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Hello everyone, in this period of pause and reflection I decided, rereading the old stories, to reunite in a single block those that actually belong to two separate "novels", namely "The Exchange" and "The Passage". When I published them some time ago many people notified me of the discomfort of reading the chapters one at a time compared to the whole story and here is the reason for my revisitation.
If you haven't read them yet I hope you enjoy them, they represent some of my fictional experiences set in an idyllic and extremely exciting plot. Happy reading!

Plot of "The Passage"
"The story is a continuation of The Passage published previously. Young Federico, the main character, will spend some time of his summer vacation having interesting experiences with his friend Edoardo and other boys, and then make an encounter that will start the famous transgender transition."
Happy reading!

Chapter 1: Autogrill

It had been two years now since Edoardo and I had made love for the first time. A fantastic moment that I would certainly never forget. For the entire month that followed, we met constantly, either in the park or at each other's homes, for escapades. Our love had become unbreakable and it seemed that nothing could separate us. At least before the summer vacations began.
In fact, when school ended, everyone I knew began to leave our small town to move there temporarily, some for weeks and some for the whole summer. The tourist villages were the most popular destinations and even Edoardo could not give up the fun of those places. Obviously I insisted on going with him, but my parents allowed me to "disturb" him and his family only for the first week, in fact even though I was of age they had strongly insisted as that family was not to their liking. All the requests I made were unsuccessful, so I decided to settle anyway, in a week anything could happen. Moreover, that week would have been important for me because it was my 20th birthday.
We left at first light in the middle of June. It was just me and Edoardo, he was driving.
His parents and two brothers were already waiting for us in the village, ready to welcome us.
What separated us was a romantic three-hour trip. We had already been traveling for half an hour, the music pumping and we were singing our favorite songs at the top of our lungs.
At the end of a rather exhaustive one, we interrupted our laughter at the sight of a sign on the highway indicating 5 hours of traffic.
"Nooooooo. What do we do now?"
"We kick the cars in front," I laughed.
"Ahah wish we could" he turned to me and our gazes met. His eyes expressed desire and nothing else. His dark hair had grown and become wavy. A wisp of hair fell unruly across his face. He was beautiful.
From his unbuttoned summer shirt, a nipple was visible. It was hard and rosy. Not controlling myself, I overwhelmed him with my impetuous passion, kissing him first on the neck and then reaching his mouth. My lips rested on his wettest ones and his tongue crossed them to meet mine. It was a fleeting moment because soon after the line of cars moved a few meters and Edoardo had to do the same, leaving the kiss in the middle.
"You made me want you so bad, you little bitch." He'd been calling me that ever since I'd had the body swap with the attractive Denise Melanie and had been through a lot. From those episodes on, my manhood had certainly come undone. So much so that my habit of commanding and possessing during intercourse had faded a great deal. I was now the passive one.
Unable to leave the driving, Edward continued for a while until he reached a car grill. It didn't look great from the outside, but many people had stopped there to break the monotony of the traffic.
We got out hand in hand. By now we had no shame in being seen out and about together. Perhaps it was only with our respective parents that we continued to hide the secret. Insults came from a group of kids on the benches, but we paid no attention. Once in the grill car we ordered and sat down at the table. We started talking about this and that. When breakfast arrived we devoured it greedily. Edward held a croissant aside.
"What do you need it for?" I asked, thinking he had kept it for the trip. He smiled. "Now see. Will you come into the bathroom with me?"
We got up and entered the restroom. We headed to the porta-potties and pulled out both of our members. As I pissed I took a look. He wasn't doing anything, just looking at my cock, his stored in his boxers.
"What is it?"
"Am I mistaken or does your hair not grow back anymore?" I covered myself red with shame. "Hey, look it's nothing to be ashamed of." He said. "Are you taking something for the sex change?"
I found myself confessing what had actually been going on for a few years.
"Actually, I'm trying to be different. You know that psychologist I'm seeing on your advice? There he recommended plastic surgery but in truth I'm still not sure what my intentions are."
He nodded thoughtfully. "I have to tell you that I like you just the way you are, but no doubt I won't be the one to interject myself into your decision. Certainly the body swap with Denise Melanie has helped change something in you. You are different now, and in some ways I like you more." Stupefied I assimilated what he had just said. I would have expected any other reaction less than that.
Meanwhile, without realizing it I had settled my beautifully shaved member into my briefs and had taken to washing my hands normally.
"What are you doing?" Edward asked me laughing, "We're not done yet."
There were still a few people in the public restroom, so he walked out, dragging me with him.
"What are you going to do?" I asked doubtfully.
"Do you see that door over there? It's to a bathroom reserved for staff. I saw earlier that it had a key in the keyhole."
Indeed it did. Edward slipped it out and gently opened the door. No one was inside. "Wait for me here" and returned to the public restroom. Shortly thereafter he materialized along with a sign that read "Fault" in large letters. "With this I really want to see who will disturb us."
We locked the door to the private bathroom. There were still two toilets inside. On the one we entered, Edo attached the fake warning. Then, confident as ever, we stared into each other's eyes. Without saying a word, very slowly Edoardo embraced me inhaling and inhaling my scent mixed with that of the place where we were. In response I touched him and kissed him gently on the neck.
Then he whispered something to me, "Since you want to change sex, you should practice a little, are you up for it?"
"Yes!!!" I exclaimed full of pleasure. I leaned over to his turgid, piss-soaked cock and began licking and sucking it as best I could. Before he could come a noise interrupted us. We heard the turning of a key in the keyhole and soon after a door shut in the toilet next to ours. Not at all concerned, my partner, pulled the croissant still wrapped in a piece of paper from his purse. "This is a present for you, I hope it's tasty" without my expecting it, he planted his cock in it. Some cream overflowed and to keep it from dripping Edoardo pushed my head hard against the filled croissant. I ate all the puff pastry, with its sweet taste mixed with that of my favorite food, his cum. But he wasn't done there. Although he had already come. He sat down on the palette and picked up the broom. He intimated to me to lean against the wall that it would be painful. In fact when the handle of the object dilated my anus I moaned loudly enough to be heard by the gentleman who was now washing his hands and ran away. Then Edward stopped, arousing a sense of disappointment in me. "We better go, that guy will probably call someone because of you." Even more depressed I found myself confirming that his reasoning was true and with my ass busted I returned to the car with him.

