the others who didn't bother to look at him and thought they knew he was pretty embarrassed. He swallowed a heap of saliva and replied, "Yes!"
"Ah. See, that wasn't so bad," Dario sneered.
Before the bottle started spinning again, Maria silently entered the room from the hallway and leaned against the door.
She was wearing a large robe that showed most of her breasts and thighs. It looked a couple of sizes too small for her, but she didn't seem to mind.
"Hey guys! I'm so glad you guys could make it! How are you guys doing?" She said.
The group responded accordingly and were happy - more relieved - to know that Dario's mom was a pretty nice woman.
"So what are you guys playing?"
"We're ... playing spin the ... bottle." Said Bernardo as he continued to stare at her cleavage. Maria approached the circle of teenagers and stopped next to Cinzia who had a full view under Maria's robe. When she saw the exposed camel hoof she blushed. She immediately looked away.
"Interesting. Mind if I join you?"
"Mom are you serious? We're playing truth or dare!" Pointed out an impatient Dario.
Maria walked over to the nearby couch and sat down with her legs slightly apart. She let the front of the robe cover her private parts, but it was too short to cover her completely. Luca and Bernardo could not see clearly under the robe and wondered if she was wearing underwear. They could tell she wasn't wearing a bra since most of her breasts hung outward.
Cynthia turned her head and peeked a couple of times to try to see between her legs, but it was too dark.
She tried to hide the fact that she was getting turned on.
"Count me in. These games are always so much fun! Now spin the bottle!" His mother told him, in an excited voice. Dario shook his head and sighed.
With concealed awe he set the bottle in motion.
Shortly after, the latter stopped and pointed at Luca. After spinning it again, the muzzle stopped on Maria.
"Madam, obligation or truth?
Luca couldn't help but think about what Maria was wearing underneath and figured he wouldn't get another chance at this one.
"Is she wearing any undergarments?"
"What kind of question are you asking my mother, you nerdy asshole!?" Shouted Dario, red in the face.
"I'm not wearing any. I usually don't wear it after I'm done showering. Come to think of it, I don't usually wear it at home." She replied in a wicked tone.
"Mom!" Dario admonished her.
Maria stuck her tongue out at him and the three young guests sat, speechless.
"Why don't we move on to some challenges? Wouldn't it be fun if you guys only answered the truth questions?" Maria suggested. The victims looked at each other to see if they agreed and thought they should try it.
"I'm fine with that," said Bernardo.
"So are we!" Luca added on Cinzia's behalf as well.
"You guys are going to regret this!"
Threatened Dario with a devilish grin.
The bottle turned again.
He oriented first on Maria, then on Cinzia .
Maria smiled at Cinzia.
"Take off your panties, sweetheart," she asked her.
Cinzia froze and was excited at the thought of taking off her panties.
She never thought that the mother of one of her classmates - asshole - would tell her to do such a thing.
The woman had aroused her since her appearance, but she didn't want to take off her panties in front of the others.
Cynthia nervously asked, "Are you sure I can't do something else?"
"Well, it's not fair if one of us girls has no underwear on. I'm sure you'll enjoy the breeze."
"Well ... is it okay if I go to the bathroom and take them off?"
"Sure, but I'll go with you, just to make sure you do."
The boys all swallowed their throats as they watched the two women get up and walk toward the bathroom.
Maria closed the door behind her and leaned her back against the door.
"Take them off, sweetheart!" Maria said, with excitement in her voice. Cinzia was happy to finally be in the bathroom alone with Maria and was starting to get wet. She really wanted to see the older woman's naked body.
"Before I take my panties off, how do I know if you're not actually wearing anything underneath!"
Cynthia said slyly.
Without wasting a second, Maria brought one of her hands between her pelvis and lifted her robe upward, revealing her naked pussy to Cinzia.
She was mesmerized and couldn't help but stare.
"Now show me yours, honey!"
Maria said eagerly.
Cinzia awoke from her trance and slowly brought her hands up her skirt. She slowly lowered her panties and Maria smiled.
