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Finally Gaston joined me in that dingy room. I wanted to see her right away and know the truth , I was still struggling to accept her extreme availability "When I see her again, she'll come back with me and it will all be over" I blurted.
"Are you so sure? Do you think your wife could forget the emotions she felt? Wasn't that what you expected from her?"
That question had an answer and I knew it, but it was one thing to fantasize, quite another to be faced with reality. The Frenchman, as if reading my mind, continued, "You want your wife to be completely dominated, to belong to me without limit of decency."
My heart was beating fast, I kept silent because after all that game was taking me maybe even hoping that everything would not end there.
So Gaston continued, "Your wife belongs to the kind of women who enjoy being dragged down to the lowest rungs of degradation and can only depend on a master to make her his slave, his whore, while for years you didn't even realize that your wife had inside her the desire to be dominated.
He was right. Inside me I was driven by the desire to see her radically transformed and for him to make her his slave, but what price?
The price he slapped on my face: "I think that where he works they would pay who knows what to see the photos and clips I sent you of the serious and irreproachable professor who offered herself so vulgarly. Don't think that I want to blackmail you, that would be too sleazy".
He could have asked her anything and involving our private life would have been a tragedy.
"This vacation of yours offers you the opportunity to fulfill your sexual fantasies, you to see her in the hands of a strict master who knows how to dominate her and your wife in satisfying her desire for submission and her desire to play at being a whore, it was you who sought me out"
and at the same time I felt that by now at the point we were at there was really no way out.
What he was saying was true. I trembled at the idea of seeing Mia become his prostituted slave according to his pleasures, but I was unable to resist.
As if dazed by his absurd designs, those words didn't bother me, on the contrary they ended up increasing my excitement uncontrollably and in that perverse situation in which I was falling sex was re-exploding me.
"Your wife has shown that she is ready to live as a prostitute without any freedom, voluntarily accepting to obey me blindly, nor in these hours has she ever asked me to stop. I will push her far beyond her desires. I will make her a docile slave completely submissive who will learn to enjoy in shame sinking into total depravity doing things she never imagined she would do."
Now I was really scared so that I naively asked myself what would become of our life after that experience, "Mia is a serious professor who lives in comfort, in well-being ... in luxury, not one of those whores we saw along the park the other night."
"Those girls perhaps dream of one day becoming what your wife is, rich, revered , a life of luxuries and pleasantries. Your wife wants to do exactly the opposite - he continued with more and more determination - to experience the submission, the shame, the humiliation that leads her to be treated like a real whore. I will give her this, she will learn not only to be a whore but to be one every day in her head, in the way she will dress, in the way she will face people, and you will not be able to oppose because that is what you wanted.