Chapter 2: Meeting

When we finally caught a glimpse of the sea, it was time for lunch. In about half an hour we were at the entrance of the tourist village "Cielito Lindo" where Edoardo's family was staying. We both got out of the car and were welcomed by Gloria, his mother. She greeted me and acted as an intermediary to introduce me to the rest of the family gathered in front of the bungalow.
Giacomo was the oldest brother. He was 28 years old and had been working for a long time in his father's workshop. Pietro, instead, was 16 years old and the youngest of the family. His father and his thirty year old sister were missing from the vacation, and they would have joined them as soon as they were free from work.
Gloria gave me an inspection of the cockpit. It was not large in size but small and intimate. There were three bedrooms (one for her and her eldest son who had moved out to make room for me, one for Edoardo and myself, and one for Pietro and his 2 friends from school). Finally, there was a room with a stove and one with a bathroom, including a shower.
Obviously, in order not to give too much work to the mother, we had already said that we would stay in the house just to sleep and eat a few meals.
For the rest we had decided to make do. Since Edoardo was tired from the trip, he excused himself and went to sleep in his bed. Then, so as not to be in the way, I took a tour of the village. Passing along the narrow streets, I realized that the average age was the same as mine, in fact there were few children and there were many attractions for those of my age. Without thinking I found myself at the beach, the sand getting into my sneakers.
Slowly, as if enchanted, I walked towards the sea. Around me there was no one: just me and that rare beauty that reflected the dying light of day. Suddenly, however, the magic vanished, interrupted by an annoyed scream. "What the fuck, look what you did!" A gentleman in a suit had stood up next to me and was quite angry. I only realized at that moment that the beach was still quite crowded although it was approaching evening. Next to the man was a chair and a small table, on which a computer was resting. The wind had blown some sand I had lifted onto the latter, which had now gone haywire.
"Fuck, fuck. I hope I didn't lose all the work. I have an important meeting in 3 days and this ~shaking the computer vigorously~ is vitally important that I be there for that day."
I had so far listened silently, head bowed with no idea how to counter it. "I'm so sorry, I'm sorry.... I didn't pay proper attention to those around me..." "And it shows!" He yelled. I resumed, "Let me help you get the sand off," I looked up and gasped. I couldn't believe who I had run into. It was Andrea, Denise's friend, with whom I had had strap-on intercourse in the body of her girl friend. He couldn't have recognized me because I was back to my old self.
I got a better look at him. He had changed from a couple of years ago. More poised, more confident and above all more authoritative. I remembered that he was in fact the son of a prominent tycoon.
"Excuse me..." I lifted the computer and began polishing it with my shirt.
"Duh. Never mind," he stopped me, with a newfound calm, "I'll turn it over to my staff and see what they can do."
"Let me at least buy you a drink" I insisted, relieved that the PC was no longer my problem.
He sighed and smiled, "Fine, but please call me by my first name; I'm no more than five years older than you. Exactly. I thought, but didn't tell him.
At the beach bar we introduced ourselves, although I didn't need to, but at least that's how I started calling him by his first name, which was Andrea.
"And so you're in charge of part of your father's company." I asked after a long explanation of his life.
"Yes exactly. I have to say that I enjoy it. I'm comfortable between the luxury and the good life."
It was getting late. I didn't know what to do, Andrea was attractive and I didn't want to lose him again. He was the one who broke the delay "Listen, if you want we can meet again tomorrow, in the evening though. I'll drive you to a nice pub I know."
"Yes thank you. That would be perfect, I don't think in an hour or so you've already completely forgiven me."
He laughed, getting up from his chair. "I'd watch my back more often now that you owe me."
With both of us having to leave, we said our goodbyes and made plans to meet the next day.

Chapter 3: A Fantastic Evening

By the time I reached the bungalow where I was staying, I was only missing more than me to start eating. I excused myself and we finally ate dinner. Edoardo asked me what was wrong with me and I answered him with a stupid question.
After dinner, I asked if I could go to sleep a little earlier, and realizing that the trip had upset us a bit, Edo's mother helped me make the bed and said goodbye.
I had been asleep for a few hours when I heard the typical crunching noise of when one lies down on a bed. It was coming from the bunk bed above mine and I realized it was Edoardo. An insane desire mixed with the pleasure of danger enveloped me and I got up. I looked at him with my eyes closed and began to kiss him on the face. When he realized this he suddenly woke up and with a sudden movement he pushed me away. "Are you crazy? You're in danger of getting us caught."
From then on I knew that for Edoardo this would be a vacation and nothing more. I drifted off to sleep.
My vacation was divided as follows: every day I went out to visit monuments and cities with Edoardo and then I left with an excuse in the evening to go to Andrea's place.
We became very close friends, even though I never revealed to him that in a certain sense I already knew him. On Andrea's last night at the resort he offered me dinner at an expensive place on the waterfront. Before saying goodbye forever he gave me his business card telling me that if I needed a summer job he would give it to me as a true friend. Which was perfect for me, in fact my parents had told me that they would only help me out with my college tuition if I also contributed by working.
The day of my birthday also came, and while Edoardo's family organized a small party for me, Andrea worked hard to take me to a nice disco.
When he left, my little holiday became a bore because Edoardo completely forgot about me.
Several times I saw him in the company of an old acquaintance of his that made me very jealous.
Instead, once Andrea left and I was left completely alone, I spent some time on the sports fields of the tourist village. Even though my thin body didn't allow me to play such hard sports, I enjoyed myself together with Edoardo's older brother and his friends. Giacomo had noticed how bored I was lately, so he took pity on me and introduced me to his vacation friends. They were all around twenty-five years old, one of them even thirty, but they seemed to be my age and I was enjoying myself just watching them play silly games of football. Giacomo intrigued me: he always had an eye out for me, yet he would just make jokes like it was nothing. I couldn't tell if he was interested or just enjoying the vacation. One of the last nights, since Edoardo was with his friend and Andrea had left, Giacomo invited me to eat at a beach a few hours by bus from ours and I accepted. I was hoping for something juicy for my hungry ass, but no matter how it would have ended I would have spent a nice evening in company. When we arrived at our destination by bus, our friends divided their tasks very efficiently: who would get the beers, who would order the pizzas, who would occupy the place on the beach that was supposed to be deserted.
As a guest, they told me to go with a boy, Carlo, to the beach and to keep away anyone who had the same idea as us to stay there. Taken by mistrust, however, I made the request to go and order pizzas together with Giacomo and another guy. The request did not arouse any problem and the companion of Giacomo decided to take my place on the beach. I asked Giacomo if it would be better if someone else came with us. He told me, however, that there were six pizzas to order, bringing three each was not all that hard and realizing that I nodded. We separated and after a few minutes we arrived at the pizzeria.

