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That night I slept in his room.
I was very tired, we were both very tired, but despite this I could hardly fall asleep.
Giacomo was really good at fucking and his way of being authoritarian, pig, Master, made all my sluttyness come out.
Under the decisive strokes of his cock I felt really possessed, very slutty, he made my blood boil.
I could still feel my anal pussy aching, numb, open, it almost felt like air was entering me. A very pleasant feeling despite some burning.

Giacomo, exhausted, fell asleep almost immediately, on his stomach, naked, beautiful, with one arm bent over his head that showed off the beautiful hair of his armpit.
Enraptured, I brought my face closer to smell his perfume and, being careful not to wake him up, I gently caressed his hairy chest with one hand until I reached his beautiful cock.
I don't know how or when, but eventually I fell asleep in that position with one hand on his belly. More than sleep it was a drowsiness, I was a bit agitated, every now and then I opened my eyes and it took me a few seconds to understand where I was.
At a certain moment I felt a little discomfort in my little hole, I opened my eyes and, staying still, I noticed that Giacomo bent over me was introducing the plug in my anal pussy, so I arched my pelvis a little to facilitate the introduction. He, to make sure it was properly lodged in my channel, rotated it clockwise a couple of times and, patting my ass, whispered in my ear:
"Bitch, I told you that you must always keep it in your ass, whenever you can, even when you are asleep, however I see that you continue not to obey my orders. Good. Know that you will suffer a punishment for this. Now go back to sleep bitch.
I remained still as I was, tired but happy of his attention towards me.
It was now dawn and that day we had the return flight to Naples at 14 but first we had a meeting in the office for the closure of work, so I got up quickly and went back to my room to prepare and arrange my luggage.
Meanwhile Giacomo was still sleeping.
In the office the morning passed normally and then we left.
We arrived at the airport an hour before departure but, as often happens, the plane would be delayed for another hour, so while waiting we stopped at the bar to eat a sandwich and have a coffee.
Giulio and Giacomo were still eating their sandwiches, I had already finished so I got up to go to the bathroom to freshen up my face.
As I opened the bathroom door I realized that Giacomo had gotten up and was coming in my direction.
Knowing him well, I thought of one of his, I don't know why but I thought he was coming to me for me and I was a little worried, I could expect anything from him and I was afraid of making a spectacle of myself in the bathroom.
At that instant a light bulb went on in my head.
"Oh my God...the plug!"
I remembered at that moment that I hadn't worn it that morning, it was in my backpack that I fortunately had with me so I hurried over, went into the bathroom and, very quickly I stuck it in my little hole.
It was just as I had imagined. Giacomo was waiting for me, he was there by the sinks pretending to fix his tie.
He looked at me with a dark, serious, almost pissed off look. He took me with one arm and pushed me into the bathroom from which I had just left. Fortunately we were alone at that moment.
He blocked me with his arm from behind and in one ear he said "did you put the plug slut?"
"Of course Master, I did as you said, I always wear it, I put it on this morning" of course I hoped he believed me. Then he stuck his hand down my pants to make sure I wasn't talking nonsense to him and said "Good, that's my obedient bitch, you have to keep it on whenever you can and now you can"
With that thing in my ass it wasn't easy for me to move normally, in private it was different because I could hips and be a slut but in public it was absolutely not easy to walk and pretend nothing was happening.
Fortunately it was time to leave, we were boarding and at least for a few hours I could sit.
In the plane I had taken a seat near the window and Giacomo was next to me while Giulio was in the front row.
The bastard looked at me with his usual little smile that meant so many things. He was happy, satisfied with me and my obedience. He was happy to see me clumsy with the plug stuck in my ass.
With extreme ease he rested a hand on my thigh and massaged me in a manly but affectionate almost way.
He was like that, totally asshole and bastard but equal very caring towards me. It was a way of letting me know that I now belonged to him but also that he cared about me and so it was a way of reassuring me.