"Let me see!"
"What? Why?" Cynthia was starting to burn.
"Just to make sure you're not wearing anything underneath."
At first Cinzia hesitated, but slowly began to lift her skirt from the front, revealing her tight pussy Maria reached over and lifted her skirt completely. She got down on her knees between Cinzia's spread legs as she leaned against the wall. She was starting to get wet at the thought of Dario's mom looking at her privates so closely.
"Someone, here is a little wet," Maria said mischievously.
"If you need help, challenge us to go back to the bathroom again."
Cinzia's legs twitched. She felt the feel of her fingers sliding over the wet rivulet that flowed down her left thigh.
As she lapped, with her fingers, at that liquid, like a razor blade, Maria blew into Cinzia's ear and said, "The boys are probably wondering what we're doing, we should go back."
She let go of Cinzia's skirt and they both headed for the living room.

Maria settled back on the couch and made sure her robe covered her crotch while Cinzia got down on her knees. She pressed against her skirt to cover herself and blushed as the other boys stared at her.
"What took you guys so long?" Said Dario as he started trotting the bottle again.
There was no response.
This time, the plastic object landed on Bernardo and again on Maria.
Bernardo looked at her hesitantly and she winked at him.
"I dare you to show us your breasts!" Bernardo said nervously. Maria was surprised by his initiative and looked around to see that everyone was staring at her. She brought her hands to her chest and clung to her robe. Most of her breasts were already out, but she pulled it off and revealed her ripe nipples. Dario wanted to say something, but he wanted to see her nipples too, even though he had always seen them, secretly. Cinzia stared at her as she bit her lips. She wanted to touch them.
"Nice to see everyone enjoying the view!" Maria affirmed.
"Maybe I'll stay like this for the rest of the game to tease you all."
No one complained, not even Dario whose mother showed her breasts to her old school victims.
"Whatever we keep spinning," he said as he spun the bottle again. This was Luca and Cinzia's turn. She was eager, but also excited.
"Cinzia, I dare you to take off your sweatshirt!"
She wasn't wearing a bra underneath, but she wanted Maria to see it. She crossed her arms and grabbed the bottom of her black sweatshirt, pulling it over her head. After taking it off, all the boys stared at her. She didn't care and looked directly at Maria who returned the gaze and gave her a kiss.
"How come you're not wearing a bra?" Luca asked.
"I stopped wearing them after Dario kept forcing me to take them off."
"He stole your bras?" Bernardo asked.
"He did other things too, but I don't want to talk about it."
"Like what?" Maria wanted to know.
"He uh ... sucked my nipples" She would have told the other boys, but she wanted Maria to take pity on her.
"Ahhh, you poor thing. I guess Dario doesn't get enough at home."
"Did you breastfeed Dario?" Made to say Bernardo .
"Mom stop telling him everything!" Dario protested.
"Consider this a punishment for all the bad things you've done to them, honey," Maria replied.
"Now let Cinzia spin the bottle this time."

Dario reluctantly slid the bottle to Cinzia and she turned it hoping the choice would fall again on herself and Maria. Instead it was the turn of the mature woman and her son.
Maria looked at Dario with a grin Dario was staring at her exposed breasts and she wanted to tease him.
"Come suck on Mommy's breasts." Dario's face turned purple.
"Mommy!" he shouted back. He was too embarrassed to breastfeed in front of his victims, since no one really knew.
"No buts, now come here, honey," he continued as he held out his hands.
"Good!" he said getting up to walk over to his mother. He sat down on the couch next to her and she brought her nipple to his mouth. He attached himself to her nipple with his mouth and began to suck. The others watched in silence and Cinzia felt excited. She took the initiative to start playing with her nipples while the other boys were watching mother and son. Maria noticed this and spread her legs slightly so that only Cinzia could get a good view.
"This could go on for a while. Spin the bottle again," Maria said to Luca.
Luca immediately spun the bottle, hoping to get a taste of her nipples.
