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A hot summer day, a desire to relax and indulge in my fantasies.

I'm at home, alone, wearing a short-sleeved red dress with a knee-length hem. A red scarf tied around my head, because when I'm not meeting I'm more comfortable this way than with a wig. Stockings nature 15 denier, black underwear. Shoes decoltè black, model "slipper", shiny material with a little heel.
In private, I live only in women's clothes and outside my feminine nature.
At this moment, this afternoon, I have the fantasy of preparing to meet a male, to be female to satisfy my and his desires. Maybe to have a boyfriend, who comes to visit me at home as they used to do in the old days: the woman does the housework, while her boyfriend gets ready to visit her. When he arrives at her house he finds her waiting for him, they sit together on the couch and start talking. They exchange a few kisses, some tenderness.

At that time, however, we are talking about the '50s for example, you could not go further, sex could be done only after married. Mentality of the past, impregnated with religious dictates, different from our current one. But even if we have a different mentality, we must not criticize, we must have respect. These were people who understood sexual relations in this way in absolute good faith, because this was the teaching they were given by a certain socio-cultural environment that prevented them from being able to do certain things before marriage.
I, on the other hand, with all due respect to those who have gone before us, want to go beyond a few kisses and tenderness.

In that moment while standing in the bedroom, I process my fantasy: a situation like the one back then, but readjusted to the current time and mentality.

"I'm waiting for my boyfriend, after taking care of the house, I'm sitting on the couch with my legs crossed and I'm flipping through a magazine. I hear a knock on the door and go to open it, dressed as I am at the moment. He is outside on the doorstep, we greet each other and smile.
He is wearing simple clothes: jeans and t-shirt, tennis shoes. He has short dark colored hair. Slim physique, not muscular. I don't like muscular men. Very little body hair. Smooth face, no beard. A handsome guy in short.
We exchange a brief kiss on the lips, I let him in and close the door behind him. We head into the living room and sit down on the couch, where he opens the magazine I was flipping through just before and starts flipping through it smiling, while I sit next to him and wrap my arm around his shoulders, while I in turn look at the pictures on those pages.
"You're really into fetish stuff," he observes as he turns the pages.
"You should know by now, we've known each other for a while and you've also tried these things with me" I point out, while we look at a picture of a woman in lingerie and hold-ups on one of the pages, who, lying down, has her legs crossed at ankle level and shows the soles of her feet sheathed in nylon, with a provocative expression painted on her face.
The contact between our bodies and the soft murmur of her breath make me dizzy and I realize the same thing is happening to him.
"Do you want to try them again?" I whisper in his ear, while with one hand I remove the magazine from under his eyes and set it to one side.
At that point I take him by the hand and we go to the bedroom, where I lie down on the mattress."

I'm in the bedroom alone, my fantasy is just a fantasy and I don't have a boyfriend. I want to develop it all the way though. So I lie down on the bed after taking a vibrator and some lube and start touching myself gently, as if the guy I imagine I have is touching me.

"He lies down next to me, I've settled on my side and the hem of my dress has stayed up slightly, you can see the lace on one of the stockings. He puts his hand right there as we kiss on the lips and I put mine behind his back as if to embrace him. After the kiss he tells me that I am beautiful, that he likes me, his low tone of voice stuns me even more. I tell him that he is beautiful too and I like him, that the contact with him and his attention makes me feel female, makes me feel special. A little later we are lying down, him on top of me and we continue to kiss and touch each other. He tells me he loves me and I reciprocate, in between kisses. That way it's more beautiful, when in addition to attraction there are also feelings that bind two people".

I lift my dress and move my panties, I begin to stimulate myself slowly savoring my fantasy. I slip off my shoes and imagine my he starts playing with my veiled feet.

"I help him undress, he stays on the bed kneeling between my open legs and I bring one foot closer to his face. He begins to gently kiss my toes, and then slip off my shoe and continue with the sole and heel, while I slip off my other shoe and with the instep I grope him there in between, feeling his member rise up under his underwear.
"Do you want me to stimulate you with my feet?" I ask him.
Without answering, he pulls down his panties and sits for a brief moment to slip them off, then returns to his former position and I rest the soles of my feet around his member and he helps me up and down to stimulate him by resting his hands on my feet.
"You have really nice feet, they are like a woman's."

I wear size 9 shoes and yes, I think I have nice feet even if not as nice as a woman's.
I imagine him continuing to kiss my feet after I stimulate him, I lift my legs open as if, in front of me on the bed, there is the boy I dream of kissing them.

"We stop for a moment, time to take off my panties and resume: now he's holding my legs up and open, he's put on a condom and is about to penetrate me."

I take the vibrator, lubricate it and, little by little, slide it inside me and turn it on.

"My boyfriend gently penetrates me, continuing to hold my legs open and I ask him to kiss my feet as he takes me. This time, as he goes in and out of me, he uses the tip of his tongue on the soles of my feet and lets me gently insert the toes of first one foot and then the other into his mouth."

I slide the vibrator in and out, imagining myself being penetrated. I feel my sex harden and resume stimulating myself. I turn around sheepishly, imagining him wanting to do it in that position as well.

"Come on, turn around," he tells me at one point.
I turn around with my back to him, gently he enters again and rests his body on my back. While we do this he has his head resting on my shoulder, we touch tongues as he continues to move inside me and I stimulate myself."

I am very aroused, I can feel myself coming. I lay back down on my stomach.

"I'm going to cum baby" I whisper to him.
He gets me back on my stomach and I start stimulating myself again. He is back on his knees between my open legs.
"I want to cum in your mouth" I tell him, straining to resist.
He puts his head between my legs and takes it in my mouth, I moan as I stimulate myself harder and squirt a nice warm stream between his lips."

I'm on the bed, up on my butt, I've bent my legs so I can cum on my feet.

"Come on you too," I tell him as he gets back on his knees.
"Where do you want it?" he asks me, stimulating himself with more energy.
I lie on my stomach and raise the soles of my veiled feet under his member to show him where I want to receive the squirt. Soon after I feel myself being bathed by his hot spray through the nylon lining my feet and legs."

At the height of my fantasy I stimulate myself to the point of cumming on myself, on the hollow of my feet and the semen drips and barely goes to wet the soles as well. Then the moment of tenderness, the kiss after sex.

"Finally he lies down next to me and we look at each other smiling. We lie on our stomachs and kiss on the lips, enjoying the taste of my seed together."

I gather with my fingers a little of my seed from the hollow of my left foot and I bring it to my lips, I close my eyes while I savor it as if it were a food or a delicious drink before sending it down.
Once my fantasy is over I settle back down, sit down in front of the computer and enter a69 to write this story, based on some of my fantasies, to tell something about myself. :* :* :* :*

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