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The rain was coming down heavy and incessant. While driving I had the impression that I was crossing an endless wall, dense but without solidity. The notes of Charlie Parker coming out of the car radio speakers at least made the atmosphere less distressing.
I saw the car stopped on the roadway with its flashing lights on at the last minute. I turned left to avoid it and quickly got back into my lane for fear that someone from the opposite direction might be coming. Then I stopped, breathing heavily. I approached the stopped car in reverse until my bumper was just over a foot away from hers. I wanted to get out to see if anyone needed help but as I was about to open the door I heard a knock on the passenger door. I opened it and saw an indistinct silhouette submerged in the wall of water.
"Can I come up?"
"Sure," I replied.
The girl came up and sat down beside me. I think every piece of clothing she was wearing was soaked in water. She was probably wet everywhere, even under her armpits.
"Car trouble?" I asked.
"I think it has a flat tire, but I don't have a spare and I don't know how to use the repair kit."
"maybe I can help you but I would wait for the rain to taper off."
She didn't answer. She was shivering. I turned the heat up to full blast.
"You're going to get sick," I said.
"I'm cold," she replied. Even her voice was shaking.
"Maybe I should drive you somewhere where you can change and you can get your car back tomorrow."
"I was going to my sister's, but she's over a hundred kilometers away."
"I'm on the road too, I was thinking of traveling all night but with this weather it's not safe. How about we look for a hotel in the next town?"
"All right," he replied.
I set off again.
The rain was not letting up in intensity. Visibility was almost zero and I was proceeding at a reduced speed. You couldn't see what was on the sides of the roads, you couldn't see houses, couldn't see anything.
I saw a bright sign, it could have been a gas station. I slowed down and entered the lighted area. It was a gas station. I crawled under the canopy and, once under cover, got out of the car. Now the wall of rain was all around me and formed a rectangular enclosure with the same outline as the canopy. I tried to see if anyone was there but saw no one. There was a small building about five meters away from the canopy, the lights seemed to be on but not a soul could be seen inside. I decided to cross the wall to get to the building. The door was fortunately open, I went in. Now I was wet to the bone, too, in just five meters. It was a small bar, the kind you often find at gas stations.
"Hello?" I asked.
I heard the creak of a door opening. A woman appeared, in her fifties with long black hair, very thin, bordering on anorexic and wrapped in a single black dress that covered her from the ankles to the neck.
Just the kind that puts you in a joyful and good mood on an evening like that.
"Yes, I'm here."
"Good evening, we're as wet as sponges soaking in the bathtub and we can't drive anymore, isn't there a place to spend the night around here? I asked.
" Nearby there is nothing but you can stop here. There is a heated room in the back. Who is with you?"
"A girl I met on the street with a broken down car...We wouldn't want to disturb you though."
"No disturbance."
I walked out again. As I walked the five meters back, I don't know why I thought of Indians with feathers on their heads doing a rain dance, running in circles and howling. I guess I wasn't feeling too good. I opened the passenger door.
"Come on," I said.
The girl got out and we walked back into the building. The lady in black walked us into the back. There was a room with a large couch, a table and a cot.
"That way is the bathroom" said the lady.
Without saying anything the girl entered the bathroom and closed the door.
"Cute. What's her name?"
"Fuck do I know?" replied
"I have bourbon."
He took three glasses, set them on the table and filled them with bourbon. To the brim. She handed me one and I took a sip, she downed half a glass.
"I guess you're staying the night," she said.
"I think so too."
The dim lights in the room made strange backlighting effects. I couldn't really see what was on the walls. They looked like paintings. I also looked at the lady in black. She was staring at me with the glass in her hand held close to her lips and a strange smile. Creepy.
The bathroom door opened, the girl came out wearing only a towel around her body. I didn't realize how young she was, not quite twenty I think. I also didn't realize how pretty she was.
The lady handed her the glass, the girl also took half of it in one gulp.
"Well, I'm going to the bathroom," I said.
