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In spite of the alcohol and the tiredness of the hard day just passed, that night I couldn't close my eyes, I was tossing and turning in bed thinking about the meeting with Giacomo, my Master.
I was still in a state of excitement for having been possessed by the man of my dreams but, at the same time, worried about the consequences of that encounter.
I was afraid of my reactions to how I would behave at work, seeing Giacomo every day and pretending that nothing happened, keeping that secret and looking into the eyes of the man who could expose me and my sluttiness.
The next day we went to work and everything was going normally, I was quite calm, I realized that I had worried unnecessarily. I tried to avoid Giacomo's gaze for fear that the emotion I had inside me for what had happened the night before could show on my face.
Giacomo, on the other hand, was his usual self, serious about his work, but still bright and funny and, unlike me, I noticed that every now and then he would look for my eyes and hint at a smile.
This thing ignited in me a great sense of excitement but at the same time it calmed me down a lot.
The day passed normally, in the afternoon during a break, we moved to an adjoining room to have a coffee. Someone kept talking about work, others joked, others talked about the weather. At one point, a text came through on my cell phone:
"Amanda, come to the bathroom. I'm waiting for you."
I was stunned and frightened, I looked around and noticed that Giacomo was no longer with us, I hadn't realized he had wandered off. I didn't know why Giacomo wanted me in the bathroom, but it was easy to guess, so I didn't know what to do, or rather, I wanted to reach him, but it seemed crazy, I was afraid someone would notice us. I decided not to respond to his request.
After not even a minute I got a new message: "Bitch, I'm waiting for you, I want to empty myself in your mouth, come now or I'll slaughter you ... remember that I am your Master now".
Overwhelmed I replied: "I can't, we are returning to the meeting room".
A few minutes and Giacomo returned too, he seemed calm, he seemed to have understood my inability to do what he was asking, but I was wrong!

During the car ride back to the hotel, I felt a great tension. Giacomo was dark in the face, serious and almost silent. My boss continued to talk about work, to explain his motivations regarding a matter addressed in the office, but he nothing, almost indifferent responded in monosyllables and continued to look at me to avoid his gaze I pretended to look at the landscape out the window but in fact I was looking at him reflected in the glass.
All this was really embarrassing, I understood that he was pissed off with me and I feared for his reaction.
When we arrived at the hotel, I just wanted to escape him so with a hasty "see you later" I hurried to my room leaving him behind who continued to talk to my boss, unfortunately it was useless.
In fact, reached my door, unexpectedly I found him behind me, he blocked me putting an arm around my neck and pushed me in almost violently closing the door behind him with a kick.
He pushed me on the bed and said: "You're a dirty whore, didn't you understand a shit then? Strip completely and get on your knees slut!" I literally trembling, obeyed without speaking as he continued to rail at me "you are only a slave and your role is only to obey my orders and do whatever I ask of you. You just have to decide whether to be totally at my service with devotion and humility or become the laughing stock of the office. Look I would find a way to fuck you up without talking about my involvement, you know me, you know I'd be capable of that bitch."
At that point, I didn't see any other alternative, by now I had understood that I was obliged to do what he was asking.
Completely naked I got down on my knees in front of him and said "Please forgive me Master. I'm just a dirty slut".
"That's my dog" he said "I see that you finally understand".
He took my face with one hand and put his fingers in my mouth that I began to suck greedily simulating a blowjob. He looked into my eyes with a perverse look, pleased to see me submissive to him. He had a grin on his face that gave me shivers I had never felt before with anyone.
Then he pulled off the belt of his pants and made me wear it as if it were a collar attached to a leash, saying: "now you're my bitch, lick the shoes of your master bitch".
I carried out with pleasure, by now I was totally dependent on him, happily forced to do what he asked me.
I could feel that he was very excited, maybe even more than me, he pulled with a yank the belt and I, raising my head, I saw that he had a hard cock sticking out of his pants. I couldn't wait to suck him so I moved my mouth closer to do so. Unexpectedly a slap came my way, "slut, how dare you? Did I tell you to suck my cock?"
"No Master," I replied, "Forgive me."
He went on to say "you are not allowed to take initiative, you just have to do what I tell you! Do your job as a bitch! Smell it without touching it!"
I began to sniff like a real dog, I must say that despite the day gone by, his cock still smelled very pleasant and, therefore, I could not hold back my tongue and mouth and began to kiss and lick it. I was expecting another slap, but with great wonder, he looked me in the eyes with a reassuring smile, blocked my head with one hand and with the other took my chin, pressing me to open my mouth, and finally slipped his hard cock in my throat saying "you're a great slut, in front of a cock you just can't hold back, so suck it. Make your Master enjoy".
That was what I wanted. I finally relaxed and gave the best blowjob I had ever given until that moment.
I could hear his moans of pleasure getting louder and louder, he had become a crazy stallion, he held my head with his hands and with his hips he accelerated the pace of fucking until, with an indefinable scream, he dumped all his hot cum in my throat "ahhhhhh slut... drinkiii."
He pinned my head with his cock in my throat until he relaxed completely.
It was so much really
She told me "good one Amanda"
I was really pleased with myself, I gently cleaned up the chapel, he quickly settled down and left saying "see you at dinner"
Already naked I took a shower and lay down on the bed but that situation had excited me to no end, the desire for cocks in my pussy was too much, I was too eager, I took the bottle of my deodorant spray and thinking of Giacomo I put it all inside, I squeezed my ass and with an excuse I called him. At that moment I was speaking as a colleague but his warm and horny voice was enough for me and meanwhile I was moving the bottle in my pussy. I cum almost immediately without even touching my limp dick, I hung up and after a minute I got a message from him, he said "slave, before it was just an aperitif, be ready for the digestive".