Chapter 4: Giacomo

"Good evening, Vincè. How are you?" Giacomo seemed to be at home and began to tell his story with the pizza chef. I then settled on a chair to watch TV and wait. After a while he asked me what kind of pizza I wanted. "Um, a Burrata please." He nodded, "So that's two burrata, one buffalo, one diavola and two margherite. Deal? As soon as we're ready we'll call you." Giacomo sat down next to me.
I thought it had woken something up in Giacomo my bizarre choice, but nothing. Apparently it was just as I had imagined. He did speak to me after a while though. "Listen I have to go to the bathroom, after the bladder will have to endure gallons of beer, if the pizzas are ready wait for me and tell him to keep them in the oven. I was bewildered. Maybe it was a sign, but not very clear. As soon as the pizza maker entered the bathroom Giacomo called me to tell me the pizzas were ready. So I told him what Edoardo's brother had said and then I decided to enter the bathroom. There were two sinks and two toilets. I knocked on the closed one. "Giacomo, the pizzas have been done for a while I told him to put them in a warm place" I jumped when suddenly the door opened. With a smirk I realized that his "thing" was dangling invitingly. "Slut come and dry it for me first, can't you see it's wet?" he grinned too, so I tried to make him understand that I was under his command and with a scared face I entered the toilet. He closed the door behind me and forced me to my knees. I found his cock in my mouth in no time, his strength was incredible, out of the corner of my eye I noticed the cum on the toilet seat. He had definitely jerked off on me, I thought laughing. "Why are you laughing bitch? Now that you swallow I want to see if you continue to be amused."
Saliva dripped from my chin, his piss taste was little strong, another proof that he hadn't gone to the bathroom to piss. I had hit the jackpot, this was going to be a good night. In the meantime I felt a hot stream in my throat: he had come, as ordered I swallowed everything calmly. Then I stood up and asked him: "How did you find out about me? Even your brother Edoardo doesn't know this secret" I had to completely externalize my relationship with Edoardo, otherwise he would have suspected him too. He smiled and answered: "When you walk you hips, even if you don't show it. In the bungalow I saw you in your underwear and I realized your curves were not entirely masculine. Is that enough?"
I smiled, "Yes... but everything has a cost" I took him by the collar and kissed him tenderly. He kissed me back and at the same time touched my "little tits" that were developing thanks to the few medicines I was taking. "About the money, don't worry..." we broke away and he handed me two cents "...I'll take the full service." I laughed again and thought it was going to be not a good, but a great night.

Chapter 5: Dimitri

With the pizzas we joined the others at the beach and throughout the trip James didn't hold back on groping me whenever he had the chance. His family was already all around a small bonfire of rudimentary workmanship but cute. I was amazed when I noticed a huge camping tent a little farther down the road.
"Where did you find that one?" I winked at my new friend. "This is Carlo's hometown, he lives further inland. Every time we come here his parents bring it to us, it's a custom we've had since we were kids."
"Now I understand why we made this trip to get to a beach that isn't much anyway." I spoke to the void because he, faster than me, had caught up with his friends. In the middle of the circle there were a dozen bottles, someone had already uncorked one.
"Federico, since you're the last to arrive, it's your turn to take the twigs. You can find them from that pile over there." "Alright" I calmly carried out the order and when I returned I realized that Giacomo had told me everything. They had even organized.
"Hey slut" one of them addressed me "Now come with me and let's go get some clothes that will fit you". Without realizing it I found myself on the sidewalk following that stranger, I could hear the laughter in the background but I knew I had to keep calm because I could have fun and take advantage of that crazy night.
I walked into a women's store downtown, my date had given me some money and instructions on what to buy, but he was waiting for me outside. Then not at all intimidated by the reactions of the saleswomen I found my outfit and put it on. The total balance was more than the budget but in my mind I had an idea on how to increase it.
When I came out of the store I was "all Black": 12" heels welcomed my size 40 feet and my legs, beautifully shaved and wrapped in very sensual tights. I was wearing a little black dress with a mini-skirt and a beautiful U-shaped neckline. Under the suggestion of an expert saleswoman, I had bought a gold padded bra, which squeezed my small protuberances giving the feeling of an abundant third. Finally a black silk shoulder cover completed the work, accompanied by pendants with gold magnets and a pendant of the same color that ended in the neckline.
I also bought the purple lipstick that they had forgotten to commission me. In the mirror I noticed that my ass was in evidence and my curves were finally free to express themselves. Before leaving I performed some sexy poses to the delight of the followers of my second Instagram account called fede_love.
My date's gaze revealed his lust for me for a moment, but he immediately hid it with apparent anger. "How long did it take you? You were half an hour in there. Now come on, they've already phoned me and said they're waiting for us."
In fact, time had passed without me noticing, the store had just opened and it was time for dinner, there were few people and all the sales clerks had been at my side to prepare me as best they could. How was I going to notice how much time had passed? I had had such a good time, probably because I would never go back to that city, that I had forgotten what was waiting for me. At Giacomo's request I had also bought a tiger bikini that I kept in my leather handbag that I had paid only 20 euros for. In it there were also my men's clothes for the next day.
Halfway there I decided to start my plan. My resonant walk stopped and I sat down on a small wall overlooking a private beach. I faked a pain from my heels, then my date took his eyes off my round ass and walked over. "What is it now?" he was annoyed, but he would be in a whole different mood before long. I was fumbling with my shoe when I looked up and asked him his name, paying close attention to his cleavage. "Dimitri."
So I straightened up on the spot and sensually asked him, "So... Dimitri." my unfortunately unmanicured fingers caressed his chest and began unbuttoning his polo shirt "You don't want to pass up the chance to catch me nice and ripe do you? Come on, man to man, whatever happens tonight I'm going to give myself in a special way to your boss, to James. You know that too, right?"
I looked down, I had finished unbuttoning his shirt and automatically my hands went to the flap of his pants. He looked conflicted, but let go when my cool hands touched his already throbbing member. "Oh, what the hell. Let's make it quick though, they're waiting for us."
"Alright, but I need some cash to give it my all," I smiled. He had dragged me into an alley. By now he was in it up to his neck and accepted without question. When he pulled out his wallet I mischievously pulled out a fifty. "Hey, bitch, that's not too much!"
I calmly pocketed it and pulled out his cock. I swallowed it paying attention to the lipstick. I went up and down calmly and rhythmically, but it almost felt like he wasn't turned on enough yet. Then I stood up holding his member with one hand. Segmenting it, I kissed him on his big but not at all muscular pecs. Then I lowered my stockings, pulled up my skirt and with it my leg. Dimitri became frantic. He took me hard and spitting two or three times on his cock entered me. To stay standing I leaned on a dumpster, but his blows were too powerful, I was out of breath, also the support on the ground was maintained by a single heel that I was afraid would break. So I took advantage of a break and lay down on the dumpster, my feet on the ground and my ass toward him.
I also began to make increasingly loud screams of pleasure, hoping he would get turned on faster. In fact, after five minutes of me assuming that position, he called out to me and as I turned around I received his wonderful seed in my slutty mouth.
Now, five minutes may not seem like much, but for those who experience it first hand it becomes endless. That bastard, however, had been able to make the most of the 50 euros he had spent on me.