Sitting down, my ass had adapted to the presence of the plug and it almost became pleasant to keep it inside so much so that at times I moved my pelvis to feel it better.
Giacomo looked at me and smiled, as if he had the power to read my thoughts, approaching me he whispered "Slut, tell the truth, you like it eh?"
I smiled and turned to look at the clouds outside the window because in the meantime we were already in the air.
I slept the whole time.
When we arrived in Naples, Giulio said a quick goodbye and hurried out of the airport because his wife was there to pick him up.
It was just me and Giacomo.
He had his car in the parking lot so I asked him for a ride to the station to catch the subway, I wanted to get home as soon as possible.
Giacomo insisted on driving me home himself.
During the ride he became very serious and began to talk about what he expected from me, what was the role of a slave, how I should behave with him and what the rules were.
He told me that our relationship should not in any way affect our respective private lives and therefore, being Friday, we would not see or hear from each other until Monday.
At the office he would put down on paper everything I needed to know and do and give me the document.
In the meantime he had been driving for a while but I noticed that it was not the road we usually took and I could not understand why.
Giacomo at one point took a country road and told me that he was taking me to the place that would become our fixed meeting point.
It was a house that he used to bring sluts like me or to watch the game with friends or to relax. In short, it was a place that not even his wife knew existed.
The house was located in an isolated area in the countryside and was owned by a friend who had moved to South America a few years ago. He had entrusted it to him to use whenever he wanted and to take care of its maintenance.
Only when we arrived at the place he remembered he didn't have the keys with him. He got out of the car and punched the roof and began to curse badly, to be honest I was a little scared because I had never seen him like that and honestly I did not understand the reason for his exaggerated reaction.
He calmed down and told me that I would see her at our next meeting, so we got back in the car and we left.
There was silence for a few minutes, then unexpectedly she took my hand and brought it to her cock.
"Bitch, massage my cock...feel how hard it is? It's all yours" as he unbuckled the waistband of his pants, unzipped the zipper and kicked it out.
"Come on slut, take it in your mouth, suck it...I can't wait until Monday to fuck you, come on get my dick ready we're going to stop in a while and I want to fuck your anal pussy."
Mmmmm. What a hard cock he had.
He held the steering wheel with one hand while with the other he gave me the rhythm to blow him.
At one point he stopped under an overpass on a freeway.
"Get down bitch, your Master will give you the prize".
Yes I thought, that's what I wanted, the plug in the ass had excited me so much and now I wanted a real cock, big and hard.
Hastily Giacomo made me get out of the car, opened the back door and made me put my head on the seat at 90 degrees.
I dropped my pants and did as he said.
"Brava slut, I see you're keeping the plug tight in your ass, ahahahahah, you like it a lot I see" and in saying this he took it out in one go, put the head on my little hole that by now was enlarged by the presence of the plug and slipped his cock all the way inside up to my balls.
I felt his cock slide in without any problem, opening my ass that had become very welcoming thanks to the plug.
Giacomo was too excited, he fucked me hard with a fast rhythm, his cock was completely inside me, I could feel his balls banging against my ass, every now and then he would stop and he would hit me with dry, strong, precise strokes. Then he would continue quickly. It was a pleasure to be fucked like that. "Bitch do you like your master's cock?" he would say to me.
And I, whose anal pussy was on fire, was already wet, "Yes Master, please fuck me again. I am your bitch, your slut, your slave."
He in a broken voice
"Good bitch, here slut, take all the cum of your Master" and he filled my ass that had become a cave.
I was destroyed, I turned slowly to compose myself but he put his hand on my shoulder pushing me down, he wanted me on my knees, he took my head and rubbed his cock on my face. With my mouth I cleaned his cock from the few drops of cum left, I lifted his boxers and fastened his pants.
I also put myself back in place. We got back into the car and he drove me home.
On the way I thanked him for making me enjoy it like a bitch.
He replied "that's nothing bitch, you don't know what's coming next".
When we got home we said goodbye as colleagues.
"See you Monday."

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