That evening we had dinner just the three of us in the hotel restaurant. Thanks to the wine, at the table we were only joking. I looked at Giacomo and I felt happy thinking that soon I would have had again the chance to be submitted and possessed by him. He was very handsome, he joked more than usual and every now and then he made a few allusive jokes that I obviously understood were directed at me and what was happening between us. My boss laughed but he couldn't understand what he was referring to because he didn't suspect us at all. It must be said that Giacomo was a playful guy and rarely behaved in a serious way.
The bastard teased me all the time and even if I was a bit embarrassed, I liked his way of doing things.
He would look at me with a sly smile, nibble his lips, his tongue, wink at me as if to say.... "you don't know what awaits you later".
Every now and then he would reach under the table and touch my leg or take my hand and bring it to his cock. I couldn't help but let him do it as well because I was too preoccupied with pretending that nothing happened to prevent my boss from understanding something.
It was almost 11:00 p.m. and after dinner we went back to our rooms. Not even the time to open the door and I got a message: "come to me in half an hour.
"It goes well Master" I answered me.
I changed, put on some tight shorts and a t-shirt and went to him a little early. I couldn't wait.
He opens the door and lets me in
"Bitch I said in half an hour, anyway get undressed and get on all fours like a bitch."
He was watching a basketball game that he was really interested in but it was almost over.
So I did as he told me and stood silently still on all fours in front of him sitting on the couch.
In a commercial break, without getting up, he reached out a hand and caressed my ass "you really are a bitch, you have a great ass but you need to be trained, you need to learn to listen and always do what I tell you, to the letter" he patted my ass and stood up.
"You know, you blow better than my wife and then that bitch does not like to take it in the ass. On the other hand, I like ass much more than pussy, that's why I look for bitches like you. You really like it, you enjoy like pigs with a cock in your ass.
In saying this he opened a drawer and pulled out a package, it was a plug, black, nice and wide but not excessively long. "Look what I bought for you" he said "I saw that you are still a little tight in the ass instead I like to enter easy. This way we'll widen it a bit. You'll have to wear it all the time, whenever you can and when you're alone you'll have to sleep in it too. In a week's time you'll surely be wider, if you're not, it means you're not using it. So watch yourself."
He told me that before dinner he had gone for a walk to see a bit of the area and had stumbled upon a sexyshop so he thought of me.
"Get on the bed doggy style I'll introduce you" "please be quiet please" I said.
"Don't worry bitch, I have to fuck you with my cock not the plug".
He spread my ass with his hands and I felt him spit on my little hole a couple of times, he introduced a couple of fingers to open it up a bit and placed the tip of the plug against my little hole, then a slight pressure and gently I felt it all go in until it locked inside me as expected.
I felt a slight pain but it felt good, mmmmm.
"Get up now and walk around the room a bit" he said "it has to fit your channel, hips as you walk".
In the meantime the game had resumed so he sat back down on the couch, spread his legs and out of his boxers popped his balls.
"Now take the belt from my pants, put it around my neck and come over here on all fours".
Mmmmm. I was being a bitch for my Master.
I did as he told me, I got close to him and handed him the end of the belt as a sign of my submission.
"Good Bitch, now lick my balls...let me relax, not my cock, make sure I finish watching the game."
Like a good little slave girl I gently licked my Master's balls. I felt truly gratified. In the meantime he caressed my head, I think he did it to let me know he appreciated my work and it was so sure because I could see his cock getting bigger and bigger so that the head was sticking out of his boxers.
I couldn't wait to taste him again with my mouth and my desire was soon satisfied because he took my head with both hands and brought me with his mouth on his huge and red hot cock.
I was gently licking, kissing and sucking his hard shaft when suddenly he let out a scream. The game was over and his favourite team had won!
I thought.
"Good Amanda, go down your throat, in a while we will remove the plug and I'll hit you with a real cock" mmmmm
I couldn't wait to take him in the ass again so I became even more passionate in sucking him. He noticed, made me pull away from the cock, looked me in the face and smiling said "slut, you want to take it in the ass...don't you?"
"Yes Master. Please."
Then he stood up, pulling me by the leash he got me up on the couch doggy style, pulled the plug in one go and rested his big dick on it. "Tell me slut, tell me you want your Master's cock."
"Siiiii Master, bash me please, bash your bitch, this ass is yours, it belongs to you, I belong to you"
"Good bitch" and saying this he shoved his big cock into me in one go, all the way down to my balls.
He pounded me in various positions for more than an hour and it was the first time a man cum in my ass. I slept with him that night, not really all night....

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