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Cho Dengeki Stryker - Nutaku

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Cho Dengeki Stryker is a visual novel that looks like an anime. That doesn’t mean that the story or design is lacking! Once you begin playing Cho Dengeki, you’ll be wrapped up by the story and the gameplay rather quickly. Just a reminder - this is not a free hentai games, so if you want to try it out, you’ll need to spend some actual money, and truth be told, it’s worth it.

Cho Dengeki Stryker.png

The story premise is quite interesting. You are a young boy called Yuuki, that’s obsessed with a character from a manga called, you guessed it, Stryker. Stryker Zero is the macho leader type, which is the exact opposite of Yuuki. Yuuki spends most of his time playing with Haruna, his neighbor, and she’s a mellow girl that other kids often tease, so he does his best to defend her only to fail every time. Tragedy strikes as Yuuki learns that Haruna is moving away, so to find a cure for his sadness, he goes to a temple where he meets a strange man. He is called the Memory Collector, and he promises to grant any wish Yuuki has in exchange for his memories. Of course, Yuuki wants to be his beloved hero Stryker, but as a result, he forgets everything, including Haruna.

Yuuki then moves to Tokyo to defend it from the Balbora Empire, where he is reunited with Haruna and a friend of hers called Sayaka. From there, the trio meets new characters, interacts with them, and figures out a way to stop the empire. You’ll have the chance to explore six different routes with unique endings. They all have some slice of life moments mixed in together, along with great humor and romantic moments. As the game progresses, Yuuki deepens his relationship with the heroine of your choice, until it finally leads to an erotic scene you’ll be bound to remember for a long time.

The music in Chou Dengeki is amazing. The tunes are catchy and fun, and they can get you properly fired up for the battle scenes. The voice acting is not lacking either, and the character design is fantastic as well. Every character has a quirky personality trait that makes them lovable. The stories are linear, and your choices lead you on a path that you’ll figure out quickly, but the actual story is excellent - it almost feels like watching an actual anime. Give Chou Dengeki Stryker a try if you enjoy Japanese animation!

Key Features​

* Three new stories: "Love Chapter", "Steel Chapter", "Light Chapter"
* Retooled battle scenes with new sprites, event CG, and cut-in materials!
* Superb voice acting for all major characters
* Singleplayer
* HD graphics and UI
* DRM Free

System Requirements​

Windows System Requirements:
Windows XP and up

Recommended CPU: Pentium4 2GHz
Recommended Memory: 2GB
Recommended Colors: 24bit colors

Required CPU: PentiumIII 1GHz
Required Memory: 1GB
Required Colors: 16bit colors
Required Resolution: 800x600
Sounds: DirectSound
Required Graphics: 32MB
Required HDD Free Space: 5GB
DirectX: DirectX9.0c

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