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Friends for life

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It is a cold winter evening, Matilde and her husband Matteo are on the sofa in their beautiful home on the hills of Treviso. The crackle of the fire in the fireplace acts as a background while the snow falls lightly outside and settles softly on the lawn. The girl sleeps peacefully in her little room while they let themselves be carried away by desire. Matteo is inside her and kisses her passionately while she wraps him around her legs. Matilde is a beautiful brunette woman, she is 32 but she shows a maximum of 28, her ebony skin makes her look like an Andalusian. Its body forged by sport gives it sinuous shapes that make men dream. Her bright black eyes, under a boy's hairstyle, give her a cheeky air. Her breasts are hard, with nipples turgid like nails, while a strip of black hair highlights her femininity. Matteo is an architect, an air of intellectual, long-limbed, with a vaguely vanished look that drives women crazy. Its light colors contrast with Matilde's dark ones. As they do so they love to speak softly, almost whispering, "We are really lucky to have a couple like Moira and Francesco as friends," Matilde whispers. Matteo smiles as all the beautiful experiences lived together pass through his mind.
Never a fight, never a scene of jealousy. The two couples grew up together, in life and in sex.
From the window you can see their friends' house, the bedroom is illuminated, the shadows on the wall are the silent witnesses of what is happening in that room.
Moira is a blonde Teutonic, 185 tall, ex volleyball player, she is one year younger than Matilde. Long blond hair surrounds a baby face with two big blue eyes. Its shapes are prosperous, a fifth seems to explode the bras, wide hips on a narrow waist underline a screaming back. A blond grove crowns a pink pussy. Francesco, on the other hand, also an architect, has a thick red crown and an equally thick beard and a physique from whom he has raised many quintals of cast iron in his life.
Matilde maliciously takes a photo of the naked bodies and sends it to the two friends who promptly reply with an even more explicit photo.
"Here we have excellent grappa and tasty home-made biscuits, the cream is in the fridge. We are waiting for you. Lorenzo we will sleep with Carolina. They won't wake up before tomorrow morning".
Twenty minutes pass and four of them play on the sofa, a good peated grappa helps the bodies to melt and the flavor of the cream spread on the sexes of the two women excites the men. After a while everyone has a mouth full of cream, and tongues run fast on naked bodies.
The two couples have known each other since the time of university. Same university, same passions and many nights spent together studying and having fun. The first intimate experience had happened almost for fun, when Matilde had surprised the two friends while they were passionately fucking in their room and candidly asked if she could enjoy the scene. Moira with a captivating look invited her to come closer to better enjoy the show and treacherously took her by the hand pulling her to himself and kissing her passionately on the mouth and breasts. The triangle soon became a quartet as soon as Matteo returned from the gym, still warm from the shower just made and perfumed with a Terre d'Hermes.
Their first time was natural and wonderful, the two women went crazy in licking each other, while the males penetrated them in their beautiful asses. Nothing was left out, they fucked as they fuck with their partner, without limits, without any taboos.
Over the years the erotic partnership had consolidated, the passion had never diminished, but rather had grown, as the sexual experiences they had together had grown. The first time in a private room, the first orgy, the first time outdoors. Only one thing was constant, everything always happened with all four present, always together.
Obviously the wedding had been celebrated together as well as the honeymoon to a long-dreamed and shared destination, Mexico.
Mexico, an enchanting, exotic country full of opportunities for two couples who seek the pleasures of sex in addition to those of discovery.
During the journey of carnal pleasures they found many like that time when they put the cleaning girl of the holiday village at the center of attention, a splendid Creole named Marie.
By now, among them, the concepts of straight, bisexual, etc. had faded as sex had become a continuous flow of emotions and intuitions of the moment that without the need for words governed the movements of the four bodies as in a dance orchestrated by a skilled choreographer.
When the two women became pregnant, the games continued in the most natural way possible, if possible with greater passion, to satisfy the increased cravings typical of a pregnant woman.
Matilde is restless, a mischievous look flashes in her eyes as she speaks with Matteo. From his way of speaking and his movements a strange excitement shines through, the feeling of a desire never expressed but for a long time present in their meetings.