I went in, took off my soaked clothes and laid them on a drying rack next to the girl's. I took a shower, long and relaxing. I took a towel and dried myself. Then I wrapped it around my waist and left the bathroom.
I was stuck in the doorway when I saw the girl sitting on the couch, with the towel open to show off that pale, fresh body, her legs spread and the lady kneeling between her legs and her head between her thighs.
The girl had her head turned back, her eyes closed and was panting.
I didn't know what to do, so I remained motionless by the bathroom door with my hand on the handle.
The lady seemed very concentrated in her activity and the girl very absorbed in her pleasure. The moans became more and more intense and finally she emitted a scream. More than one scream associated with as many jerks of the whole body.
The lady stood up, straightened her skirt and drank the half glass left over. Then she ran her tongue over her lips and smiled.

She approached me, moving slowly and sinuously in her black dress, holding out her glass of bourbon.
"So," she said, turning to the girl, "you're a virgin.
"yes" replied the girl still naked and sitting on the couch.
"And you've never had any kind of relationship, even a soft one, with a man?"
"So you've never seen a live cock"
The lady had meanwhile come up behind me, closed the bathroom door that I had left open. I was still standing there, intoxicated by the previous scene. I felt her hand resting on my belly from behind. I saw her slide down, grab the towel around my waist and throw it to the floor. I remained naked. I looked down at my penis, it wasn't totally erect but it wasn't really at rest either. I felt his hand rest on my cock, running down the shaft to the tip. When she removed her hand a trickle of viscous liquid formed between the head and her index finger. The previous scene had caused me to have a slight pre-ejaculation that I hadn't noticed.
"Come here," the lady said to the girl.
The girl approached, naked.
She was beautiful, pale, turgid pink nipples. She didn't look me in the eye, just stared at the lady behind me.
When she was in front of me the lady made her kneel.
"Look at him" she said "Do you like him?"
"Yes" replied the girl
"Touch it."
The girl timidly moved her right hand. She touched my penis, then weighed it as if it were a vegetable to check the freshness of. With her other hand she stroked it.
The sensation was fantastic. I could feel it turgid in her hands and it was beautiful.
At that point the girl looked at me, and I looked at her. I didn't say anything, it was the lady who spoke. She was the one driving.
"Take it in your mouth," she ordered.
She brought her full lips close to the chapel, and slowly made it disappear into her mouth. Then she began to move her head forward backwards.
"aaaahh" said the lady "then you know what to do, you're not as new as you look"
"I've seen it done in some videos" said the other one taking her mouth off my cock.
"I didn't tell you to stop, keep going."
The lips resumed their back and forth motion. From above I watched the head go in and out. I must have been in heaven, maybe I had died in a rain accident.
While I was thinking about that I saw the lady's hand on the back of the girl's head. She was dictating the rhythm.
Forward backward, slow fast, slow fast. Detachment then back in again. Ohhh....emisi a moan I think. I felt I was going to come, I couldn't hold out any longer.
I exploded in her mouth. The girl wanted to pull away but the lady, with her hand on the back of her head prevented her from doing so. My sperm was all inside, I saw it dripping out of the sides of her mouth.
It felt like it would never end. She held my penis in her mouth. She was forced to do it.
Drops of cum dripped down her cheeks, some fell on her breasts, some reached the floor.
The lady walked away, went to the table and took the girl's glass of bourbon. She came back to us and handed it to her. The girl took it and took a sip.
I wonder what bourbon mixed with semen tastes like?

We were sitting on the couch, the girl and I, again wrapped in our towels.
The lady in black had left the room, I think she had gone to the adjacent bar but didn't tell us.
"Was this really your first experience? It's strange to start out this way. I hope you didn't feel forced into it," I asked.
"No one forced me, but that woman has a magnetic power over me. I can't resist her...she orders I obey" she replied.
"But how do you feel now?"
"I don't know, on the one hand I wonder why I did it, on the other hand I must say that I enjoyed it."
"But if we had been alone here, without that woman, you would not have even conceived the idea of taking it in my mouth, would you?"
"No, I guess not."
