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Fake Lay - Nutaku

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Fake Lay, developed by Endless Fun Studio. Published on Nutaku in October 2017. A clicker / dating sim, this game is a frankenstein's monster of hentai clickbait memes. It's inspired by the porn site "Fake Taxi", cancerous clicker games like Crush Crush, there's classic dating sim concepts. You're even filming porn of the girls!This game has no plot. The premise is, that you're some dude running a porn business, driving around picking up girls in your cab. You take them in, and bribe them into becoming your personal cum dumpster porn stars. You encourage them to get naked, pimp them for cash, and fuck them. Sweet talk, and money are the path to success for any man, right? Despite the cheerful tone, it's a very dark cynical game.


The positive is that there's some animation. The girls move their lips when talking, there's always some object moving on screen, keeping your lizard brain engaged. Little things like the porn films hovering in the air, look nice.You click the girls, to gain points in the affection meter, displayed as a thermometer. You click, click, click, and click, and the hearts flood the screen. When you reach a new level with a girl, you film her, and make money from selling the film. Then you start working towards the next affection level, where she undresses even more. You choose how to spend your "energy" into various tasks. You choose which of your businesses churn out cash. You choose skills you want to level up. The girls necessitate that you're a certain level at ie. seduction, art of sex, filming, or other, before they let you film another scene. New businesses unlock as your skill levels increase. New girls unlock as you progress.The hentai games has a special feature that it keeps progressing while you're offline. You gain money, and skill levels when you're not playing.To get the girls naked, they require that you take them to dates, and give them gifts, Just check the requirements from the right-side bar. When you progress in affection levels, you also gain more energy.To put it simple, you are managing a cynical porn business, abusing working class women for profit. If this ghetto scenario stirs the sperm in your testicles, fuck you. You're part of the problem. If you stick around in the game enough, you get some girls. Sooner rather than later the minigame will provide so little affection for the girls that you have to do it hundreds of times to get anywhere.​

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- MacOS 10 or higher: Chrome ver.30 or higher, Firefox ver.30 or higher, Safari ver. 10 or higher

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