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We had spoken on the phone a couple of times, our contact had been a mutual friend, it had been a few simple conversations, but immediately confidential.
No photo, except the one that our intermediary had shown us before we exchanged the number, let's say more out of practice than out of curiosity, both of us were of the idea of having to look into each other's eyes to understand...
We met at a bar, quiet situation, cozy atmosphere.
I was already there when she arrived in the company of her husband, what is usually defined as a beautiful couple, of a beauty that does not arouse particular attention, but which as a whole conveys understanding and complicity.
Obviously after the first few moments I dwell on her: beautiful in her ways, sensual but not vulgar, skillfully cared for, but above all sunny and smiling, and then ... as soon as she approaches I perceive a delicious sweet scent of vanilla.
These few details were enough to make me feel at ease, and even if I can't say what she noticed about me on impact, I can say with certainty that she had the same reaction.
Her husband, after a moment of due introduction and handshake, with the excuse of having left something in the car, left us alone, I saw him again only later from the car and with a greeting from afar... as we agreed our meeting should have been all feminine, and so it was.
We were alone, we stared at each other for a few seconds, so silent, we looked at each other, or rather we looked at each other, not so much the body, but the hands, the lips, the eyes...
Probably at that moment both of us would have got up and run away, perhaps even taken refuge in the bathroom of the same bar, so much the desire to kiss and touch each other, but soothed our souls, we broke the silence and with a smile, we decided to order a good glass of wine.
Time passed quickly, between stories of experiences and fantasies, our adventures had been very similar and so were our desires, we didn't say it clearly, but you realize it when you have in front of you someone who is looking for the same things as you.
On the phone we talked about the classic cognitive meeting, but I had a free house and the desire was not missing for either of us, certainly we would have seen each other again if we had said goodbye at that time, but coming home so excited, knowing that she was too, at least as much as me, I was not really down...
that mix of sensations: curiosity, intrigue, surprise and desire.
would not be recreated at a second meeting, we would have already been prepared for the idea and time most of the time amplifies expectations, ruining the taste of sweet revelations...
I wanted to see what she'd worn under that little flowery dress, apparently so chaste, but not so chaste that she couldn't see the curves.
The underwear that you choose on your first date is important for a woman, for me it is, it lets you understand what the real intentions are, what you want to see who will look at you ... and also reveals with what hope you prepared for the meeting: was it really just a meeting that led us to unexpected effects, or the desire and desire were dominant from before?
These were thoughts that were going through my head as I finished the last sip of wine... I put forward the proposal, and it seemed that she was waiting for nothing else, all that was left to do was to inform her husband.
With discretion I went away, I took advantage of the bath, I knew or better I felt what I would find between my legs: a lake of moods, a scent that rises up along the body and an intense and sweet taste.
Here it becomes clear how much I am the person who excites me the most: I don't find taste more winking, smell more persuading and body more proactive than when I taste, smell, touch myself...
All caught up, I try to get myself slightly settled, and on the way back to our table, she was still on the phone, I slow down the pace, I don't want to seem intrusive and wait for her to finish the conversation, but inevitably I can't not look at her: she was quiet, rightly explaining the evolution of our knowledge, and in the meantime all she was doing was rubbing her two legs against each other and with one hand gently caressing her breast from above her dress... I could only imagine the pigs she was listening to and how her husband's hidden accomplice was excited on the other side of the phone; it all made me feel more informed.
She takes off, she looks at me, we smile at each other like two schoolgirls ready and excited at their unspeakable prank, let's go. In the car both in their places, we talk about something else, the desire was already a thousand, there was no need to tease each other further.
Arrived at home, as well as for the choice of underwear before leaving, my room was already ready to welcome, the atmosphere was already the right one.
A few moments, brief glances and finally we could free ourselves, we kissed, her hands on my ass, mine on her breast.
We took off our clothes, few and light, both smooth, very smooth, scented like cocoa, lips that tasted like honey, but above all so very wet, and there was no need to put our hands in our panties to feel it, it was enough to touch our thighs, now almost soaked ... we were literally dripping.
