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At the time I was in my early thirties and working for a large multinational company.
I was in the UK for a few days on business with my boss and a consultant from my company who I now considered more than a colleague because he had been with us for a couple of years and a sort of friendship had been created.
A handsome male, about 40 years old, very tall, more than 2 meters. In fact, he played basketball, handsome as the sun, a dark-haired guy with black hair, a toned physique, even a gymnastic one, very hairy.
He had become the object of my daily masturbations, but I never thought I could confide in him or even make advances to him.
His name was Giacomo, a funny guy as well as macho.
In the morning we left on the first flight and by lunchtime we had already arrived at our destination at the UK headquarters of our company.
We met our colleagues and in the afternoon we worked with them until 5 pm, then a car took us to our hotel. Everyone went to their rooms and we all met in the lobby at 8pm to go out for dinner.
It was a wonderful evening, along with us there were a couple of very nice English colleagues who also drank a lot and we obviously could not be outdone.
It was a very amusing evening among men.
At 11pm, after having returned to the hotel tired because of the day we had spent but also because of all the wine we had drunk, we took our leave and went to sleep.
I arranged my things, took a shower and lay down on the bed to watch TV.
It was now midnight and I heard a knock at the door, I put a towel around my hips and opened the door.
To my amazement, it was Giacomo.
He was wearing shorts and a tight white T-shirt that brought out his bronze body, he was holding a bottle of whiskey and two glasses with ice, he had come to ask me for a cigarette and to have a drink with me. Being a sportsman he didn't smoke but that night he took advantage of mine more than once. So I let him in, he poured the whiskey in the glasses, we lit a cigarette and began to talk about the more and the less, although, as tipsy as we were, we did not address any serious issues. One glass led to another and a few cigarettes later, we didn't even notice that we were next to each other in bed, leaning our backs against the headboard.
Mamma mia, I was in bed with the man of my dreams. I couldn't believe it.
Our legs brushed against each other, touching sideways, causing a state of arousal in me. We were very different, my smooth white skin was in stark contrast to his, very dark and covered in shaggy black hair.
While we joked, he touched my leg with friendly gestures. I was very embarrassed but I immediately took advantage of it and thought to reciprocate. When would I have had another opportunity like this and to finally touch him?
I began to caress him. My hand ran over his hairy thigh. By now I was letting myself go. I don't know what I was trying to do but I had no intention of stopping.
I noticed with great astonishment that he was touching me too. This time no longer as a friend, he was getting aroused. A bulge between his legs was proof of that and hinted at something wonderful. His hand was gripping my thigh with strength, virility, desire.
He turned his gaze to me and said, "faggot, how long have you been waiting for this moment?"
Wowww!!! He understood everything about me!!!
He took my hand and brought it to his cock, "come on" he said "now show me what you can do".
Mmmmm, he had a huge cock, about 22 cm, nice and double, a really nice red swollen head. I was a little scared imagining the pain I would have felt if he had wanted to penetrate me. But it was only a moment because I knew I was in for a fuck that I would remember forever.
With a quick gesture he took off his shorts and his big cock came out straight and turgid. Wooowww. My dream was coming true and my anal pussy was already all wet.
I took him in my hand and began to slowly masturbate him. He squinted his eyes at the pleasant feeling I was causing him "Faggot! Take it in your mouth come on" he told me with an excited voice, I brought my mouth on his head and began to lick and kiss it, I let it enter my mouth for a few inches. It was going in and out of my mouth like I was eating an ice cream cone. He gasped, he put his hand on my head and slowly pushed me down to his belly sliding his cock all the way down my throat. He sped up the pace and I felt his cock getting closer and closer to my tonsils, he pinned my head down. With the cock in my throat I was about to drown, I was moaning I had a feeling of vomiting, but he - the asshole - didn't loosen his grip even though I was forcing myself to get free.
"You're a faggot who can't even blow" and with a threatening tone and a little pissed off he continued: "come on, get busy otherwise they'll spit you with Giulio" (Giulio was my boss).
Honestly I was a bit scared. He was a determined man, he did everything that came into his head and I do not think he would have had any problem to fuck me up.
So I resumed the cock in my mouth with more commitment and dedication, in that moment of lucidity I thought to satisfy only him, I followed the signals that he gave me verbally and not.
Perhaps it was on that occasion that I really understood how to give a blowjob to a man.
I sucked greedily on his hard and veiny cock, I made it slide down my throat and I froze while I had it all in my mouth, trying to keep it in my throat until I could hardly breathe.
Then I would go back up with my mouth until it came out completely. I repeated several times faster and faster the descents and ascents and I stopped from time to time with the cock in my throat.
I could hear his moans and I loved to hear him enjoy it because of me, because of my mouth.
Every now and then I would take him out and while I was jerking him off with one hand and rubbing and wrapping his head with my palm, I was licking his shaft with my mouth up to his balls, which were big and hard and full of cum for me.
He loved having his balls licked and, coming from him, I was very good at it.
It felt great sucking that beautiful cock, everything was going well, the fear was gone and I was enjoying it great.
"Good whore, I see you're learning fast. Atro that faggot, you are a real cocksucker. From now on you will be my personal slut."
"Now get doggy style, my cock is bursting! I want your ass."
I was waiting for nothing else!
I positioned myself as he wanted on the edge of the bed and he stood up, with his hands he spread my buttocks to better see my pussy, I felt two spits soaking my little hole and soon after his hand, or rather his fingers that began to ravish and inspect my poor little hole. It hurt a little, it was not gentle at all and so I freed myself a little but he got pissed and pinned me by the hips pulling me towards him. He pointed his chapel and started to thrust hard "aaahhh" I felt a terrible pain, "take it easyoo" I told him, "you're hurting meee - I'm still tight"
I realized that I had started talking about myself in the feminine, I felt female and slutty at that moment.
He then stopped, spit on a hand and massaged me a little bit, then I felt his hands spread my buttocks again and something wet moving and forcing my anal pussy. Beautiful. I was almost about to enjoy it. It was his tongue.
Well that little lick made me swoon, I didn't understand anything anymore and I said "yes piggy - I want your big cock, please bash me".
He didn't make me say it twice. I felt his head open my ass, with a non-violent thrust he slid his cock all the way inside, slowly up to the balls and so he began to fuck me. He held me by the hips and sped up the pace, harder and harder, panting and thrusting into me. I could feel his balls slamming against my ass, a wonderful feeling, I was making moans of pleasure.
He realized that I was enjoying it and accelerating the pace again he said "what a slut you are - slut, you said you were tight but you took all my cock - I'm going to fuck you".
He went on for a short time though because he was too horny and charged, in fact all of a sudden, he took his cock out of my ass, grabbed me forcefully by the hair and stuck his cock in my mouth filling me with cum.
I wiped the few remaining drops from the chapel and we both tired we fell on the bed exhausted and still tipsy.
He asked me if I had enjoyed it. We looked into each other's eyes and laughed.
It was a rhetorical question.
It was now two o'clock in the morning and the alarm was going off at six, we had to get some sleep.
He got up, handed me my glass of whiskey and said "drink slut, whiskey laced with cum is what all sluts like you should drink" and laughed - then he continued "Don't worry, no one will ever know anything about what happened tonight as long as you always do everything I tell you to do.
In public we will behave normally but in private I will be your Master and you will be my personal whore. In private I will call you Amanda".
He stroked my face and left!

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