I understood what tunnel of no return we were throwing ourselves into and yet I could no longer stop to think about the consequences of that whole thing. As I brought everything into focus, I felt like I was living an exciting erotic dream that I could erase in the morning.
I lowered my head in a sense of acceptance and without hesitation I didn't shy away from the next events letting myself be voluntarily dragged more and more into a game in which Gaston was taking us beyond all limits.
"Mia belongs to me since you accepted my first date and her willingness showed me by getting in the car with me finishing quickly and without forcing her to take my sex in her mouth and swallow it all." He smiled in satisfaction
"The night you walked into that restaurant I wouldn't have even noticed her if it wasn't for that Italian friend of mine who never expected to see her perform like that. He wants her all to himself."
But was it true what he was telling me or was it part of his game? My wife had prostituted herself all night long, but Gaston wanted to offer her to another person and moreover with my consent. He didn't leave me time to think and took me by the arm accompanying me away from the bar.
"Come, I want to show you what your wife has become ...." he said mocking me. I followed him and while we were going up the stairs, he said: "..... and I bet you would like to fuck your wife regardless as if she were really a prostitute from whom you can ask anything.
I didn't know what to answer but that perverse proposal unleashed my lust and I ended up nodding
"even if after me I'll leave with her and you won't see us again" I added.
I knew I was wrong and I knew very well that she belonged to him now, so much so that I didn't even object to his next statement "and since I'm making her play the whore, if you want to fuck her in the end you'll have to pay her".
It was completely insane, would I have to pay my wife to have sex with her ? I didn't even try to argue with him, I was completely turned on by his proposal.
I didn't even have time to say anything else, we arrived in front of a door and when Gaston opened it I was shocked. Mia was lying with her legs open, her body shiny with semen, a blindfold over her eyes and a hand on her sex.
"Your husband will be by shortly to pick you up, but first there is someone who wanted to see you - Mia remained motionless, aware that Gaston was not alone - ... and I am sure you will be able to satisfy him. I took a step back but Gaston motioned for me to stop.
"He looked at me as if he wanted to give Mia the impression that he was addressing the stranger who was about to enjoy his services and then he approached the bed stroking her ruffled hair - your husband certainly doesn't know how much you want to behave like a whore, am I wrong?"
"This is the first time I've ever done this" she seemed to be looking for an excuse for how she was presenting herself.
"Do what?" was Gaston's dry question.
"... the whore ... "
Gaston asked her if she remembered what had been written over her buttocks.
"Bitch and whore," Mia said with a edge in her voice.
"Because that's what you are ." He walked over to her and stroked her sex po, freezing, ordered her to stroke herself .
It didn't seem possible. Mia shamelessly began to caress herself, frantically moving her hands on the lips of her sex, looking for the point where she could enjoy it the most, making her arousal more and more evident.
"Gaston broke her sighs and as she continued to caress herself she couldn't say anything else in a stammering voice, "yes...yes...I am your whore, thank you" and she gave herself up to an intense orgasm like he had never seen her do before.
Incredibly, she thanked him for his depravity.
Gaston removed his hands from her sex and at the same time ordered her to crawl on the bed. Mia, like an automaton, carried out that last indecent order, showing in that way the writing that could be read on her bottom.
My heart was pounding and my tense sex was going crazy.

"I promised you that I would have you fucked by an Italian friend of mine who knows you and wants to hear from you what you have become" and she almost moaned and repeated "I have become a whore".
Mia accepted those offenses now resigned or eager to receive the treatment that had been proposed to her and she let herself be pushed forward leaning on her hands completely showing the roundness of her bare ass.
"You know," she turned to me as an interlocutor, "our serious professor this evening went down to beat in the middle of the street and to show off she walked as you see her, only in stockings and garter belts, and she took three blacks to her room."
Almost as if he wanted to continue to humiliate her he continued "so would you like to go back to being the serious professor and devoted wife or go back to pounding the sidewalk?" he slapped her on the ass causing her to flinch. I would have reacted but Mia's answer stopped me, "to pound the sidewalk".

Gaston stared at me, smiling, "Do what belongs to you from tonight and when she comes back to Italy you can ask her anything.
I was astonished but at the same time my desire for her was growing.
Mia certainly didn't know who I was and I could have been anyone. I imagined how humiliated she could feel being offered to a stranger to whom she would have to offer her services even once she was back in Italy.
I would never have imagined such a conclusion. Gaston caressed her ass without her rebelling, then ran his hand over her sex and began to caress it. "I think this bitch is getting turned on again."
He then removed a tube of cream from the cabinet next to the bed and began to smear it on Mia's ass.
My wife didn't fight back, in fact she had taken to moving her hips and let out a small cry as Gaston began to insert first one finger, then a second and finally a third.
Reality was overcoming fantasy. I had asked her to play my whore during those Parisian vacations and now I found her in front of me completely immersed in that role.
That body used throughout the night completely sprinkled with cum, that her ass in the air shamelessly left available and in such an outrageous way, her legs wrapped in black stockings and that garter belt at the waist, were the image of the most vulgar of old brothel hookers.
"The more she is humiliated, the more ashamed and the more aroused she becomes, but she can't resist, and would be ready to do anything you ask her to show you how vicious she is."
Mia wiggled in shame, I had never seen her so aroused.