Unexpectedly it was she who raised the pitch, she pushed me firmly backwards on the many pillows that I like to keep on the bed, she didn't look at me anymore, she didn't look me in the eyes anymore, and both lowered between my legs.
She stared at my pussy as if she didn't know where to start, but she did!
I thought I could hear 2 or maybe 3 tongues, I couldn't tell the exact point from where she was moving, so delicate was her touch and great was her enjoyment.
I looked at her in the mirror, not all of it, but I could see her body and her head pushing towards me... the more I enjoyed it, the more I sweated, and I admit it at that moment I imagined a big cock to lick and rubbing on my face.
I was dripping and she was licking, but she was licking like you lick an ice cream, she was savoring and swallowing, the bitch was practically drinking from my pussy... but she wasn't just that anymore, my ass was also making itself felt, she was contracting alternately with her pussy, it was all a sea, so much so that without delay she put her hand half in one and half in the other, continuing to push and suck on the clitoris.
With her head completely empty of all thoughts, what was I supposed to be thinking about?
I felt the enjoyment in every part of my body, which gradually freed itself in soft moans and flickering along my legs.
I can't quantify after how much he pulled off her face, stood between my legs, stretched out pushing her breast against mine, felt her pussy rubbing hard against mine, and kissed me. I knew that taste well, she was all made of me, she liked it, and she wanted to feel it and feel it again on my tongue.
We kept rubbing against each other, our hard nipples felt more on our sweaty, shiny skin, our eyes drooling with makeup didn't stop staring at each other while hands against hands, thighs crossed we masturbated each other.
It wasn't sweet anymore, but strong, intense, animalistic with hard knocks, and the only way to hold back the screams was mouth to mouth.
It sounded like a train, no matter how fast it went, I never thought a woman could break me like that... with men it had happened to me many times, but with women it had always been much more delicate, never so decisive.
But she understood it... she understood that we liked it the same way, riding horses always like it strong!
And she didn't stop, that's all... she held me and slammed me, licked me on the neck, and again she brought me to orgasm, but this time she made me totally explode between the screams and the tremors.
She was almost more satisfied than me, she lay down beside me, and continued to caress me between my back and my breast, we moved away, to recover our breath, but we never completely broke contact, the flow of our heat did not stop.
I turned towards the bedside table... a moment of reflection, I had found the way I wanted to make her come.
I turned her back, she was completely relaxed, she didn't notice that I had armed myself with my intimate failed game, with my hand against her pussy I made her bend doggy style, I lowered myself and licked her all the way, until I stuck my tongue completely into her secondary hole... even if as satisfying and spacious as the main entrance!
She couldn't help but push her ass against my face, in the meantime she was masturbating and you could see that she wanted a lot of cock, and here I was ready with the "little thing": she felt it, slowed down for two seconds, happily resumed and pushed... eh yes, that's what she wanted, mummy and how she wanted it, I initially slow and delicate, but she took over and alone she pushed it more and more inside!
Then I understood: I made her turn on her back, without moving the vibrator from her ass, I opened her legs by leaning them on my shoulders and with two fingers in her pussy and her mouth close to her mount of Venus, I licked and pushed, I licked and pushed feeling her tighten and arrive 2 or maybe 3 times in a row ... what a mess!
Completely exhausted, but still excited, we detached ourselves, not before another kiss that once again allowed us to exchange all those flavors, now indistinguishable.
There was a moment of slight embarrassment, what from the beginning the excitement had overwhelmed and hidden, we pretended to be calmly dressed, she went back into that mysterious flowery dress, I put on a comfortable robe from home.
Waiting for her husband to come and fetch her, we sat down satisfied in the living room, without realizing it we were close again, and still very upset and visually excited, with a light hand we stretched each other's legs, it was so ... the desire had not passed at all!
The husband rings and our fingers stop, he still licks me on the neck, he certainly did it to have my taste fresh to be tasted by those who were waiting for her.

Poke Bella

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