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I met Rossana and her friends about a year ago, the acquaintance was casual, we lived in neighboring countries and in time we started dating and dating.
My name is Maddalena, I'm 28 years old, I like women and I've never hidden it from anyone, not even her, her friends, on the other hand, don't know anything about me, because the level of knowledge is superficial and is based on evening spent in some club. She is straight, she has always been straight, she has had several boyfriends, one just recently, even if it didn't work out because he is an asshole, however, I admit I was happy to know that they had closed before they started.
We're friends, I knew we couldn't be more than that, you know a straight person, you know his tastes, you know there are limits, so you convince yourself that you don't have to overcome them and you move on and that's what I've always done with her.
We bonded right from the start, it only took us a few months to become very close, it seemed like we knew each other for years, I could often not talk, she already knew what I wanted to say, there was a lot of alchemy and an understanding that sometimes we were disconcerted.
She was more confused than I was by our relationship and by what she felt for me, many times she found herself telling me that she felt a kind of love for me, but that she couldn't define it because she always liked only boys.
I was trying to make her understand that there was only one love and that if she felt it for me, all she had to do was indulge him, she was afraid, so she left it alone, we just continued to be friends.
I decided to start dating someone, I needed to feel some strong emotions, more than anything else to get her out of my head, the truth is that it was really difficult; Rossana is beautiful, short and straight hair, brown and penetrating eyes, a perfect physique and a sensuality that was evident in her every gesture.
Many times I had dwelt on her figure and I had started to make warm and exciting thoughts, as I knew that I could not do anything with her, I decided to look around and I met Paola, a pretty girl, brunette, green eyes, very feminine.
I admit that I liked her, we had been seeing each other for three weeks when I decided to take her to an evening of those we did with Rossana and the other friends, she hadn't met her yet, she knew I was seeing someone, she didn't really believe me, it didn't seem possible, given my difficult tastes.
When I arrived at the club with Paola, everyone was astonished, I introduced her as the girl I was seeing, I took the opportunity to tell everyone about me, they took her very well, some guys made jokes and envied me the company.
Rossana was petrified, she didn't say a word, she seemed to have seen a ghost, surely she didn't expect to see Paola there and that I would decide, at the same time, to tell everyone about me.
During the evening, Rossana didn't speak to me, but I could see that she was angry, especially when Paola approached me and gave me some kisses on the lips, suddenly, she got up from the table and said she didn't feel well, she went to the bathroom.
I let a few minutes pass, then I said that I would also go to the bathroom to check that Rossana was okay, but she was not in the bathroom; I noticed an emergency exit door at the back of the room, I came out of there, I found her resting on the wall with her eyes closed taking some breaths.
I called her, she didn't move, she had already felt my presence, I approached her, I stood in front of her. "Rossana, what's wrong with you? You haven't spoken to me all night!"
"You're asking me? Do you really need to ask me that?"
"Yes... We need... Fucking talk to me."
She looked at me, she was angry, the features on her face were tense, she remained silent, I was about to leave, when she grabbed me by the arm, drew me to her and kissed me passionately, I felt her tongue bully into my mouth.
She slammed me against the wall, her hands clutched my breast, her tongue slid down my neck, her hands opened the jeans I was wearing, I blocked her, I put her on the wall, bent down, lifted her dress and pulled off her panties.
I started to lick her pussy, she put one leg on my shoulder and let herself go to the moans of pleasure, she pushed my head more and more towards her intimacy, she made me understand that she wanted more, I penetrated her with my tongue, then I added two fingers.
I fucked her like that for several minutes, until she came into my mouth; I wanted to leave her for a few seconds to recover and instead she came back to put me against the wall, lifted my shirt and pulled off my bra, took my nipples in her mouth and licked them, while her right hand went into my panties.
I was so wet, I'd been waiting for that moment for months, finally I could feel her on me, I could feel her touch, her fingers slid into my pussy, my clit tingled, I clutched at the wall, while I was getting a powerful orgasm.
I let myself go on her, we were like this for a few minutes, there were moments of silence, then she told me I should go back in.
For the rest of the evening she didn't speak to me, Paola kissed me, at which point Rossana got up and threw a glass of water on me, leaving, everyone looked at us perplexed, I reached her, asked her what she wanted.
She turned around, slapped me, screamed that I had to stop letting that other girl touch me, kissed me with passion, looked me in the eyes and said: "Take me home and fuck me all night long".
After that night and that night, now we're together, for now I'm fine with it, she's really a big slut, we have great sex and sometimes, we even spend hours fucking each other.even if sometimes without her knowledge I break out with other girls... I'm insatiable....

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