"would you have ever imagined seeing the serious professor Mia turned into a sleazy prostitute smeared with all this cum?"
Then turning to her, "so now when you return to Italy you will have no choice but to submit to her demands, you will do everything that is asked of you and you will go around the seafront of your city together with the other whores, won't you?"
Mia's umpteenth yes shocked me. He stopped penetrating Mia with his fingers and with a "she's all yours" he urged me to possess her.
I approached Mia surprised, excited and still shocked at how things had gone.
Mia stood there passively ready to take the abuse without knowing that I would be the one to take her.
In years of marriage I had only once proposed sodomy to her, getting a grumpy negative response, and now, without protesting, she was willing to be possessed by a stranger.
Hesitantly, I moved even closer.
My hand slipped on her ass making her vibrate.
"See I told you, our good wife likes to perform and be treated like a whore, groped by a stranger and performed in public. She's all yours to do quickly - Gaston smiled - she has already been sodomized by others and afterwards we have to give her back to her husband who wants to entrust her to me to continue her transformation".
Mia was definitely hearing and seemed to be participating in his degradation.

Gaston had shifted into a corner as if he wanted to enjoy the scene or perhaps because he just wanted to make sure I didn't reveal my identity to her. Having intercourse with my wife in the presence of another inhibited me but the idea of paying her like a whore excited me. What was I supposed to do. Shake her, tell her she was a slut I wouldn't have imagined she would act like a street woman? What could she have said to me? I felt guilty and how would I feel afterwards? Yet there she was, consenting. I slid my hand down her back and heard her moan. A mixture of anger and excitement. Anger, because she was giving herself to a stranger, excitement because the stranger who was enjoying the situation was me. I caressed her and she, like an automaton in my hands, allowed herself to be groped, feeling an exciting shame in her shameless exhibition. I caressed her tits, smearing the cum she had smeared on her body. I moved that entangled hand closer to her mouth, rubbing it on her lips and even more surprised she began to lick it eagerly. I caressed her other tit and was amazed that she was letting me do everything to her in that indecent way with her naked swollen tits and her sensitive nipples exposed to the lust of a stranger.
She had goose bumps, trembled but was unable to react
"Who are you ..." she murmured.
I didn't answer her
"are you Cosimo?" how could that man she hated so much go through her mind.
"So it was you the other night at the restaurant and you saw me being a slut with my legs open without my husband noticing, he wanted me to perform like a slut and I did it.
What was she saying?
She had sunk so low and I could tell. Exposing herself so obscenely was surely disgusting for her but on the other hand she couldn't stop her excitement and maybe her fantasy of prostituting herself. I was treating her like a whore and I was getting excited.

She took a condom in her hands "I learned a lot tonight and you need this to fuck your whore".
I lowered my pants and boxers and brought my sex closer to her mouth. Mia began to lick it greedily, salting it thoroughly. Then she placed the condom over her mouth, pressing her lips along its diameter and turning the tip of the condom toward her throat. His face was a mask of dripping cum. She groped for my sex with her hands and, lowering her head, began to place the condom on my glans, causing me to shudder. What had she become? Like a skilled professional she unrolled the condom along the erect shaft and as soon as she freed her mouth she asked me vulgarly to fuck her using a term that had never been in her vocabulary.

I slid my hand down her body making her shudder even more. She didn't retreat even when I came on her sex and I pushed my hand letting a finger penetrate her making her twitch with pleasure. She no longer had any will or maybe it was better to say that she wouldn't have wanted to free herself from that grip. I was caressing her and my hand was invaded by her excitement. She had become a toy in my hands. She was moaning like a slut and I had never felt her like that, entirely to my own as in that moment, nor had I ever had the opportunity to see her in that state. In that way her ass was well on display and her ass crack was just as accessible as her sex. Her little hole dilated by Gaston's expert hands was there waiting. She would have done anything; she had gone too far to turn back. With my hands soaked in her juices, I caressed her little ass and slowly began to penetrate her with my fingers, even there, deeper and deeper, feeling her muscles give way. She was no longer able to control the movements of her body by moving her butt so as to offer herself more.
I put my knees on the bed in order to spread her legs even more treating her like an object. She had turned into a whore and could not ask to be treated with kindness. I squeezed her tits. I was dying to get inside her. I rubbed my penis against her skin.