The bottle lured right into him. And he was getting excited. He spun the bottle again and it ended up on Cinzia, instead of Maria.
Disappointed for having lost his chance to taste Maria's nipples, he asked Cinzia to lick his nipples. She - by now soaking wet - began to moisten the two turgid nipples with her saliva. She licked them greedily. Bernardo, with a record-breaking erection, the only thing he could think of was to ask Maria when she had stopped weaning her son.
"So when did he stop?"
Maria smiled as she brushed her son's hair.
"Oh, it must have been just before second grade." Darius instantly tore his mouth away from his mother's nipple as everyone burst out laughing. "MOM!"
Maria retorted, "Ssh, and put your mouth back on my bite. If you didn't want them to know, you shouldn't have set up this game."
She paused and contemplated the group again. Especially Cynthia.
"Show us how you bathe these pretty little tits in saliva."
Cinzia gave both nipples a quick lick and said, "That's enough!"
Then she leaned forward and said to Maria, "You were telling us how you stopped him from breastfeeding right before second grade, weren't you?"
Knowing that she was humiliating her son, she continued, "I was going to nurse him right after he came home through his kindergarten and first grade years. I only stopped him because he had started draining me. I don't know if he would have ever stopped." She joked as she continued to stroke her son's head.
"So I guess it's my turn to spin." He twirled the bottle twice. The choice fell once again on her, and Luca.
Maria wanted it to fall on Cinzia. She had planned a challenge for her and all, but Luca wasn't a bad fallback. She watched the group closely. Bernardo was clearly interested in Cinzia, but she still wasn't sure who she was interested in. Maria imagined that she wanted to give her pussy a lick. Those young lips, on her not at all wilted flower, would have been a treat. Cinzia wrinkled her nose as if to sniff. Maria liked to think she was smelling her own sex.
As a matter of fact, she turned to the choice of the bottle: Luca.
So she asked him, "Luca, I want you to answer this question."
She stood up in front of him and intentionally rolled her shoulder so that her robe opened just below her navel. Standing in front of Luca with almost everything exposed except her pussy, she asked her question, "Would you consider me a MILF?"
Dario immediately protested, "Mam...!" but she shooed him away. "Ssh wait your turn."
Lucas hesitated. "I'm sorry I don't know what MILF means."
Dario laughed out loud.
"Ahahahah, he's such a nerd!"
His mother slapped the back of his head hard enough to make him groan on the floor.
"It's okay, Luca. Some women would even think it's cute that you don't know. So I'll rephrase my question."
He paused for a second as he thought about how to say it.
"Okay, if you had the chance, would you lose your virginity to me?"
Dario was about to complain again. She raised her hand as if to warn him that if he did, he would be slapped in the face. He took in her warning and remained silent.
Luca's face turned bright red as he stumbled over the words to say something.
"Oh ... ah ... I think ... No ... well, sure ... I would say ... Yes, I think ... yes, why not!"
"Good answer!"
Maria decided to twist the rules of the game to her liking. She turned the bottle. She made her pick Bernardo and then Luca.
"Now, the rules change. This was the last round. And it's only obligation. You two were chosen."
Then he turned to his son, Dario, "Go to your room. On the bed you'll find the last video game you wanted. Play it."
"But I want to stay..."
"No fuss. It's bad enough I don't punish you severely for the way you treated these kids in class. So just do as I say. And close the door. Woe betide you if you eavesdrop."
The bully, bullied by his own mother, gave up and beat a retreat. He closed the door behind him.
The three boys - with a question mark over their heads, as in the comic books - wondered what was about to happen.
"We're at the end of the line." Maria said.
"You two," turning to the two boys: Bernardo and Luca, "I know very well that your cocks are about to explode in your underpants. Well, pull them out and start masturbating. The first one to cum copiously, I'll make him smell her pussy." Then he turned to Cinzia. "To you, darling, I grant the blessing of precedence."
Cinzia moistened her lips, the boys allowed their own cocks to indulge.
Maria let her pussy light up the living room.

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