Chapter 6: Gennaro and Roberto

We started walking again, he looked serious and I was busy brushing my lipstick. Apparently nothing had happened, but the others would find out as soon as they saw my little red ass. Better that way, one less to bear.
Once at the "base" they greeted me with whistles of approval. I sat down among them to eat and drink, some of them asked me throughout dinner how I could hide such pretty little tits. Dimitri in the meantime had remained on the sidelines, I realized that Giacomo had taken him back for taking so long, and now he was down in the dumps. Fuck him, I thought.
Yeah, because now I had my own cocks to think about. There were five of them, excluding Dimitri: Giacomo (my young Edoardo), Carlo (the owner of the tent), Gennaro (a Neapolitan with an excellent physique), Roberto (he must have been a real geek but he was the oldest of the company) and finally Kevin (he was from the same town as Giacomo and had something mysterious about him).
At a certain point Gennaro spoke: "I propose to name this evening after Federico..." he was half numb from alcohol "... or rather Federica." I smiled and lifted my beer as a sign of thanks. "My love will you dance with me?" without a shadow of a doubt alluded to the bed. My time had come and I couldn't wait to enjoy it like I hadn't in days. "I'm in! Here's to cock!" I shouted. "To pussy! And to you, who are nothing but a beautiful pussy to us!" hymned James. I winked at him before Gennaro dragged me into the tent.
Giacomo shouted: "Wait! Bring Roberto too, we have to deflower him properly with a slut like Federica."
Roberto, without repeating himself, followed us. It must have been 23, I had drunk a little but in any case the hangover would pass in time for the main course of the evening: Giacomo. The tent was cozy, there were two rooms with three mattresses each and plenty of blankets and sheets. For me these were important details, it meant that Carlo's parents were caring and would come the next morning to help us pick up. So I had to fall asleep already in my clothes.
All three of us went into a compartment where the mattresses were attached like a huge double bed. Gennaro, who was still holding my hand, threw me down on the mattresses and told me to beg him. Then I began to pretend to whimper and worship both him and Roberto, who was at his side with a conspicuous erection. "If the bosses at the end of my work want to evaluate it with a small tip then I would work even harder" I asked with all humility. "Of course" Gennaro growled, but he didn't put his hand to his wallet, instead he dropped his pants and boxers. His clumsy companion gasped and was immediately taken back: "So do you want to learn or not? Undress yourself, clumsy man, we're going to drill him."
I had grown fond of the clothes I had on, for the first time I had felt as safe as ever to buy them in men's cloths, so I too hurriedly took them off and stored them in a safe corner.
I was alone in my underwear and lying on my back when Gennaro let himself fall on the bed. The mattress jerked up, giving me a slight sense of nausea. But he didn't seem to have any apprehension towards my nausea. As I imagined, his was a sculpted physique, a good example for Roberto who had few muscles and several hairs. With his hands he kept me lying down, while with his mouth he began to descend towards my fake breasts. As I was able to see in the end, he never sought direct contact with my mouth, perhaps because he was convinced heterosexual. He groped me long and overbearingly, so much that a woman would have been upset, but I felt only pleasure I did not want him to stop. When he reached my anus with his mouth, my dick was aroused in a nice but not impressive erection. Then on my own initiative I took Roberto who seemed to be with his hands in his hands, and I directed him towards homosexuality, making him swallow my cock. Not at all displeased the two continued until Roberto came to claim his share. He climbed on my chest and I began to suck noisily on his hairy cock. My B side meanwhile was violated by Gennaro, my legs twisted around him and in this position they both came in my body. Gennaro left immediately, but before Roberto left I gave him a lick on his ass that made him enjoy himself on my face.
Alone in that tent for about ten minutes, I settled down and looked at the time: 23.30. They had made it fast, however they hadn't left me any notes.

