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Attack On Moe H - Nutaku

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Nutaku announced new versions of popular titles on its site. An Android version of Attack on Moe H and a browser version of Booty Calls. Both games will allow you to start playing on one device and then pick up where you left off on the other. This hentai games version of the clicker RPG has interactive, fully animated adult scenes and events. You can also caress your captured Moetan to reach a higher level of intimacy and gain rewards. Special artifacts can also help you gain more intimacy with your prisoners. The gameplay consists of repeatedly clicking the screen until your wrists are bust, and your will to live, drained from your cold dead bones. Your sword dude swings his cutter as you click, slaying giant enemies that magically disappear, leaving behind nothing but blood-stained gold.

Without automation of the clicking, the game would not be nearly as much fun. You hire a small army of “heroes” to automatically slay enemies on screen. You can upgrade their levels, and unlock their special abilities. At levels 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 400, and 800, you unlock a hero’s special ability. Max level is 1000. The game doesn’t give an explanation what any of these specials do – you only find out how the NPCs contributed to your gold gain, and DPS, after they are dead. You’ll be surprised to learn how important even the low level heroes are. Oh, and your heroes keep slaying enemies while you’re offline.

Unlocking moe spirits, provides various permanent buffs similar to moetifacts. When you get more intimacy levels with them (gained by clicking), their buffs grow stronger. You keep your moe spirits through rebirth.

Free-to-play clicker game Attack on Moe-H has begun pre-registration on adult gaming portal Nutaku. The game will be launching on the site in the next few weeks but by pre-registering now players can get some helpful in-game items. Help defend the Pixel Art Kingdom from giant titan moe girls called Moetan from the 5th dimension portal in this action-adventure RPG. Unique items called “Moetifacts” will help players defeat their foes. Collect each unique item to take on stronger Moetans. Gems will allow players to craft their own power boosted artifacts. Quicktime battle events are fully animated and an offline mode is available to play. Players can also build their very own Pixel Art Kingdom.These powerful items will get players off to a nice start when the game launches online via Nutaku in the coming weeks.
• Immerse yourself in the world of the best Adventure Clicker game!!
• Tap/click to defeat the Moetan bosses and their weirdly adorable acolytes!
• Capture the rampant Moetans, befriend them and you might get lucky!
• Create your own artifacts and power up your skills!
• Over 2000 stages and hundreds of hours of game play!


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* IE 11 and higher, Google Chrome 56 or higher
OS X 10.9 Mavericks or later  
* Safari 8 and higher
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