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Sorakana is a gem among dirty hentai games. While offering ays to seduce monster girls that run amock these lands, it also forces you to strategize and truly enjoy the actual gaming.

As the game explains, humanity was attacked by a dark, evil entity called Thanatos, and forced the remnants to live in aerial skyscrapers. The humans enjoyed a short era of peace until they were attacked once more, and a special team of alchemist girls was formed to counterattack. As the game loads up, a chibi lady gives you the ropes, and you get to choose a sexy unit you’ll use on the battlefield. A passionate redhead that summons fire, a turbulent blue-haired vixen that tames water, and many more - the choice is up to you! I favor water, so of course, off I went with the blue-haired angel in the skimpy outfit.
The game plays like your basic JRPG - turn-based combat, special attacks, a narrator that interrupts the gameplay, you name it. The girls attack in harmony and yell in anger, and once the first wave is down, a huge entity appears that gives you a fainting spell. You awaken in the middle of a city in an Alchemy school, and a stunning babe clad in armor greets you and your tiny companion to explain that you have a special power. After waves and waves of battles, you finally get to know why you’re the chosen one. Apparently, your semen can enhance the power of the Alchemists! And the lovely iron-clad babe offers to show you how it’s done.

Sorakana might not be a typical perverted game, but adding the lewd element made it instantly more interesting. The sex scenes are just a picture or two, narrated by the girls begging for more. You won’t get to see any animated action, as can be expected from this simple game. The firs girl gives you a trial of sorts, but the rest of your team needs gifts and persuasion before you get to fill them up with your energy.

Although you’ll have to work for the sex scenes, the gameplay itself should be enough to keep you going. The dialogue is well-written, the animation is good, and having the knowledge that your cum gives the magic girls energy is enough to keep you glued to the screen.

• 25+ Locations to Explore
• 13 Unique Girls to Encounter & 7 Monster Girls to Seduce
• 20+ Uncensored Scenes
• Deep Reaching Exploration & Choice System
• Visual Novel Style Interactions
• No DRM
• Windows, Mac, and Linux

Supported environment: Windows 7 or higher
Supported browsers: Google Chrome ver.22 or higher, Firefox ver.47 or higher, Microsoft Edge ver.32 or higher
Mac version: OSX 10.10 or higher
Supported browsers: Google Chrome ver.22 or higher, Firefox ver.47 or higher
It is not recommended to use other OS and browsers.

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