Chapter 7: Carlo and Kevin

I was ready for the second wave, but apparently they wanted me in the water. The time had come to use the expensive bikini I had bought with their money. I undressed and left only the jewelry and lipstick to adorn my slim male body. In the tent there was a different warmth also because we had just had a sexual intercourse with a double expenditure of energy, yet I had the feeling that outside the temperature was quite different. Unfortunately I didn't have any woman's overcoat or anything that could make my handsome men who were waiting even more horny, but I thought of something and I must say that I found the most erotic solution. I put on the shirt that was at least two sizes larger than my Gennaro's that he had left as a souvenir and went out. I looked like the lover who in the movies woke up after a night of fire with the male's shirt as a souvenir. Since it was very long, I tied it in a knot, leaving my navel exposed and enlarging the prominence of my tits. Effectively the temperature was very low, I could barely hold on with my shirt on, but at least I was a pretty sight. I was sure my pendants reflected the dying light of the bonfire, I had purposely left my shirt unbuttoned at chest level so that my breasts would be the center of attention. Walking barefoot, I arrived at the bonfire. I sat between Kevin and Carlo, in front of me Giacomo who was smoking a cigarette quietly. We caressed each other for a long time, each studying the body of his own target (in my case targets), and I noticed that Carlo must have been the usual daddy's boy: designer clothes, well-groomed hands, shaved in some places and he also seemed very insecure. He had a bulge easy to predict, about 16 centimeters, normal in short.
When I began to know Kevin better, however, I realized that he was a very unique man. He was massive but not fat, his muscles were poorly defined but present, he had shaved his chest and probably also his groin just for the summer, his hands were rough, a sign that he worked a lot manually.
I hoped that my predictions were right and that once the son of a father came quickly I would enjoy the other tomboy. It was the latter who interrupted a period of study that had lasted far too long. He lifted me up in his arms and, exchanging jokes with me and his friends, we went into the water, where he threw me in lightly. I realized that I was laughing too, a series of screams stopped my laughter because the water was really cold. I jumped down from Kevin and hugged him. He ripped my shirt off me apologizing to the rightful owner who was probably enjoying the show in the heat from the shore. Then laughing Kevin pushed me and I stumbled going to end up completely underwater. When I surfaced I only saw Carlo more, I was almost forgetting about him, now he was with the bulge two inches from my mouth. On all fours I took him by force and sucked him badly. At which he screamed begging me to pull away. "Suck the bitch hard," Kevin said behind me. Then he took me with force from behind, his penis pressed against the fabric of the culotte, he was completely naked. He made me kneel down and I turned towards his cock, soon after Carlo came. Then I took a big breath of air and began my first underwater blowjob. I was being more of a bastard to Carlo, pressing his balls and giving him more favors. When I had already taken my breath several times and several times I had dived to take their mood, I noticed in Charles a failure. So I moved him so that I had his cock out of the water and I shot him a Spanish that had to be really memorable: his glans was wedged in my bra, lapped my tits and came into my mouth. And it was in his mouth where he thanked me profusely. I swallowed my fourth seed of the evening with pleasure, apparently the urge hadn't gone away yet. I stood up and waited for Kevin. "Love I'm feeling really dirty, now I have a tremendous desire for you, for your body. Come" I tried to intimidate him with the malice of a predator, he came to me moving the water around. His dick came to light. Oh shit, I thought. I had sucked him a short time before but the eagerness had made me perceive something that did not reflect reality. It was a good ten-inch cock that was befitting of a black man to say the least. This meant that I had swallowed just half of it and the rest I had to expect in the ass, or rather in the intestines. When he came to me, he kissed my neck passionately, took a big breath and lifted me up to the height of his pelvis. Always silently he pulled off my panties, which he rolled up and threw to Carlo not far away intent on cleaning himself completely from the orgasm. This of what I was told later because in the meantime I was intent on contemplating the hormone a few inches from me. My arms reached out to encircle his neck and found a lanyard, I gripped the pendant until I found a shark tooth at one end. "You're strong man," I whispered, leaning into one of his ears. "I want your rod all the way in, I want to feel love pulsing through my body. I need meat," I whispered to him again. This time I was the assailant, I realized I was looking at a unique specimen. In fact cocks like that I had read happened once, maximum twice in a lifetime, because finding them in a European was rare, let alone if the European in question was also cool and sexy.
With a chilling smile he grumbled in reply. He was my fantastic animal. Then I heard him knocking, at first shyly, then more and more angrily, until I said "come in!" and expanded the muscles of my anus as much as I could. His snake entered. I closed my eyes hoping that nothing would break in there and helped the entry by going down with my pelvis. My legs clung even tighter to the ass of my little devil, waiting for the fuck, which came more explosive than ever at the moment I least expected it. I screamed then as I had never screamed before. The pain was sharp, my love for cock could not hide the pain, so I found myself screaming like a sissy with every plunging, up and down. Fortunately, the sea around us served as a lubricant: it came in to fill the place left empty by his cock when he charged the bugger, then faded the stroke during the act.
Kevin never came, not to my knowledge. I was pulled away from him by his friends, probably annoyed by my high-pitched screams that might wake someone up. At the moment that his shaft was extracted and completely absorbed by my ass, I felt the void left and as a reaction I grabbed his cock with my hand throwing it back in my ass, in spite of those who had pulled me away from him. When I finally opened my eyes I looked him straight in the face and kissed him before they put me down and I felt the ugly feeling of emptiness again. He turned around and went back to the bonfire, the marks of my nails on his back.
In the meantime I realized that Giacomo was talking to me. I was a bit groggy, so I only heard the end of his speech. "...otherwise we'll end up here, you can't let us find out because you're screaming like a sissy, okay?" he had his hands on my shoulders and must have also shaken me vigorously. He handed me my panties and I got out of the sea with him. I finally took the floor. "Okay I'm here. I've recovered, first I have to finish a job" without waiting for an answer I walked quickly towards Kevin, who was lying down looking at the stars. I pulled down his pants without resistance and started licking first his shaft and then his head. The whole time he let me do as if nothing had happened, I felt the eyes of all pointed at me but I continued, because it had become a matter of honor. After about twenty minutes of moistening his rod (crazy!), Kevin finally began to stir. "Do you mind if I swallow, I'm keeping the record straight, so far I've swallowed everyone's cum." I told him.
"Sure slut, please go, take it in your mouthah!" then I rested it on my tongue until his copious stream came out all over. I even had splashes on my back, it's true that such an experience happens very rarely in life. Once again I missed that stratospheric cock when I stood up leaving him panting on the ground. I had conquered another man, now I was going to claim my prize: a night of love with the object of my desires of that family vacation.

