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I obey him without even knowing why. I perform as if in a trance; my eagerness helps me overcome my shyness: more out of shame than anything else, I asked her to turn down the lights. Once in the dark I kneel in front of her, finding myself staring at her erection hypnotized; I can't seem to tear my gaze away. Without saying a word I free his penis from the wrapping of his panties, take it in my hand and begin to massage it knowing full well where this will lead me. I fearfully bring it closer to my mouth and with half-closed lips I brush the tip of his cock. Sandra grabs me by the hair, pushes my head down firmly and puts his member on my lips: - "I see with pleasure that you're quickly learning your role as a sissy. But... enough with all this virginity flattery. It's time to let me feel your tongue!". I didn't let him tell me twice and leaned my head forward to take him in. His chapel slams against my tight lips. I timidly begin to kiss him, then take courage. Once the moment of insecurity has passed I decide to open my mouth and treat his penis like an icicle, looking into her eyes as if seeking her consent. The pressure of her hand on my head teaches me the right rhythm, a little slow and then quick alternately.
I tease the glans inside her mouth, let it out very slowly and accompany the movement with my wet tongue.
"Now close your lips around the cock and stay still I'll take care of everything" - he says, continuing to move my head closer and further away from his member so that I swallow it all. In doing so he almost chokes me. Sandra starts to get worried: "What's the matter...can't you do it? Is it too big for you?". To calm her down I swallow it again and repeat the same ritual as before. I lick it for a long time, following the contours, running the entire length of the shaft, while she moves on to compliments - "How good you are. You saw that it's not hard...keep sucking him like that, don't let go! You're a fast learner, I knew you were a talented mouthpiece" - these were her words of incitement that made my ego soar.
I was aware that before long she was going to want something more: her ass would be violated right after the blowjob. In fact, when she felt I was cooked to perfection she whispered under her breath near my ear, "You'd like to feel it inside you, wouldn't you? Then get in doggy style. I'm going to get the Vaseline and lube you up real good so it won't hurt too much."
Obediently I propped myself up on my elbows at ninety degrees with my butt firmly raised like a cat. Sandra gets behind me. She lifts my skirt uncovering my buttocks and slides off the thong: my helpless ass is denuded by that tiny piece of fabric. He makes me spread my thighs and begins to caress with cream the groove between my buttocks to prepare me....
He lubricates externally all around the sphincter using his finger. Then he very gently inserts the tip of his index finger, tearing a slight gasp from me. I felt my little hole tighten and I was scared. If that was the sensation the finger was causing me, let alone afterwards....
Sandra sensed that I was stiffening and in a soft voice invited me to relax:
"Take it easy, nothing bad can happen to you. Trust me, I don't want to hurt you."
Slowly he began to push his finger until it disappeared all the way inside. By now, the purple corolla of her anus began to get used to the larger diameter. Little by little, with a little pain, the fingers became two as well.
I told her to take it easy because it's hurting me and she slowed down the pressure a little, stopping the pace of the fingering just so I could regain my clarity, "Do you like it when I touch you like this?"
"Yes, I like it so much...please don't stop, fuck me with your fingers, push them in deep" - I moan in a voice arched with pleasure as she continues to move them up and down. My little ring is well lubricated and offers no resistance. So she goes in and out comfortably, without me feeling any discomfort: she alternates the penetrations with rotating movements that help to widen the little hole. His lascivious caresses are very pleasant and I stay there to enjoy them. My desire to be possessed has grown out of all proportion so that I arch my back and open my buttocks as an invitation, so as to facilitate the task.
Sandra settles down behind me and begins to speak to me in a persuasive tone: "Relax Brigitta, breathe deeply, let yourself go, not much longer. I know you're a virgin, but I'll be gentle...I promise!!!". She managed to calm me down again....
I feel her hands grabbing my hips and holding me still. He reaches down to the little hole relaxed from fingering me. He leans his member against my ass; he rubs it against me in an alternating up and down motion, dilating the entrance hole more and more. It happens in an instant: the time that passes from realizing that at the last pass the glans has lingered at my anus, violating my deepest intimacy.
I wince in pain and retreat forward: "If you do that it's worse, don't get all stiff. Take it easy, it's just the chapel, I won't go all the way in...".
I try to relax the muscles of the anal orifice: I had the impression that a blade of fire was entering me, immediately replaced by the unusual sensation of something big in my bowels. At first I grit my teeth in excruciating pain, but it only takes a little while for this sensation to become a totally satisfying pleasure.