At that point I might have ached to get dressed and leave. I felt uncomfortable. I got up and began to nervously pace around the room.
It was at that point that the door opened and the lady in black walked into the room.
"are you ready?" asked the girl.
"yes" she answered
"wait a minute" I said "ready for what? What do you have in mind?"
"Ready to give me her virginity."
"Maccheccazz...." I couldn't finish the sentence. The girl had already gotten up, removed her towel, and was making her way to the table. I watched as she lay on the table, facing up and with her legs dangling over the edge of the top.
I didn't know what to do or even what to say. In fact, I didn't do or say anything.
The lady approached the table. With her hands she caressed the girl, from her shoulders to her breasts, from her belly to her thighs, from her hips back to her breasts. The girl didn't move, she let herself be passive. He slipped his hand between her legs, the girl spread them slightly.
"Come and see," she said.
I moved closer.
I brought myself in front of the table, moved my face further between the girl's legs. Her wet pussy was inches from my eyes. The woman's hand slid along her slit, her middle finger with each pass being wrapped between her lips. I could hear the girl's moans but I was mesmerized by the movement of the hand.
Sometimes the woman lingered on the door of her cunt, I could then feel the trembling of the girl who evidently feared to be violated. From that position all it would take was a little pressure of the fingers and....pop...the door would be opened. Forever.
But that didn't happen. Something happened that I could not have foreseen.
The woman withdrew her hand. I stood up and looked at her. She slipped off her black dress, top to bottom until it slid down to her feet.
Underneath she was naked.
Only then did I realize that she was not a woman. An erect penis was on display between her legs.
Now that I looked at her well I must say that the clues were there: the features, the hoarse and whispered voice. But I hadn't noticed, the possibility hadn't even crossed my mind.
I looked at the girl, she too was looking at that erect penis, but her eyes didn't express surprise...they didn't express anything.
I was standing between the girl's legs, still lying on the table. The trans lady said:
"lick her."
I bent down again bringing my mouth closer to the girl's pussy. I don't know why whatever order the lady gave was being carried out by us. What power did she have? Yet I obeyed, and so did the girl.
With my hands resting on my thighs, I moved my mouth closer to her clit. First I kissed it, then I began to brush it with my tongue.
Up until a few minutes before I had felt uncomfortable but now the feeling I had was different. I couldn't describe it, my mind was empty of thoughts and full of intoxicating images. The hand of the woman, I keep calling her woman, for me she will always remain the woman in black, her hand on the girl's pussy had mesmerized me. I was lost, I was hers.
My tongue on her clit was her tongue.
I felt her hand on my shoulder. I moved. She was behind me.
She walked over to the table, grabbed the girl's legs and slid her across the table until her pussy reached the edge. The woman held the girl's legs up, over her shoulders.
Her cock was ready, her pussy was ready.
It happened in a split second. The two bodies merged into one. The girl let out a dull cry.
They remained still, her inside her, for a very long time.
I saw a few drops of blood dripping on the floor. Then the woman pulled out her bloodstained penis and went to the bathroom.
The girl stood up.
"Let's go," she said.
"why?" I asked
"we have to go"
"What about the clothes?"
"We don't have time"
She took the towels and went out. I followed her first into the adjacent bar and then, barefoot, to the car. Luckily the keys were left on the dashboard. I started the engine and we drove off. It had stopped raining.
"Where are we going?" I asked.
"Far away," he said.
I drove a few miles in the opposite direction of where we had come from. It had stopped raining. After half an hour of driving we found a motel. I still had my suitcase in the car, so I put some clothes on and went to get a room. Then we drove to the door of the room. I got out and opened it, the girl quickly got out and walked in. I followed her carrying my suitcase.
We took a shower and went to bed.
"Hold me," she said. I hugged her and we slept through the night.
The next morning she put on a t-shirt and a pair of pants that I had in my suitcase and we drove to her car.
When we passed the gas station where we had stopped the night before we discovered that it was closed. Boarded up. As if it had been abandoned like that for decades.

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