Chapter 8: Night With James

While with the others it had been more of a challenge between me and myself, I now felt more submissive to Giacomo's influence. He certainly had the nicest face in the company, his cock was inferior only to Kevin however he was better in terms of looks. In fact when I had taken him in my mouth only a short time before at the pizzeria I had noticed that he was able to attract anyone who looked at him. A not insignificant feature because from experience I can say that some have a completely different feature, capable of taking away your libido.
I stood and looked around. Giacomo was looking at me from the other side of the small extinguishing bonfire. He had a smug and very sexy look on his face and stood up when he saw me shivering from the cold. I was still in my bikini. I looked at the time and realized that I had brought my woman's watch to the bath, forgetting to put it down. In the meantime I focused on the time: it was twenty to two. Excluding the preparation and caresses around the fire I had given Carlo about twenty minutes, while the stallion about an hour.
Giacomo approached me and welcomed me in a big brother hug that I never had. His goal was to infuse me with warmth and he was succeeding, I snuggled into his arms and closed my eyes.
After a short time I whispered to him, "Before we get started...I wanted to ask you a favor..." he looked at me and smiled, "any money by any chance?"
A not at all masculine little cry escaped my mouth, "Come on, not you, you've been too kind."
"Ah I get it leave it to me. Tomorrow I'll make you find what you're owed in your backpack." I reminded him that my backpack was far too full, it already had to contain my bare necessities, my leather bag, and my entire feminine repertoire from that evening. So I begged him not to leave me any change, as I would have been tired, so to speak, in vain. Instead, I would have liked some scented banknotes to pay for the expenses of camping with his family. When everything was resolved he asked me a favor. First of all we moved away from the others around the fire, to a more isolated place near the sea. We lay down on our stomachs, him underneath, his legs open where I lay, my head on his abdomen that moved in time with his breathing. Contemplating the stars he asked me a question that left me stunned.
"Faith, tonight you've been with everyone" he began to caress my hair "yes I know, even with Dimitri, that asshole told me that he gave in. But then again, that's how we males are." He paused for a moment and added "...we straight guys." I couldn't stand the suspense anymore so I got right to the nub, "What are you getting at James?"
While he caressed my head and sometimes one of his fingers ended up in my mouth that welcomed him willingly, I touched his quads bewitched making him shiver with pleasure.
"I wanted to ask your opinions on each member of the group before I lay with you." Initially I was stunned, then I turned face to face and looked at him. "Eh okay, but make yourself comfortable I'll be a while. I'm a good connoisseur myself."
He crossed his hands behind his head and replied, "I'm already comfortable." In that position he was enhancing his pecs, so I took the opportunity to settle a little higher, chest to chest. I began to talk, but interspersing words with wet kisses to his neck.
"Dimitri seems like a good guy to me. He's loyal to you, don't be upset if he disobeyed you because I and my sensuality are partly to blame." I paused for a long lemon, my tongue one with his. Then I lifted my head and stared at him inches from me. "Gennaro is strong, good in bed, and the classic dominant male. I've come to realize he's a staunch hetero, one of those people who hardly indulges in a gay experience."
James nodded as if he already knew. "You think I'm a convinced hetero?" I smiled at him. "You're straight, but you give me fantastic kisses that I don't think you've ever given to any female in your life. On the flip side though, you retract when I try to rub up against you."
"Then I must dare myself more," he whispered as he licked my ear. "Apparently," I replied. Then I continued, "Roberto is the one I've liked the most as a person. He doesn't know it but he's close to finding out that it's actually not the pussy that attracts him but the weenie. Under your help he can become an excellent blowjob man" But never like yours truly, I thought. "Finally, what about Carlo and Kevin. The first is a rich shit, awkward in relationships but cruel. The second one is the dream of every cocksucker in the area, he's not very expressive but I could take him with me like a little dog."
Giacomo wasn't listening to me anymore. He let me kiss him with his eyes closed and a smile on his lips, but I noticed his attention to my description of Roberto. I realized then that the purpose of that report was actually to know if Roberto could replace me the following year. But my man was clever.
In the meantime he seemed to have fallen asleep. I wanted to go down to his cock, but the cold decided me to get up and head towards the tent with him following half asleep. I was glad I hadn't taken off my watch, because I noticed that it was already 3:30. It really was true that time seems to pass more quickly at night. I lifted the veil at the entrance of the tent and chose to fuck Giacomo in the same compartment where I had fucked Gennaro and Roberto. At least my things were there. When Giacomo understood my choice, he took one of the three mattresses and placed it in the other little room where Roberto and Carlo were already sleeping. Now Giacomo and I would be wider. Between the walls of the tent around us and the mattresses set up as a double bed there was more space and I took advantage of that to fold my women's clothes and prepare my men's clothes for the next day. He too had his bag in the tent and was still rummaging in it when I finished my tasks. So I very calmly unhooked my bra and slipped off my panties, slipping under the covers. I teamed him for a long time moving with the muscles in my back engaged in sinuous movements, until they stopped and he turned around smiling. "Now you're everything to me love. Edward doesn't know what that fool is missing." We laughed together. Then he too slipped under the covers and we kissed, a very long kiss with our tongues intertwining and our lips constantly seeking each other, while with my hand I went down to caress his increasingly hard and beautiful member. His hand began to go down my side, as if in response, and went to rest on my beautiful ass. With a strong grip he palmed it, drawing my pelvis toward him. When our two members touched, I began to sweat and feel hot, I also felt a more intense heat coming from inside. A knot in my stomach and a flare-up came from my little hole. Curled up on top of him, I caressed his chest and belly, playing and drawing circles behind his abdominals that caused him a pleasant goose bumps. "How you do it," he complimented. I smiled, "You haven't seen the best of me yet."
I finally began the relentless descent down his body. My tongue furrowed every point, every inlet of the flesh, lingering on her nipples and finally on her underwear-covered fly. Giacomo, in order to come to my aid, tied my medium-long hair in a pigtail, using his hair band that he had on his wrist. How thoughtful. When he fixed me properly, I arched my ass that he promptly wrapped with his curious hand and I took off his boxers with care. Then always calmly and quietly I began to escape him well. I took his cock to my throat where I gargled with my saliva mixed with his pre-seminal fluid. Then I would let him out and back in, out and back in. Until it was enough for him and he turned me on my back. We were both on our sides, I knew the position. I leaned against him with my back, my left hand supporting me while my right hand was intent on groping my tits. The right leg instead was stretched back over his body. I did everything myself: I looked for his turgid cock that I found nice and ready and excited pointing to my back, and I pointed it in the right direction. The icy iron of my watch grazed my anal pussy for a moment, giving me a shiver of indescribable pleasure. After a long time finally my panting overpowered that of my partner, who slowly came forward with his body easily slipping his rod into my tunnel. For the next half hour I cum on my hand twice and copiously. In fact, his harmonious movements had completely inebriated me, my panting was a unique pleasure, a memory that I carried with me for some time. Giacomo was the only one to come in my rectum and he warmed it up so much that it seemed on fire when he pulled out his member. Dripping semen I insisted on cleaning his shaft, my tongue did a great job and at the end he thanked me with a kiss.
"Anytime you want you are welcome in my house. I don't live with my family anymore, I'm alone and self-sufficient. Give us a little thought because you are such a good bitch Federica." I nodded thoughtfully. Of course I would have thought about it, but first I had to see if I could have a future with the fabulous manager Andrea met a few days before. In any case, James had behaved well, respecting me and loving me to the core. An escapade at his house would have been a pleasure for both of us, always taking into account how my relationship with his brother Edoardo would have evolved.
Tired, we fell asleep, but just before we did, I took a look at my watch, which in the meantime was dirty with cum. With a firm lick it all went away. It was almost five o'clock, the next day Carlo's parents would come at 10.00 expecting to find the tents already free of all baggage. While I crouched down attached to Giacomo, who in the meantime had already fallen asleep, I thought how Carlo's parents would have reacted to the sight of the enormous amount of cum (mostly mine) present on the mattress and on the ground. I laughed under my moustache, knowing that I would never see them again in my life, so in a few words, their cocks.
Before sleeping naked next to my man, I counted the loot that I had made. In all I had managed to scrape together 400 euros, including those used for clothes that were about 150. Happy as ever I fell asleep, before without Giacomo noticing I shot him a hand job and I stuck his trunk in my ass.
In the morning I woke up. It was 9 o'clock, I had slept little but I felt refreshed even if I had a strong pain in my ass and spine. I realized that I had woken up before Giacomo, who was hugging me behind me, his cock still perfectly inserted in my body! His limp cock had been in my ass for 4 hours and his powerful arms had prevented my body from reacting during sleep by moving away from that source of pleasure. Serenely I turned my neck and licked my 25 year old man. "Hey look what a twist of fate, we attracted each other even in our sleep and that's how we stayed." When he noticed he smiled slyly. "Before we left the tent he wanted to fuck me for the last time and I gladly accepted giving him my ass and my mouth, which cleaned up all the cum.
He and I returned to the campsite before Carlo's parents arrived and we said goodbye for the last time with a languid and sad kiss. After that, the time that I was able to carve out for him and his friends was very little, because until the end of the vacation I stayed on the sidelines dreaming.
Eventually the time passed and so the week ended for me. Towards the end of the week I also spent some time with Edoardo, who made me happy, so before leaving I said goodbye and thanked everyone and went back alone by train to my city. At the stop before mine, there was Andrea's town where I had to go if I wanted to earn some money. It was then that I decided what to do, because there would have been no one I knew in my city at that time, and I would have been bored a lot.
So the next day I dressed up as I saw Andrea do and prepared myself for the meeting with my new temporary employer. Andrea in fact ran the branch in his hometown, while his father, the boss, ran a much more important one in a metropolis.

