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Lorenzo and I met on A69. I had placed an ad a bit 'out of the box on this site, I was not looking for easy sex, rather a relationship; among the many who wrote to me, it emerged he was looking for a lover, a Trav/trans very feminine, as I am.
He and I live far apart, over two cars away. After months of correspondence we finally decided to meet in ***, a seaside place more or less half way from where we live, on a hot Friday afternoon at the end of summer.
I arrive with my Porsche Boxster spyder... yes I like fast cars! I'm wearing a pair of skinny jeans, a slightly low-cut T-shirt that highlights my breasts, a pair of sunglasses with the signature of a well-known designer, my hair in a ponytail. I love wearing skinny jeans: since I've been transitioning, my hormones have reduced what was once a penis to a minimum. Now I can gather it into a little thong, no one would notice it even under the tightest of clothes.
He wanted me as a femme fatale, skirt, pumps, hold-ups... I warned him: I am a very practical, sporty woman: if you want me, take me as I am!
I see a big SUV parked, it's his. He sees me and gets out: he's a handsome man, tall, strong enough, his hair just long, as I like it. He's wearing jeans, a blue linen shirt and a well-cut jacket. I really like his image, he is the kind of man I wanted to meet.
He comes towards me smiling, we look into each other's eyes, he takes my hands and says "you are beautiful, even better than I imagined". I don't say anything: we have been chatting for months, words are useless at this point. I look at him, smile and let his arms bring me closer to him. I feel his breath, our mouths come together and we kiss.
"What a beautiful Porsche you have," I tell myself. "do you really like it?" i tell him ... "so come on, let's go for a ride, you drive if you want!".
He drives fast and safe in the road with few curves, the wind caresses my hair that a little bit goes in my eyes. I get closer, I rest my head on his chest, I smell his perfume that smells like citrus and wood, good; I think I'm lucky to have met him.
We finally reach the seashore, he turns off the engine, we are alone in front of a wide beach. It's late afternoon, by now there is no one around, the sun is going down dyeing the sky with the colors of blue and indigo.
Now our mouths are close again, our breathing a little labored speaks of excitement and desire. I close my eyes and barely open my lips.
I feel his lips, then his tongue firmly making its way in search of mine. The kiss is passionate, deep. I let his tongue penetrate deep into my mouth, I feel it inside and it's like a preview of the intercourse to come. As he kisses me I feel his fingers working their way into my cleavage, caressing my breasts and seeking out my nipples. My skin is sensitive, just that gentle contact makes me quiver and accentuates my arousal. I reach out and feel through my jeans his sex, it feels hot, quivering, stiff as a stick; I think he likes me.
We look at each other and he says, "Shall we go?", "yes", I reply, by now it is clear what we want. He starts the engine and in a few minutes we are at the motel that he had already booked.
We enter the room, a basket of fresh fruit is waiting for us on the table and a bottle of prosecco in its ice bucket. "Will you wait for me?", I tell him "I'm going to the bathroom for a second".
I go, get undressed, freshen up...a quick touch up of my lipstick and a few drops of Alien, my favorite scent. I put on my electric blue satin petticoat. My small breasts are clearly visible under the impalpable fabric, my hair falls softly on my shoulders.
He is waiting for me, he has taken off his jacket, he smiles at me holding in his hand two glasses of prosecco in which I can see some inviting bubbles dancing. We toast but I barely have time to taste the prosecco, he takes me by the hips and draws me to him. The kiss is even more passionate, our breaths labored. I unbutton his shirt, caress his hairy chest and in the meantime, I don't know how I feel his pants falling down. His member jumps out maliciously from his briefs, I feel it pressed against my belly. I desire him, there is no use denying it.
I kneel down, now it is in front of my eyes, the skin of the glans shiny, taut, wet. I lick those tiny transparent droplets, he moans. I half-close my lips and let him enter my mouth while my tongue continues to caress the glans, the frenulum and taste his humors. He puts his hands on my head and with some decision pushes me. The invitation is clear, I let it happen and I feel his sex going deep into my mouth, reaching my throat. My mouth is wide open to avoid touching him with my teeth, that penis that fills me almost takes my breath away but I don't want to stop. His pubes are close to my nose, I can smell his intoxicating odor, he smells male, while he tells me "come on don't stop, go ahead...". I start going back and forth, with my hands I caress his testicles, I like it and I can feel that he likes it, but I don't want it to end too soon, and then I have a craving too.
So I pull off and together we go to the bed. Now we are naked, I lie on my side and he is behind me. I feel his fingers searching my little hole. For the excitement is already dilated and ready to welcome him. He takes me from behind and puts his hands on my breasts and I feel him getting closer: he leans in and with a little push he is inside me. "Ouch, I say, be gentle, you're hurting me a little. It's been a long time since I've been with a man"; "yes honey, sorry". He comes out for a moment, I relax and then he's back inside me. The pain is gone, there is only pleasure. With his member inside me, I finally feel complete female. The feeling is completely different than with the rubber dildo. This one is quivering, pulsing...filling me up. Now Lorenzo in total control I don't have to do anything but enjoy. He begins to thrust, slowly at first, then with increasingly firm thrusts and I enjoy, I wish it would never end. The pleasure overwhelms me, I gasp, maybe I scream I do not know.
What was once my penis, is now only a strip of skin, it is no longer the center of my pleasure, in this moment it is not part of the game. My whole body is enjoying it, the skin of my breasts, of my buttocks, something unspecified that is being moved and stimulated inside me. The pleasure is slow, deep, widespread... I have no nostalgia for when I enjoyed as a man: my reality is now another, I am happy with my choice, I am a female.
He gets more and more excited and puts me in the doggy style position and starts to push back and forth, in and out harder and harder, until for a moment I feel him stiff and hard as a statue, then with a few quick strokes he pours his seed into me.
Now I am happy and fulfilled, I have embraced his pleasure, now he is really my man. We are embraced naked without any inhibition, leaning against the back of the bed, his arm around my shoulders and continues mischievously to caress my nipple. We finish our prosecco, we talk about stupid things, we laugh, we are happy.
Now it's time to leave and go back to our gray lives, but there will be other meetings. Now we are lovers, no one will take away the pleasure of these meetings, fleeting, clandestine, but from now on they will be an inescapable part of our lives.
Thank you Lorenzo, see you soon!

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