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That night I came home to Dom tired. I found him sitting in front of the TV. The weather was hot, the summer had just begun but it was going to be hot.

- hello

he said

- What are you watching?

- nothing much, a telefilm

he turned to look at me. The tshirt barely covered a physique sculpted from working in the fields. I liked to wrap myself in his mixed smell of work and grain. He wasn't handsome, but he was masculine and gentle, never violent.

- look on the bed there is a present for you

I didn't expect it, it wasn't a special day.

- what did you buy?

- Go, see, and then come down, I'm waiting for you.

A sly tone that I knew well. He wanted to fuck.

I went up to the room. A white package with a red bow was on the bed. Not very big. I guessed it must be lingerie. I voraciously unwrapped the gift. A set of black bra and Brazilian briefs, hemmed, light and wonderful, then I found a pair of black sheer stockings and a garter belt with a wide smooth band and thin hooks.

I did not lose time. I went into the bathroom and took a quick shower, shaved quickly, and wore that outfit. I was careful to arrange my small, floppy penis so that it wouldn't show as much. The bra was a first size, the cup was small and the band wide. I looked at myself in the mirror: not bad. I gave myself a touch of lipstick and barefoot I went down to let him see me.

- wow you are beautiful

he said

- thank you, but why did you want to buy me this set?

he stood up

- why? simple, because I want to fuck you well, as we have not done for a long time.

I knew it - I thought

He kissed me on my neck and played with his tongue on my right earlobe. He made me feel female. He caressed my ass, with his hand he slipped into my briefs, his index finger began to travel along the groove between my buttocks. My breathing began to become labored, heavy.

- this morning

he whispered in my ear

- In Beppe's stable I saw his stallion riding the mare. You are my mare.

I answered him by widening my legs slightly, facilitating his search for my pussy. As soon as he spotted it a blaze of pleasure ran down my back until it exploded in my brain. He started to twirl around the anal cavity and it was a continuous pouring of pleasure, explosive waves that broke in my brain. I was paralyzed with pleasure I wanted him to continue to play with his finger in my little hole but he thought otherwise he got out of the delicate grip of the briefs and went to the furniture. He immediately understood he needed some lubricating gel. He found it in a drawer, in the meantime my back was turned, he approached me and lowered my panties and sprinkled his hand with gel. He put his finger between my ass cheeks and immediately found my little hole. The gel-soaked finger was cold and I bent down slightly in order to facilitate its entry, the index finger began to twirl around my pseudo pussy soaping it well. They were slingshots of pigeons that poured out like waves. Then he penetrated me dryly. I let out a little cry of pleasure while he simulated the rhythm of the fuck. I bowed even more, leaning on the edge of the table. In response, his fingers became two, forcing my sphincter to widen.

- I want you all

- me too, all inside me

he stopped, he removed his fingers from my ass

- Why did you stop?

I heard him fumbling

- Please continue

I begged

I was waiting to be impaled, instead he turned me on my side presenting in front of my face his member, unscrewed, with a red hot glans, as hard as Carrara marble.

- It's yours

he said

I didn't waste any time, I opened my mouth and swallowed it all the way to the root. I wrapped my arms around his hips and held him tight in my throat as much as I could. He tasted of male, of sex, having him in my mouth meant being the master. It was mine, all for me. The instrument of pleasure. He thought differently.

I knelt down so I could work him better.

- Now I'm going to fuck your lips in my mouth like a real cunt's.

he told me under his breath. He had taught me what that meant. To have light lips on his cock, a gentle pressure like those of a vagina. So he could fuck me at his own pace. So I pulled out to take it back on my glans, holding it only with my lips. He pinned the back of my head, I watched as he slowly began to enter, my throat widened as if it would never end. Finally my nose was in contact with his pubic hair. He withdrew and then went back in. I tried to keep my lips gently pursed, he repeated the process. I could hardly breathe through my nose, he continued unmoved. He began to increase the frequency of penetration. His testicles clacked loudly on my chin. Under my fingers I could feel his muscles contracting.

- I fuck you like a horse

he said enjoying

I answered him by moving my hand to his testicles. They were big and hard. I was dribbling saliva from my mouth, while the pseudo clit wet the floor. He slowed down in his march and then resumed with more enthusiasm

- I want to drown you with my cum

his cum was thick, hot, bitter, slimy, delicious for me who was his female. The first few times I didn't want to take it then he convinced me by cumming in my face treacherously. I sensed the enjoyment that came from his hot spermatic liquid in contact with my skin, feeling it slowly slide in. It was natural for me to part my lips and let him in to collect the last drops of cum in my mouth. I liked it so much that I didn't want to let go anymore. From then on, whenever I could, I would recommend that he give me a taste of his aphrodisiac "liquor".

He was fucking me and I don't know what his intentions were. I wanted him to give me a good squirt and then a waterfall of cum. Instead he stopped.

- get up

I did

- now turn around and put yourself in a doggy style that I fuck you well

I did and he did his best to wet the member with the lubricating gel. He didn't waste any time, he put the chapel on the little hole and entered firmly.

- mamma mia how beautiful it is

I shouted, he withdrew and as an accelerated he went back inside me pushing my neurons in paradise. Once he had slipped all the way in he began to gyrate on his hips producing an infinite and pleasurable prostate massage. Then she took to pumping in a steady rhythm.

- you are a delicious bitch in heat

- and you fuck me divinely

With each backstroke I would go forward and back sliding on his cock and he would send me back up. All you could hear were our labored breaths and the fluttering of his balls on my ass cheeks.

He stopped again and pulled it out. I felt orphaned by his member. He threw himself into the chair his cock cock cocked like a spindle, grabbed my wrist and pulled me to him

- mount the saddle

I didn't make him repeat it, I turned around and he spread his legs so that I could enter between his legs, I took his cock and turned around so that I could give him my back, I bent down and directed his pole towards my little hole. Finding it I pushed down. He entered easily so then continue to go down until my ass came in contact with his abdomen. Now I was dictating the timing. I put my hands on his thighs and helping me with the movement of my knees I hoisted myself up and then down. I repeated the operation several times. My small breasts were dancing even though they were still constrained inside the cups of the bra.

- you ride very well

- you taught me

in fact, it was him who told me that I could enjoy also in this way leaving to the male the mere role of sextoy.

I continued to gallop varying the rhythms.

- I'm going to enjoy

he said panting

- no wait

I pulled him out of my ass, I stood up and told him peremptorily

- fuck me in the mouth

- You're thirsty

- so much

- sit down I'll quench your thirst

I sat on the floor leaning my back against the base of the chair. He stood in front of me, his legs spread, his cock in front of his mouth. He jerked off for a moment, I took his hand away to take it between mine. I buried my testicles. It was going to be a flood judging by the size of the balls. I opened my mouth and pressed it between my lips. I took him gently, he entered firmly. He wanted to cum it was clear, he couldn't take it anymore. He started to penetrate me with a slow rhythm. I could smell the cum, the imminent ejaculation. In fact, the fucking increased in pace. My abdomen began to tremble slightly.

- I enjoy


I had time to get it out of my mouth but not my lips. The first squirt hit my nose, I opened my mouth and took the head between my lips so that the sperm wouldn't leak out. He gave a thrust with each spurt, the cock went into a throat that was full of cum so he was well covered. As it came out his lips cleaned it up and it went on in a way that was pleasurable for both of us.

Then he stopped.

I didn't let go of the member

- it was worth the gift

I looked at him with his penis still in my mouth and still hard.

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