I gasped at Gaston's verbal intrusion.
"My dear professor then you were well aware of who your client is. You are right it is indeed Cosimo and he knows you very well. He didn't think it was possible that you would go this far; he had seen you that night in the restaurant showing your thighs and sex like a slut and your husband hadn't even noticed. You are my slave and my whore, but I want you to tell him that from now on you will also be his whore".
The tension he was causing me was maximum and exploded when I heard Mia stammering "yes...yes...I will be...your whore".
I squeezed her tits in order to get into the character of that character that Mia had always avoided by snubbing him, and at the end without any hesitation I directed the tense rod, quivering, towards her ass. She pushed her body towards my sex; I penetrated her slowly, feeling discomfort and a little difficulty, but the cream did the rest. I bent over her back and began to squeeze her nipples without her rebelling, on the contrary, I felt her shaken by a shameful pleasure, tearing her moans of pleasure.
I had never experienced such intense pleasure, I felt my sex tight and massaged by her muscles.
I was sodomizing Mia and she was enjoying it with me; I thought that this pleasure belonged only to me, but Gaston pulled down his pants and started to rub his erect shaft on Mia's face.
"Show Cosimo how much of a slut you are," he told her vulgarly, letting his mouth take possession of her sex. I was sodomizing her like a bitch in heat, she was letting herself be possessed and at the same time making that pig Gaston enjoy herself with her mouth.
I didn't go on for long, instead I pulled my sex out of her little hole and slid forward with my sex and without difficulty I slipped into her completely dilated pussy warm and welcoming. I grabbed her tits using them almost as handles to be able to sink into her more vigorously. I began a vigorous movement feeling my belly beating against her asshole more and more strongly. Mia seemed invaded by an unconscious arousal, and I too was enjoying a pleasure of which I was deeply ashamed but could not hold back. She had become a whore, not my whore, but Gaston's whore and what was devastating was the idea of imagining herself submissive to Cosimo's desires. I heard her moaning and I saw Gaston holding her head on his penis discharging in her mouth his pleasure and then he moved away from her mouth and poured, without regard, the remaining secretions on her face and in her hair.
I don't know how much longer, as if lost in another dimension, I continued to move in her until I was glued to her in an orgasm I had never experienced. I sat back still feeling the condom swell while she let herself go exhausted on the bed. I looked around almost ashamed of what I had done. She was breathing deeply, exhausted, still blindfolded.
I was ashamed of how we had treated her, but at the same time her docile submission still excited me. It excited me to know that behind her gullibility she had let herself be possessed by Gaston at the same time, believing that she was abandoning herself to that much-vilified Cosimo in her daily life. She had really behaved like a whore from my point of view. From her point of view, she had probably satisfied a pleasure she had never felt before. What had happened that evening? I didn't recognize her anymore.
I remained with my sex wrapped in a condom in front of Gaston, who lowered himself towards Mia's face and brought her less and less erect sex towards his mouth. Like an automaton, she began to suck him again. Turning my back to him, I tried to take off the condom and behind me I heard Gaston's guttural voice: "Wait, don't you see how much the teacher loves the taste of sperm, she likes to let all those who fuck her in her mouth empty their condoms". I was horrified.
He moved from her and helped her to her knees.
Mia obediently allowed herself to do so and without anyone telling her anything else, she opened her mouth wide.
Gaston smiled. I stood there like an idiot with the condom in my hand, not knowing what to do.
The measure was full. I approached her trembling and poured the contents of the condom into her mouth. I saw the liquid dripping on her tongue and she, as if invaded by an unhealthy pleasure, ended up rubbing her tongue against her lips as if to show how well she was in the part.
I quickly got dressed, but the most humiliating thing was Gaston's request "you have to pay the whore, two hundred euros is fine". I didn't object, I took the money out of my wallet and put it on the bedside table.

Mia put her hands on the blindfold and I was terrified that she would take it off.
Fortunately, Gaston stopped her and asked her to stay still.

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