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Eugenio is called, retired, so he will be over 65 years old maybe in his 70s, but well brought. Dry physique, still performing, polite, clean, perfumed, kind and affectionate. We met on the dating site and since he came to my house the first time he came back often (as often as he can) and a friendship was born, or rather something more, it will be because I am no longer young (over 50 now).
Maybe I give him the attention, the sensations, the stimuli that he no longer finds in his wife; often after a certain age many spouses become like brothers, without sparks of emotion. Certainly with me he can make love as it is impossible to do so with a biological woman.
Eugenio is affectionate, caring, passionate, he gets excited and sometimes I fear for his heart, even if he has always told me that it is very healthy. He calls me "love", "darling" and I love his sincere affection that makes me feel 200% female. Sexually it still works very well, he has a nice cock (about 5 cm in diameter by 12 in length), lasts long in intercourse even if there is little to drink, ejaculates little, sometimes nothing.
For him I dress soberly but have a lot of attention to detail. As always very well cleaned inside and out, creamy and fragrant. Make-up, clear or transparent lipstick; the coral red one, which I like so much, Eugenio, with his fiery kisses, would smudge it all and there's nothing worse. I usually wear a short dress above the knees with thin straps, matching the mini thong, a leopard print one that he likes a lot; transparent hold-ups and pumps (8 cm heel) also leopard print.
When he comes in, a little kiss on the lips, he hugs me tightly and whispers: "Angie, honey, I missed you, my love, how are you". We sit for a moment on the sofa, hand in hand, and he tells me about his news; I tell him about my little ones, I'm afraid of breaking the spell if I tell him about my lovers, of course he imagines it, but we don't talk about it. Our relationship is very romantic, based on mutual respect and affection without exaggerating in sex; for example he has never put his finger in my anal-pussy and so I have never asked him if he is interested in fisting me, which I like very much. While we talk he caresses me all over, he has learned not to caress my face because of the make-up (the opaque primer, indispensable for us trav). Doing so excites, we look into the eyes intensely, makes me get up, hugs me to the waist and kisses me, our kisses are very long and exciting: we suck tongues, our saliva mixes abundant as nectar, we bite and suck lips and ... the emotion grows.
In the meantime he pulls off the straps of my dress that falls lightly, takes my nipples between his fingers, squeezes them, twists them, I moan with emotion and he gets even more excited hearing my moans. He kisses me again, then sucks my nipples hard and bites a little, in the meantime he removes the thong too, "go on the bed honey while I undress...". I lay on my side, with my legs slightly bent and my ass well out, I'm still in my hold-ups and shoes, I inhale a little popper. Eugenio doesn't inhale, but he doesn't mind that I do, otherwise I would avoid. I watch him while he strips naked and comes to the big bed, he takes off my shoes, I look at him and turn around doggy style. Eugenio likes very much to lick my pussy-anal and is a skilled linguist. He gets enormously excited to hear my moans, my screams as a female in heat (when I'm Angie the timbre of my voice becomes spontaneously feminine), the more I get excited and scream the more excited he gets, finally he can't resist, "oh Angie darling, my baby girl, come ...", he turns me around, lies on top of me and we kiss for a long time, hard and intensely: I've rarely been so excited by a man's kiss.
Then he gets up and pulls me to the end of the bed, my ass on the edge, gets down on his knees on the floor, lifts my legs up in a V shape and licks and sucks my anal-pussy fiercely again. I am at the mercy of my orgasms. After a while he comes up and starts sucking on my clit which is waking up super hard. It's an exception, when I give myself to men I never let them touch my clitoris, I want to be female and my orgasms are anal, but with Eugenio we love each other and so it's different, I give myself completely to him because I want him to feel good. He sucks me and I come almost immediately, copiously, in his mouth; he drinks it all, then lies down next to me, kisses me again and together we taste my sperm. We relax, but he doesn't stop caressing me, touching me, groping me, "my baby, how sweet you are Angie, you drive me crazy...", I feel...happy and female as never before.
Over time we have refined our times and desires, so I whisper to him "Eugenio, will you make love to me?", "of course honey!". Excited I go doggy style again and he standing behind me on the side of the bed, he already knows why I start with this position: I can inhale poppers while he fucks me in a crescendo of excitement at hearing my quivers, screams of enjoyment and multiple anal orgasms. As I said he has a nice cock and he likes to fuck me hard, slamming me hard, but not for long: he wants to see my face, and so ... "turn around Angie, come love ...". I lie on my back, he picks me up, wraps his legs around me and kisses me as he mounts me. Sometimes he stops and we stay embraced with his cock inside me and his tongue literally penetrating my mouth. Finally he comes screaming with happiness and I, caressing his head, "yes come baby, ...come ...". He relaxes inside me and then lies down next to me. Now it's my turn, I take his cock in my mouth sucking greedily the little remaining sperm, I lick his testicles, I sling him all over and then, he likes it too, I lick his ass, Eugenio moans happily relaxing. Slowly we calm down, we stay for a long time lying down next to each other, but he continues to caress me and every now and then he starts to kiss me again saying sweet words that now, perhaps, he doesn't say to his wife anymore.
It's late, he has to go. In the bathroom he likes me to wash him, slowly, gently, with lukewarm water. Then he goes to his room and gets dressed, while I fix my make-up, my wig and get dressed again. We always drink something hand in hand, Eugenio would never want to leave. Sometimes he came in the afternoon and left in the night; he then told me about his wife's worries who looked for him everywhere: if she finds out it's over. So it's better this way, it's better to take precautions and dose our emotions so every time we make love there's always something new and exciting to discover. "Bye my love" he says, "bye sweetie, I love you. See you soon. I'll be thinking of you", "me too...". And it's true I think that a lot.

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