Chapter 9: Old Friend

I arrived at the address around 8am. In front of me stood a remarkable skyscraper, the largest in the small town. I was still astonished.
At the entrance I informed the doorman of the reason for my visit and he put me on hold. There were other people waiting, but since I was a friend of the manager, I didn't have to look for a job, just start one. After an eternal wait, a secretary informed me that I was expected on the 17th floor, the last one.
I called the elevator, which was already occupied by three smartly dressed individuals. They came from the floor below and told me that they were going down two floors before mine. In the meantime I did nothing but listen to their speeches.
"The boss, if he keeps this up, he's liable to take his father's place before he croaks. With the latest merchandising idea the total profit has taken an unprecedented surge."
"They say his father was so proud of it that he left him complete control of a third of his company."
"What, and the third brother's share?"
"Don't tell me he deserved it. Maybe he left him five percent and his sister thirteen percent."
The voices were lost along the 15th floor hallway. I continued the ride to the top floor.
The elevator opened with its usual distinctive sound.
In front of me opened a spacious, lighted lobby, with a large desk on one side, a mighty door on the other. Behind the desk sat a woman in her fifties, busy with some paperwork. As soon as she saw me, she invited me to sit on a small sofa nearby. "Good morning, the gentleman will see you as soon as he can."
"Thank you."
Looking around I saw several pictures with newspaper articles. They celebrated the progress of the company and especially that of the prodigious son Andrea Diraci. I was interrupted by the voice of the secretary "Please come in, the gentleman is waiting for you". He pointed me to the huge door on the other side of the room.
"Thank you," I pushed the knobs and forcefully opened it. Closing it behind me, I was speechless for the billionth time that day.
The room was twice the size of the huge entrance hall. Two desks with many ornaments filled the enormous space. The view from the office terrace was breathtaking. Sitting behind the largest desk was my boss, looking cheerful and relaxed. He stared at me for a moment. Then he smiled.
"It's a pleasure to see you again Federico."
He knew it then. He knew it the whole time we were together without ever making me aware of it. "The pleasure is all mine.... Andrea. Thank you for this opportunity." Then I couldn't hold back any longer. "But did you already know who I was during our evenings at the beach?"
"No, I have to admit. You've changed quite a bit in two years. I remembered a slender figure on a hospital bed. But now here you are, toned and more fit than ever. It took your resume for me to realize who I'd stumbled upon."
"You've changed, too." I told him.
"Of course, and good thing too. I've become somewhat more authoritative. But let's get down to business."
He handed me a contract to sign.
"I thought, with my father's consent, that I would give you more than a €1,000 a month job." He continued. "And since I need a right-hand man, I thought I'd give you this job. Of course, you're on a probationary period after which you can then decide whether to keep the job or not."
I was speechless. He knew me very little and yet he had extreme confidence in me. "I don't know what to say. I'll gladly accept if I don't give any trouble." I read the figure on the contract: eight thousand euros a month, which would then increase based on merit. While I was signing, I could hear my new manager going on and on, but I had lost my train of thought. Once I had finished, I made to move to the other desk.
Andrea laughed. "No. This is not going to be your office."
"Why not? "
"Since you'll be my right-hand man you'll need to know everything, to proceed as if you were me in case I'm away on business. And that's why I've made room in my house a few steps away from here, so that you can work from home and follow me around all the time."
"Oh. Thank you. It's very important to me what you're doing. It would take the hassle out of traveling and with it the cost."
"I know, and I acknowledge that. I must inform you that I don't like having staff running my personal life. So I'm just asking you to do two little jobs to pay for your room and board, like cooking or other things. Are you in?"
I didn't think twice remembering the amount he had previously offered.
"Yeah, no problem. I'm pretty good at cleaning."
"Thanks. I knew I was right to count on you."
He gave me an affectionate pat on the shoulder. "Good. Our interview is over. My secretary Stephanie will escort you to your new home. There I've left a few lines with work to be done by the time I get home from work tonight."
"Alright. Bye bye."
"See you later," she said goodbye and walked me to the door. Seeing us Stephanie stood up abruptly and nodded to me. I followed her, backtracking the route that had brought me there.
Once out of the building, a black limousine with a driver was waiting for us. The secretary and I got into the passenger seats and thus began a five-minute silent journey to the Diraci house. I had already been to Andrea's house, with Denise's body. Yet there was something different about the beautiful villa, a sense of emptiness. The secretary opened the front door with a large latch, which she left on the table once we entered. She greeted me with a mumble and left. I heard the sound of the limo's engine pulling away and that's when I lost all tension and looked around. The house was laid out exactly as I remembered it. On the table, along with the set of keys, there was a note written in neat and clean handwriting.
"Hello Federico.
I was sure you had accepted the job, congratulations you are my new right hand man! As I may have already told you, I hate too many people hanging around the house, so I don't have a cleaning crew. If you're here it's because you'll have accepted even this small favor and you should know that I'm grateful. I'll leave you alone to tour the house, as soon as you get your bearings, I've left the cleaning outfit in the guest room with the products you'll need. Here next are the tasks you'll need to do."
I sighed. Working all day would have been better. Yet I had a feeling that if I refused, my lavish paycheck would vanish. My conviction wavered as I entered what must have been the guest room. On the bed was an apron and obvious women's cleaning clothes. For me, who had started the sex change a long time ago, that caused a long shiver of pleasure and the fantasy got the better of me.
Another note accompanied that revelation.
"Here we are. I hope you don't forget that I'm proud of you and it would be a shame to disappoint me so soon. I'll see you tonight and hopefully take you out to dinner. Oh, remember the dogs, I moved them to the backyard after they bit a guest."
That letter hid more threats than words and I could tell. I decided to go along with my manager's orders and undressed.
Starting with my underwear, there was a woman's panties, a breast implant with a bra and lace, white tights, a gray miniskirt and finally the shoes, the shirt and the white apron. Looking in the mirror I saw a different person, and I liked myself. On my own, I headed for the bathroom, hoping to find something feminine, knowing that Andrea's entire family once lived in that villa. I opened a wall closet and saw only women's stuff: from the finest makeup to other important tools.
In half an hour I had shaved the few hairs that were still growing, neglecting my anti-hormonal treatment, I had put on bright red lipstick and made up my face. Looking in the mirror I didn't even recognize myself. Was I really me under all that makeup? Afraid of Andrea's reaction when he would come back, I decided to wash myself, but I didn't know if he liked the initiative. I tied my long curls to be more professional and finally started working.
During the cleaning I had time to make a few calls, to my father to inform him that I was very happy with my new job, to my mother to tell her that I would not be coming home and to send me the bag that I had not yet unpacked after the beach vacation. Finally, I called Edoardo, who shared my joy and strangely enough apologized for being a bit detached during the whole week I had spent with his family. Little did he know that if he had spent the time moping around, I had been having fun with Andrea at the evening pubs.

