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Nutaku is back with a brand-new free-to-play game called Ketto Majiku according to a press release from the adult digital games distributor. Ketto Majiku consisting of numerous episodes and hours of exploration infused with mesmerizing gameplay. As you battle through the dungeons you can acquire new loot to outfit your character, encounter new hotties and bang them while you get stronger. The game is a mixture of role-playing and visual novel storytelling. This means you’ll charm and bed muscled warrior chicks, shy village girls, monster girls, princesses, killers, and even other futas.


This amazing hentai games, is a lovely little title that combines tactical RPG turn-based battles with visual novel-esque story elements into a neat little fantasy package. Players take on the role of a mage in the service of a witch who is trying to become the greatest sorcerer the land has ever seen. exploring a world map with entrances to different dungeons and other points of interest. Occasionally, you’ll come across a bit of story that you can read through, supplemented by well-drawn art. As the story progresses, you’ll be awarded items like potions and weapons that you can make use of throughout the game. Start your quest as a humble acolyte, entering the service of an enigmatic sorceress, aspiring to become a skilled sexmage. A sexmage is characterized as a wizard who gains power partly through sexual encounters and by defeating other sexmage wizards. The mysterious sorceress accepts you as an apprentice, and sets you on a mission to gather 20 runes of sex magic. During your journey, you face numerous obstacles and lusty adversaries. The battles against angry Dark Elves, powerful Demons, and seductive vampires. Acquire the precious runes by winning magic duels in order to become the most renowned sexmage that ever lived!!

• Free-to-Play adventure RPG about magic, witchcraft and sex
• Turn-based strategic combat
• Rich world with lots of encounters and loot
• Dungeon crawling
• Tons of items, spells and effects

Modern Chrome or Safari.
IE 11 Not Supported.
More than 2GB of RAM available.
Modern GPU with more than 256MB of VRAM.

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