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Lisa and I had reached a wonderful complicity and mutual trust and we were exploring our sexuality at 360°.
She often told me about her sapphic encounters with her friend Sara, the owner of a lingerie store, knowing that I was very excited to see them embracing and exchanging warm effusions, but apart from a couple of occasions I had not had the opportunity to observe them live and enjoy the sight of their wonderful bodies.
Since I had learned to transform myself into a docile sissy for Lisa, our level of eroticism had skyrocketed, so much so that it was more often that I met her en-femme than as a boy.
One day I received one of her enigmatic and disturbing messages: "Hi Jessica", that's what she called me when she wanted me to turn into her docile trav lover, "I'll be waiting for you on Saturday night in front of Sara's store".
What was he up to this time? I was eager to find out.
Saturday evening arrived and I showed up at the appointed time in front of the store.
Lisa was already there, smiling and waiting for me, standing on her car. Her long legs stood on a pair of black pumps heel 12 and sported a short shiny black leather skirt and a matching top from which her wonderful tits burst in all their abundance.
I, on the other hand, had opted for a burgundy red sheath dress with thin straps and a wide side slit from which peeped the edge of the fishnet stockings and the string of the garter belt that held them up.
"Come on honey, Sara has a nice surprise for us tonight" Lisa whispered in my ear after giving me a quick kiss on the lips. We took each other by the hand and we walked on our vertiginous heels towards the front door of the store that was already ajar.
We entered, the place was in the dark, only a few lights were on. Sara walked towards us from the back of the store, the sound of her heels on the concrete floor echoing rhythmically in the silence. Like Lisa, she was wearing a miniskirt and a black leather top; they had obviously agreed. In her hand she was clutching something, but I couldn't make out what it was.
"Hi Lisa, hi Jessica" Sara greeted us warmly as she continued to come towards us "Congratulations...she looks really good your little slut in red" she added, then as she printed a kiss in her mouth with her tongue she passed Lisa what she had in her hand. "You know what you have to" do he told her smiling as he pulled away from her lips.
Lisa turned towards me pointing her big blue eyes towards mine, "Honey, tonight you will live an unforgettable experience" and while she was saying these words she was wrapping a leather collar around my neck to which a long chain was connected. Already other times I had been her slave, blindfolded and/or tied up, but until then she had never put a leash on me.
"Follow me," Sara said, heading toward the back of the store. Sara removed a black velvet curtain and let us enter the warehouse behind. It was lit only by numerous candles scattered on the floor surrounding a huge red cloth lying on the ground with some pillows on top. Lisa dragged me with the leash to the center of the drape, while Sara sat on a small armchair not far away arranged in such a way as to enjoy the show.
My heart was in my throat and the excitement was beginning to make itself felt. Only then did I realize that there were several figures standing out in the half-light all around the drape.
They were six males, naked, who were already touching their members, they were all tall and powerful and muscular and three of them were black.
Lisa came up behind me and unzipped my dress, letting it fall to the floor and making me show off the black lace underwear I was wearing, a moment later my panties were also on the floor along with the dress. It had already happened that Lisa had given me to some of her friends, making them fuck me like a slut while she watched me, but it had never happened that Sara and so many men were also present. I was scared but at the same time tremendously excited about what was about to happen.
Lisa put some pillows on the ground and then tugging me by the leash she made me understand to get on my back ready to be fucked, then she took off the leather skirt and lay down on her back a meter in front of me with her legs wide open so that I could see her well, she was already without panties and her pussy was all wet...
"Well gentlemen" Sara exclaimed interrupting the silence from her armchair "Tonight you have these two little whores at your disposal, follow the instructions I have given you" she continued with an authoritative tone. In response, a choral "Yes, my Lady" was heard from the six men.
Silence fell again, broken only by our accelerated and excited breathing.
Two males approached, one moved behind me, the other one after taking Lisa's legs and spreading them further apart knelt in front of her pointing his hard member against her pussy, by now soaked with her humors. At the same time I felt the one behind me moistening my hole with saliva and my fingers dilating it. An instant later I already had his head trying to make its way inside me. A few seconds and my slutty ass opened up and I felt his huge cock sliding inside me without much effort.
