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    Cho Dengeki Stryker - Nutaku

    Cho Dengeki Stryker is a visual novel that looks like an anime. That doesn’t mean that the story or design is lacking! Once you begin playing Cho Dengeki, you’ll be wrapped up by the story and the gameplay rather quickly. Just a reminder - this is not a free hentai games, so if you want to try...
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    BoobRun Deluxe - Nutaku

    It has been a while since I played a jump-and-run arcade, and even longer since I played one with some adult content. The feeling has been missed. Then I came across this one. The world is apparently under an alien invasion. Those horny intruders from out of space are creating mayhem around...
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    PeroPero Seduction - Nutaku

    Peropero Seduction it a card battle based sexual adventure where seduction is your strength and desire is your enemy. Prove that your charm is irresistible and your techniques are enough to bring any woman to their knees! Through years of training under The Master, you and your brother have...
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