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Very often the beauty of an encounter lies more in the waiting, in the desire, in the desire, in the interaction, than in the encounter itself. At least for what is my experience.
This was also the case for the meeting with Antonio and Luisa, whom I met on the net, on an advertisement site, this advertisement site, and as it often happens, I used to keep contacts with the He of the couple, first online messages, then after some time we exchange phone numbers and keep contacts through messages, with the intention of combining a meeting.
He warns me that it will still be the Lady to decide, after having seen my photos, "normal", dressed, face, after having seen the "endowment" and having appreciated it, and so we exchange the "ritual" photos and, having noticed the mutual appreciation, we begin to talk about a possible meeting.
After so many failed attempts, it seems finally the good time, we are not very close, so a bit of organization is necessary, and to make coincide the commitments of all was not easy.
Sunday morning, hot, sultry, when I start, I meet a lot of holidaymakers on Sunday, ready for a day at the beach, I instead go towards the hinterland and the hill, without particular expectations, as I always do in these cases, because experience suggests that when I had expectations I always came back home disappointed.
The appointment is near a bar in a small village that will have 300 souls, crossed by a state road, practically in the countryside, not the best for those who do not have immense confidence in mankind, but now there are, and all that remains is to hope well and gain some confidence.

When I arrive there is no one there, I get out of the car, smoke a cigarette outside and try to call but my cell phone is disconnected and I start to think I have taken that famous bin, which everyone is talking about and which hasn't happened to me yet, all I have to do is come to terms with reality, get back in the car, turn around and take the road that will take me home, but as soon as I get on the road I see myself flashing, I look in the mirror and from a large and new sedan a smiling man asks me to pull over. As soon as I am pulled over I recognize Antonio and his beautiful wife that I had seen in the photo, we get off, we introduce ourselves and they explain to me that they were keeping an eye on me at a distance, to see if I corresponded to the person they had seen in the photo and let themselves be taken by the first sensations at a distance, sensations that will have been positive, since they decided to introduce themselves.

They had been very clear during our contacts, or rather Antonio had been, we see each other only for knowledge, at most just something very soft, I wondered what they meant by soft, but I did not dwell more than much in these reflections, taken by the curiosity and intrigue of this kind of knowledge.

We decide to have a coffee in the café in front of which we had met, they both get out of the car, Antonio presents himself as a man in his 60s, a good man I would say, smiling, one of those reassuring ones you imagine behind a desk in a bank or in an insurance company, polite, Distinguished, well-dressed, the wife decidedly younger, of unspecified and indefinable age, you would give her about 40 years well worn, but seen the husband perhaps will have even more, give the feeling of those couples who are together for a mystery, which perhaps is called welfare or economic stability.

Inside the bar we exchange the usual informal chatter, about how to live in this world, up to the traffic on the street, but he was the only one who spoke, the lady could be mistaken for a deaf-mute since she didn't say a word and let only her gaze express itself for her, when she had the willingness to take off for a few moments the dark sunglasses that cover her delicate face but with strong but at the same time harmonious and sweet features. And after a good half hour of useless chatter, when by now I thought it was time to go home, having given a sense to their "very soft" Antonio asks me to get in the car with them to take a ride nearby. Here we are, it's time, either I get robbed or something is done, I accept with pleasure, trying to stifle distrust and get into his beautiful silver grey car, recently washed, which almost blinds as it shines, and I sit in the back, on comfortable black leather seats, which make me almost seem to be sitting on a sofa more than in a car.
Surprisingly, the Lady dismantles any illusion of mine and sits down in front, turns immediately and takes a tree-lined avenue, very isolated, when the Lady, surprising me quite a bit considering the premises, turns around, raises her sunglasses and looks me straight in the eyes and asks me: "so, how about us, how do you find me, do you like me? And yes I do, and a lot, but a bit of demeanor is necessary, I've never been a dead pussy, and with extreme savoir faire I make my appreciation clear, but with style and without too much banality, she jumps behind me with a leap, puts herself in front of me and whispers "prove it to me ..." before kissing me passionately under the smug gaze of Antonio, which I was able to see for a moment from the mirror, before diving into that voluptuous and vibrant body of desire and pleasure.

In a moment I lower her shirt and make her come out with a big, soft but still firm breast, which is a pleasure, so much so that for a moment it makes me think of a new breast, but I notice that it's very natural (not that I could mind, on the contrary) and I start to lick it all, sucking the nipples. She appreciates, and does the same, unbuttoning my shirt and licking my chest, playing with my nipples, all with the car in motion, with our husband-chauffour enjoying the show at times. I make her feel that I'm ready, I make her feel my excitement, but before she gets to the cock an indefinite time passes that I couldn't quantify, but that seemed endless.

Finally she starts to caress it from above my pants, she pulls it out and starts to suck it wisely, licking my balls thoroughly, often passing it between my big tits, all looking me in the eyes, which made me horny and not a little bit.

When the car pulls over I decide that it's time to savor her taste, moods and flavor, and with an uncomfortable and arranged 69 I start licking her pussy, unpleasant and unexpectedly hairy and we go on for quite a while, so much so that I absolutely don't realize that Antonio has got off, she opens the door and jerks off watching that slutty wife clutching greedy to my cock, I stand up straight and invite her to climb on top of me, but I receive a clear rejection that reminds me of that "very soft" above.

Antonio joins us, in a discreet and polite way, which I appreciate because I prefer the game to 3 when I meet a couple than her husband, but he seems more interested in my cock than in the graces of the beautiful lady, so much so that he decides and touches it to me, first almost distractedly, then taking it in my hand practically jerking me off, while his wife dedicates herself to my balls going so far as to lick my asshole.

By now I want to cum, I would gladly donate my nectar to the Lady's mouth, but she makes me understand that she doesn't like it and makes me cum on the Latvian, but almost repentant, immediately after making me spurt it back in my mouth, enjoying the last drops of cum left.

We put on our clothes, sweaty matidi we go in the direction of the appointment to take me back to my car, the lady stays with me on the back seat to kiss me, I devote myself to her beautiful legs that I lick until you get to the feet, beautiful and cared for them too, like all the rest of the body of the beautiful Luisa, The excitement grows back again, I take it out and start sawing myself off while I pass my dick on his feet and continue to lick them, Antonio understands the antiphon and stretches the turn, until I cum between my feet and in his heeled shoes, and before reassembling myself I give her a few more drops of my semen on my tongue.

Arrived at the car, we greet each other cordially, more than as old friends, almost after a business meeting.

I get back in the car and take the road home, after a while I hear the phone ringing, a message from a number I don't know. "I still have your taste in my mouth, and I love it. Come back soon. A kiss." I smile and I'm back on the road and on that burning asphalt, I can still feel my dick throbbing...

Poke Bella

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