Lisa too, with a moan of pleasure, had welcomed into her pussy the big cock that was lusting after her. She had tilted her head to the side so she could watch me being impaled and to let me see the expressions of pleasure on her face.
"Go ahead and fuck these two sluts," Sara incited from her seat.
The two males obeyed and began to fuck us hard. A couple of strokes were enough and both Lisa and I were already moaning with pleasure like two little dogs, my limp cock was rocking under the powerful strokes and was already starting to drip with excitement. Lisa also seemed to appreciate her partner's performance and, struggling to keep her eyes open, she kept looking at me to taste my grimaces of pleasure.
The two of them continued rhythmically to fuck us until they reached their climax, I could hear their breathing becoming more and more labored and their strokes more and more decisive and deep. The male behind me exploded his orgasm first, flooding my ass with his hot seed. He remained motionless inside me, I could still feel his cock throbbing in the last spasms. A little later the one who was fucking Lisa came filling her pussy.
The two of them, as if synchronized, broke away from us and went back to their place next to the others.
Lisa, still panting, pulled the chain of the leash that she still had in her hand. I stood still in a daze, I didn't understand what she wanted, but a second stronger tug made me realize that I had to get closer.
I saw Sara get up from her seat and approach me with an impatient expression on her face "Bitch, clean her pussy with your tongue!" she ordered me in a peremptory tone after hitting my buttocks with the riding crop she was holding.
A shiver of pain mixed with pleasure ran down my back.
On all fours I approached Lisa, sinking my head between her thighs. She jerked for a moment then with her hands she spread her pussy, the cum immediately began to flow from her orifice. Another blow of the whip made me jump "What are you waiting for, I told you to lick it!" thundered Sara again.
I didn't let her tell me again, I started to clean every single drop of sperm from her pussy and in the meantime I could feel the hot liquid dripping from my ass as well. With each stroke of my tongue Lisa was jerking and moaning with pleasure and she also had a few spurts of pee.
Sara continued to monitor that everything was happening as she had planned. When she felt that Lisa's snatch was adequately clean she hit my buttocks again with the riding crop exclaiming a peremptory "Go back to your place slut! I obeyed instantly.
Then he approached Lisa and gently caressed her face: "Are you okay honey? Are you ready to go on ?" Lisa, with a mixed look between ecstatic and imploring, nodded yes.
Sara made her turn around and after arranging a couple of pillows she made Lisa get on doggy style with her ass up high and she provided to moisten her hole with her saliva. From my position I could admire her little hole that was already contracting...
Sara returned to her seat on the armchair. This time she didn't say anything and only waved to two other males to come forward. It was the turn of the two black men. Their dicks were huge and already erect.
Sara didn't need to incite them, they firmly pointed their members against our asses and plunged them in. Lisa let escape a little cry of pain but that immediately turned into a moan of pleasure, while my ass that had just been dilated and well lubricated by the other male did not make any resistance and let the big cock fill it greedily.
A whirlwind of emotions were pervading me. A mixture of shame, desire, tremendous excitement and ecstasy were mixing together. I was enjoying being abused like that, being the dirty slut who was getting fucked for the amusement of those present and in the presence of his own girlfriend who was undergoing the same treatment.
The huge cock was overbearingly making its way more and more into my belly, at each stroke I was jumping with pleasure and moaning just like a nymphomaniac slut. And the excitement got even stronger as I watched Lisa willingly accept that huge black cock in her tight ass. Almost in unison the two black males started with the last powerful strokes precursors of the orgasm. I felt my cock dripping more and more, and even a few drops of cum began to come out. A few moments the two came to a climax, with a powerful thrust they exploded their pleasure in my and Lisa's ass. They too remained still for a few moments inside our bowels to completely empty their orgasm, then panting they withdrew and returned to their place with the other males.
Another tug on the chain.... Lisa was calling me to her. I turned my eyes to Sara for a moment. She was semi-reclining on the armchair, she had lifted her skirt up over her hips and was pulling down the fabric of her panties with her fingers and titillating her clitoris while she continued to observe us. With a nod of the head she made me understand to go back to Lisa to clean her ass this time.
I was almost sorry that this time Sara didn't have to hit my ass with the riding crop to make me understand what I had to do.