"You know love, our little girl is three years old and is growing up with Lorenzo as if they were siblings. We are truly a beautiful extended family. It would be wonderful to make everything deeper, unchanging". And he smiled, still that mischievous smile that had conquered Matteo many years ago and still hypnotized him, making him mad with passion.
It is evident to Matteo that Matilde is raising the bar, looking for something more, but how it is possible to reach an even deeper intimacy with the couple with whom they have shared everything to date. Matteo draws her to himself, knows his wife well, often knows what he thinks well before she says it, but this time he really can't follow her.
It's a hot Wednesday in September, September 4th, Matteo's birthday, Matilde and Matteo are in the hot tub located in the center of their large bathroom and are preparing for Matteo's birthday party which will certainly turn into a hot evening of sex with their friends. Suddenly, Matilde looks Matteo in the eye and says to him "Honey, tonight it will be a nice party, Moira and I will drive you crazy. There will be a special gift for you but to have it you will have to wait a little". Matteo is intrigued and whispers that the best gift is already with him in the tub. He kisses her gently on the neck while his fingers play with his clitoris. The passion grows and swells like Matteo's cock who starts to fuck Matilde hotly. She panting asks him to take her behind and turning around shows her her soft little hole ready to open up to his cock. Matteo goes crazy with pleasure and burst into a very strong orgasm.
As always, after having sex, Matteo squeezes Matilde to his chest who says, "Listen, love, would you mind if I spend this weekend with Francesco, I found a good opportunity in the Siena area. A farm just 50 euros per night. You you could be here with Moira and the kids. She'll know how to keep you company. " Matteo perplexed by the strange request of his wife agrees, although they have never been separated before. Everything has always happened between the four of them. This time she asks for something different. "Okay love," says Matteo confusedly "but be good". "As always," she says mischievously.
The Saturday on the Sienese hills is fantastic, the farm is really pretty, the stone walls make the atmosphere almost medieval and the sweet profile of the hills reminds Francesco of her breasts.
Matilde and Francesco are making love, their naked bodies are kissed by the sun, the drops of sweat mix and make their bodies smooth and slippery.
While Francesco is inside her and is panting near orgasm, Matilde takes his face in her hands and looks him straight in the eyes. A bright, lively look that only a resolute woman can do "Listen love, today I would like something more from you, I would like to have you inside, but really inside and not only for a few hours but for many months. I would like a part of you always with myself". Francesco looks at her dazed, he is not sure to understand, his gaze is that of a child who suffers a rebuke but does not know why. This way of doing makes Matilde go crazy with pleasure. "I want you to get pregnant, I haven't taken the pill for a month and I only get it from Matteo's ass, so if you come inside me and a son arrives it will certainly be yours".
Francesco, is sweaty and surprised by Matilde's proposal, on the one hand he is afraid of the possible reaction of Moira on the other he is proud that she wants to be made a mother by him. Matilde immediately understands what her man is thinking and reassures him, "Right now Moira is most likely making the same request to Matteo. For two months we two girls have been thinking about it and we have stopped the pill. Now you understand why Moira did he always ask to come up her ass? ". Francesco smiles, caresses her and enters her again inside. The cock is very hard, it is pervaded by an incredible energy, the woman he has had sex with hundreds of times, this time it is really his woman, ready to be impregnated by him. The maximum of trust that a woman can give to a man. While Francesco burst into a wonderful orgasm, Matilde's phone emits the classic signal of a whatsapp message. It's from Moira. Matilde takes her cell phone and reads the message. A photo of Moira's gorgeous pussy dripping with sperm occupies the entire display, a message says "Seal of a wonderful bond". Matilde smiles and reciprocates the courtesy, opens her legs and photographs her pussy full of Francesco's juice. "Seal of a wonderful bond," he confirms.
As soon as the photo arrives at its destination
the phone rings, it's Moira. "All right lovebirds, I hope my Francesco has filled you well. Matteo was wonderful. Certainly excellent results will come out." Everyone smiles. Matilde says to Matteo "Love, here is the gift that Moira and I, our uteri, had prepared for you to seal a wonderful bond".
The four continued to have unprotected sex during the following weeks with the only rule that one man's man came into the other's pussy. After a few months both women found themselves pregnant. The indissoluble and profound bond they had been looking for for some time had finally been established. A blood pact signed with the sperm of the males in the belly of the women.
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