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    Merge Nymphs - Nutaku

    There's nothing in this world like the smell of a new adult game in the morning. It gets especially interesting when you read the word "Nymph" in the title. The feeling that it awakens is complex. The mere notion of the word invokes ancient concepts of the world, filled with magic and mystery...
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    Girls Garrison - Nutaku

    New amazing hentai games free-to-play game titled Girls Garrison has gone live alongside the release of their match 3 dating sim 7 Angels. Girls Garrison is a tower defense game with some interesting medieval dating sim mechanics mixed in. In Girls Garrison, the kingdom is under threat from the...
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    Ketto Majiku - Nutaku

    Nutaku is back with a brand-new free-to-play game called Ketto Majiku according to a press release from the adult digital games distributor. Ketto Majiku consisting of numerous episodes and hours of exploration infused with mesmerizing gameplay. As you battle through the dungeons you can acquire...
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    Girls Garrison - Nutaku

    MONTREAL – February 20, 2019 – The 18+ online gaming platform,, is excited to announce the launch of a new fantasy erotica-themed game girls garrison. In Girls Garrison TD, the kingdom is under threat from the Dread Overlord. His numerous minions are all set to pillage the land, and...
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    Cosmic Shock League - Nutaku

    Command your gorgeous Cosmic Shock Girls to show you what they’ve got on and off the battleground. Nutaku has a brand spanking new (emphasis on spanking) match 3 game called Cosmic Shock League according to a press release from the adult-oriented digital distributor. Cosmic Shock League has...
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    Senshis' Revenge - Nutaku

    Senshi’s Revenge is the newest free-to-play title that’s now available on the adult-oriented digital game storefront Nutaku. The addition of this game brings even more for people to play on a platform that already has hundreds of adult hentai games. Furthermore, Nutaku Gold is on sale for a...
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    Booty Farm - Nutaku

    Booty Farm, a free best hentai games farming simulator. Released on Nutaku on December 2018. Available for PC internet browsers, and Android smartphones. No voice acting. There’s something deeply satisfying about running your own farm with your own animals and crops. Contrasted with city life...
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    Dragon Providence - Nutaku

    In this hentai games, you collect cards which contain magical creatures called Arcanas. Those Arcanas are based of mythological figures from all around the globe. The Mistress of the Otherworld Scathath, the terrifying sea monster Leviathan, the hunger demon Beelzebub and many other figures are...
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    I approached Crystal Maidens without any idea what this famous hentai game was like.I admit I was skeptical, dubious, and doubtful about finding the web-based gacha title created by the indie developer Superhippo on Nutaku [NSFW].This until I noticed that I had literally lost only four...
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    SMUTSTONE - Nutaku

    Playable like a game of Top Trumps or Trading Cards, Smut Stones is a girl on girl battle using cards. Each card has its own character with different attack scores. Choose your deck carefully to ensure that you have the best set of cards to defeat your opponent.It's a mix that will give you...
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    Kamihime PROJECT R - Nutaku

    Kamihime PROJECT R being a fun game made by fun people over in Japan. Certified “very sexy”, Kamihime takes you around its world in a chilled out fashion with a simple battle, all made for lots of spectacle and eye candy.We’re obviously fond of the story, not just the story. Rather, we’re fond...
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