I approached Lisa again and began to stimulate her little hole with the tip of my tongue. In response she contracted her sphincter and a trickle of warm cream began to flow, wetting my lips. I licked and sucked greedily the hole of her little ass, slipping my tongue inside until I had tasted all the seed that had been given to her.
Sara, who was continuing to give herself pleasure, realized that I was experiencing extreme pleasure licking Lisa's asshole deeply. She jumped out of the chair and before I knew it a series of lashes hit my buttocks.
"Bitch get back to your seat !" She intimated almost in a tone of anger.
With my ass this time really sore from the blows I went back to my original position. This time I felt the burning and the heat flaming up my lower back.
Sara turned to Lisa again and made her sit up. They looked at each other with a look between dreamy and in love: "Honey, your girlfriend is a slut, she was taking pleasure in cleaning you... You should be more strict and punish her a little more often you know. She needs to learn to stay in her place and obey the orders she gets." Lisa nodded and as a reward she received a sweet kiss on the lips from Sara, "Now it's time to complete the game..." Sara whispered softly in her ear, heading towards the armchair.
Lisa this time turned to the side and got down on her knees, out of the corner of her eye she kept looking at me in that obscene position, with her ass up, already filled twice with copious jizz, in her hand she kept holding the chain of my leash.
At a new nod of Sara's head, who in the meantime had returned to the armchair to stroke her pussy with her fingers, the last two remaining males approached us. The third black man of the group, who had an even larger member than the others, stood behind me while the other male presented his fully erect shaft in front of Lisa's face.
"Begin !" Sara thundered from her seat in the front row.
Lisa kept her eyes closed this time and wrapped her lips around the head of the large member that was being offered to her. A moment later the black man's powerful hands grabbed my hips and I felt him violently plunge his cock into my ass. This time I felt pain at the brutality of how I had been taken, but then an obscene pleasure made me relax as I watched Lisa devotedly sucking the cock of the male in front of her.
I closed my eyes too and let myself go to the sheer enjoyment of being fucked so fiercely by that black stud. With each lunge my ass cheeks popped against his flat belly and sculpted abs as hard as marble. His turgid and powerful member went in and out overbearingly from my ass that by now did not offer any resistance. An indescribable warmth and pleasure pervaded my whole body. I was the whore at the mercy of that man who was abusing me as he liked and this made me feel shamefully happy. I reopened my eyes and watched Lisa still intent on sucking with relish the big cock at her disposal, from her expressions I could tell that she liked it and a lot. For a moment I felt a great sense of guilt and shame, I was enjoying being treated as a slut and seeing my girlfriend doing the same, then Lisa turned her gaze towards me, I read in her eyes the enormous complicity that existed between us and that what we were doing gave us both extreme pleasure. In that moment the shame and the sense of guilt disappeared and in an instant I went back to enjoying that fabulous fuck... A moment later a powerful thrust of that huge cock inside my ass suddenly brought me to ecstasy, a powerful orgasm pervaded me and from my cock that had remained limp all the time a copious stream of cum came out like a river in flood. Instinctively I contracted my sphincter hard going to squeeze the big cock still inside me. In response I heard the male behind me moan intensely and squeeze my hips with his hands... An instant later my bowels were flooded for the third time by a river of hot cum.
Panting and exhausted, as the man withdrew his member from my lower back, I opened my eyes again and looked at Lisa. She was staring at me with an expression of wonder, she had followed my orgasm moment by moment and was ecstatic to have seen me ejaculate so copiously without erection and without the slightest touch to my cock.
A few seconds later the male in front of Lisa was also about to climax. She noticed and even more eagerly clamped her lips around the head. The man flooded her mouth with his seed and she didn't miss a drop.
Immediately afterwards I felt myself being tugged again by the collar. Lisa had stood up and was pulling me to her with the chain. She beckoned me with her hand to stand up, I turned my gaze to Sara for a moment and noticed that she approved. Lisa clung tightly to me kissing me in the mouth with her tongue and pouring in mine all the sperm she had received from the male, I swallowed without making a fuss and we continued to kiss passionately with our lips covered with the warm cream. In the meantime the semen that the three males had copiously poured into me began to drip from the hole of my ass then down along all the inner thighs.
In the meantime Sara who had planned and witnessed all those scenes of sordid sex was masturbating furiously on the armchair and a few moments later we could admire her exploding her orgasm by squirting a lot...

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