"The hardest part is over... it's going to be very nice soon" - Sandra declares satisfied. So she began to move carefully back and forth, pushing it in very slowly. She penetrates me a little more with each thrust, amplifying the rhythm of the buggering with her hands resting on my hips. When he gets halfway in, he pulls it out until it almost comes out. Then, with another couple of lunges he opens me up completely until I feel his balls touching my ass, making me feel completely full: "That's it honey, you have it completely inside you, you've been great".
At this point, after giving me a few seconds to get used to the sense of fullness, he began to pump in and out, first with slow and short movements and then longer and faster.

I close my eyes and a flood of shivers of pleasure assails me dragging me into an ecstatic world, never visited before. By now no doubt assails me, I am in the grip of the pleasure of that penetration, and her panting moans make me even more crazy with excitement. Sandra goes on like this for a long time: she pumps quickly, crushing me on the bed with the weight of her body. When she is close to orgasm, she makes me kneel again at her feet and puts my cock to my mouth: - "Now get ready, because I'm going to come in your face" - it's not a particular surprise, but that sentence, just for its uselessness and hardness, makes me nervous - "I know you want it" - she continues convincingly. She knows it's my First Blowjob and she is very excited: she has saved her sperm for me; to celebrate the event worthily as one does with Champagne. The moment had come... the one for which I had suffered all her urges. I had imagined the whole sequence a thousand times, in a sort of slow-motion scene. I long to feel it immediately in my mouth, but she makes me wait. She's aware of how waiting turns me on and takes her time, letting the doubt slowly intoxicate me. She runs her cock all over my face: over my cheeks and chin; then again over my lips, where she leaves traces of her heat. It's a subtle, unsettling tactile sensation, amplified by the submissive position I'm in; already more than enough to get me aroused. My desire increases...more and more...more and more...How much longer does this torment have to last? I mumble under my breath a - "...please...come in my face...I want to see myself in the mirror all dirty...I want to feel like a whore..." - but she still makes me wait impatiently. She takes another half step closer as she continues to jerk off in front of me. Her hand pulls me by my hair, yanking me forward. He places his chapel inches from my face. Then everything happens in an instant: - "Here I come..." - he moans with a big gasp of satisfaction. Instinctively I open my lips a little to welcome him in. An instant later he lets himself go to a liberating cumshot.... a sudden and very violent first spurt of cum hit me just above my upper lip. I don't know exactly what I thought at that moment. It was the first time... but it wasn't that unpleasant to feel that warm liquid on my skin. Most of all, I felt that it was very dirty. So, in a split second, I decided to place the chapel on my tongue, which in the meantime I had hurried to pull out. In this way the second squirt, more abundant and dense, discharged it inside my open mouth.
The squirts followed one another soiling my whole face. I swallow everything that comes out of his member; I savor some of it while I clean with my tongue the rest that is dripping on my lips from the corners of my mouth. Still covered in whitish cum I scoop out the last drops with my hand, then lick my fingers as I stare into her eyes. I lay there panting with pleasure, then turn to look at her: "My first swallow... I never thought I'd have the courage!" I exclaim in dismay.
"Nothing happens..." - she tries to reassure me - "Except that it didn't disgust you."
"No... I enjoyed feeling it like that, it has a strange taste, slightly salty but it's thick and hot" - I reply smiling.
My mind wanders to the erotic fantasies that excite me the most. While Sandra withdraws to clean herself I get up and run to the bathroom with the semen, now cleared and semi-transparent, covering my face.


Poke Bella

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