Chapter 10: Right Arm

The whole afternoon had passed, I had made my own lunch and was finishing cleaning the pool, following the instructions given to me by my manager. I heard the sound of the limousine entering the courtyard again. I ran into the lobby, my low heels echoing in the clean, empty room. Peeking through the curtains I saw Andrea get out of the car and greet a blonde girl sitting next to him. Then the car drove off leaving him alone in his backyard, when I saw him walking towards the house, I settled down and ran to finish my work in the pool. It was about 20 minutes before I heard him come in.
"Federico are you here?"
"Yes" I turned around "welcome back."
"I'm glad to see that you followed my instructions to the letter, I must say that you look pretty good in that uniform," he brushed one of my fake tits against me, "and you look good in these too, didn't you tell me that you wanted to have the surgery?"
I nodded, "Yes, but I'm waiting for the money, so in the meantime I'm taking testosterone medication. I've been waiting for about ten years now."
He was silent for a few seconds, still looking down at me, I was still kneeling cleaning the edge of the tub. "Eh okay. Tell you what. I'll pay for it. You have to deserve it, though. Starting with the simple dinner we're going to have outside."
I'm speechless, you don't know what what what you've decided to do means to me. I've been waiting years without hope. It really means a lot to me. I'm going to go change for dinner and then I'm ready."
I rushed toward the door elated. Finally, my transaction was being completed. I was no longer going to look like a girly-faced male, but a woman to everyone.
I was stopped by a scream coming from the pool. "Wait! Where are you going?"
"To put on the clothes I had brought from my house. Won't I have to go dressed like this to dinner?"
He joined me. "Not dressed like that for sure. But who told you you would need the clothes? You're my guest now and I'll lend them to you."
I tried to protest but there was no way. He accompanied me back to the guest room and told me to choose in the closet while he would have changed in his room. Left alone, I prepared myself for the sight of women's clothes and opened the closet. In front of me, however, were only elegant men's brand name clothing. Not knowing whether to be disappointed or relieved, I changed and waxed my hair. I knocked on Andrea's room.
"Come in" I had already seen the room while cleaning, but it was still magnificent. Large, with a closet all along one side. On the other side, a French door opened onto a spacious balcony, like her office. Integrated into the room was a bathroom that was much larger and better equipped than the one in my parents' house.
Finally, the most important piece of work, the large four-poster bed that occupied almost all the space.
He stood in front of it, the closet open looking for a shirt. He was half-naked and his pecs were prominent, a sign that the gym was included in his routine.
"Sorry, I'm going to go. I just wanted to ask if I was ready." In the process he found the shirt he was looking for and completed his dressing.
"No problem. I'm done now. Come right arm, let's go."
Instead of calling the driver with the limo, Andrea went down to the garage, with me in the back. I had not been there yet and was amazed to see 3 sports cars that were certainly very expensive. We climbed into a blue one that I recognized as a Bentley and left the property with the music blasting.
Between the sound of the wind and the music I yelled, "You still haven't told me where you're taking me!" He turned to me and smiled. "Get ready, to the fanciest restaurant in town."
I would have been a liar to tell him I wasn't expecting that, so I yelled in approval.
The evening was long and exhausting. Andrea introduced me to her closest associates, all the time strangers came and went to say hello and chat. So, very slowly, dinner ended and my manager turned to me "Listen, I have to go with Martha to check some sensitive data in the office, I'll leave you to Ernesto who will take you home. I suggest you get some rest that tomorrow your real work starts." Happy to leave but not to part with the only person I knew, I went home

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