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As a girl I was terrible (I go to live alone)

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As mentioned in the previous chapter, cohabitation with Sara lasted about ten years.
The reasons that led us to separate us were basically two. The first was due to the fact that the relationship between her and Luca had become serious to the point that they felt the need to live together.
When Sara told me about it she asked me not without embarrassment if it was okay for the two of us to add Luca, of course I should have left our bed for the sofa but there was the advantage that we would have divided the costs into three, alternatively she said to herself willing to look for another accommodation.
I replied that at the moment I had no problem with Luca joining us but I would stay until I found a new accommodation and then I would leave them alone to enjoy the well-deserved couple life without me in the way.
This is the second reason that the time had come to separate us. Already before Sara came out with this novelty I was thinking of going to live alone.
I had achieved economic stability that would allow me to live autonomously which was basically what I wanted since I was a teenager.
I gave no deadlines and they didn't mention it either.
I wanted to find the right place for me, my tastes and my needs and I would stay with them until I found it.
The three-way cohabitation despite forcing me to move to the sofa for the night also had its positive sides. More than once I was invited to share the bed with them for exciting erotic moments. Luca was mad at the sight of me and Sara that we loved each other and moreover he was lucky enough to have two women just for him.
On Sundays, when we were all at home, I prepared the common breakfast table because, being a morning out of habit, I always got up before the other two.
Often in those circumstances Luca would get up while Sara was still asleep and come to the kitchen, greet me with a kiss on the neck and put her hands under the shirt I usually wore during the day (I slept without at night) and felt my breasts. I, between kisses and the warmth of the hands that descended from my breasts towards my sex, gave in to desire and let it stand against the kitchen surface.
It happened that Sara came in while we were still fucking and either joined us or sat watching us and touched herself below.
Over time, however, I realized that these freedoms that we were taking began to make her jealous and then one day I took Luca aside and told him that we should stop having sex and that it would have been better to devote himself exclusively to Sara who was beginning to endure that he split between me and her.
Luca understood and from that day he turned his attention to Sara and it was the right thing because she returned serene and we prevented the harmony that had always accompanied us from breaking.
Finally one day, among the various proposals that the real estate agency sent me, I found the one that seemed suitable for me.
It was a semi-central residential complex built in recent times in an area previously occupied by disused industrial warehouses.
The residence consisted of five buildings surrounded by greenery and connected to each other and to the main road by a private road.
The buildings had all been built on three floors comprising two apartments each. The only difference was in the size, three of them had a larger size as the apartments were larger and were dedicated to families with more children while the other two, smaller in size had apartments more suitable for couples without children or those who had an only child and of course also to those who like me single had the need to live in a spacious accommodation.
The exterior was well finished with exposed bricks, copper gutters and drains, roof covered with tiles and PVC windows with the interior in wood.
There was more than one vacant apartment and I chose one on the third floor, the preferred location.
It consisted of an anteroom at the entrance, a kitchen and a room lit by a four-door French window which gave onto a large balcony which could also be reached from the kitchen and which overlooked the front of the house.
To the right of the antechamber there was a corridor which overlooked a closet, a bedroom that could accommodate a single bed or alternatively a bunk bed and below there was the spacious bathroom with the sanitary facilities already installed including the tub and the shower cubicle . Only the furniture components were missing. At the end of the corridor there was the bedroom which was also spacious and illuminated by a French window identical to that of the room and which gave onto a balcony that was decidedly smaller than the one in front but still of moderate size.
Being newly built and never inhabited, it was still freshly painted so ready to furnish.
I used some of the money saved in those years to buy furniture
, household linen, furnishings and everything that was needed. I could also afford the luxury of buying a new subcompact since the one that had followed me from my 18 years to now that I had reached thirty had exhaled my last breath and I had to resign myself to that it underwent the sad ritual of scrapping.
The night before my departure, Sara and Luca gave us a break from the rule and it was we women who started giving Luca one of our performances which turned out to be the most passionate ever.
He later joined us succeeding very well in satisfying both and generously giving us his seed which we passed from mouth to mouth.
The morning of my departure came and I collected my last things (the rest I had already brought with their help to the new house). There was no lack of tears and with Sara we left promising ourselves not to forget each other and to see each other every now and then.
That day I took possession of my house, I finally saw my dream come true. I had made it, I had achieved the much desired and tenaciously pursued autonomy and full control of my life. I was very happy, I finally felt free.
I had furnished the house according to my tastes, in the room I had two 4-seater sofas placed opposite each other divided by a low table as long as the sofas and fifty centimeters wide. I would have welcomed them my guests which I hoped could be numerous. In the bedroom the bed was large and rested on a platform, it had only the headboard while the other three sides were completely free. The wardrobe that was on the wall opposite the bed consisted of four mirrored doors while the dresser was on the side wall, there were two bedside tables on the sides.
I had transformed the small bedroom into a studio which in a few years would become my office where I would gradually begin to do my work from home except in those cases where my presence on site was necessary
It took me a while to settle in that part of the city still unknown to me. It was not easy to find the right people to bond with.
You see, it happens today too, but in those years it was even worse.
If a man has no emotional ties and has more than one female attendance, he is admired by friends and considered at best a libertine or a casanova by the most moralists, but this does not disturb anyone, not even women. They also consider it natural for a single man to behave and I am sure that not a few of them married and not would not oppose a tenacious resistance to any of his advances.
If, on the other hand, it is a woman who proves to be uninhibited and uninhibited by her free and legitimate choice then things change, she is judged to be a little good, one to avoid and these are the kindest terms because the most frequently used ones are sluts, whores with all their variants.
Women look at you badly and men avoid you except then come forward at the first opportunity they meet you where nobody knows them, then magically change their attitude, they become courteous under the illusion that such a woman will allow herself easily.
At the beginning I suffered a lot but I was supported by my character and by the conviction that any human being, man or woman, whether or not he creates harm to others, has the right to live his life as he sees fit. Who fuck those who judge on the basis of preconceptions and unfortunately consolidated moral hypocrites and bigots, I do not give a shit about them, it is better that I do not hide my nature of them who live hiding behind a facade of apparent respectability while who knows what vices, frustrations and depraved fantasies lodge within them.
In the months following my transfer, I had the good fortune to build a series of sincere and unprejudiced friendships. Few but good are said, it was so for me.
Part of us found ourselves in a small pub in an alley adjacent to the city center, frequented mostly by regulars.
We stopped the time for a beer and had a chat and then there were those who decided to stay and others including me who preferred to go out for a walk or go to the cinema or go to one of the many places that offered live music. Often the evenings were spent at one or the other's home and mine was no exception and they played board games, chatted and sometimes dinners were organized. The people I saw most frequently were no more than a dozen and they plowed out the most varied. There were those who were together and who was single or because he had left with the partner or had not yet found the right person and who like me was by choice.
One Saturday evening I organized a dinner at my house and with the help of Paolo who worked on cruise ships as a chef we prepared tasty dishes. We were nine and cons
we hummed our dinner on the balcony chatting, enjoying the food and bathing it with the excellent wine brought by Sergio and Giovanna, husband and wife owners of a wine shop. After dinner, we moved to the living room to play board games, laughing and joking, also thanks to the wine until late in the evening when the couples decided it was time to return, there were those who had children and those who simply wanted intimacy. Paolo, whom you have already met, and Fausto, a fifty-three year old divorced architect, remained. None of the three wanted to go to sleep so we stayed talking to each other and when we finished the topics of conversation we thought of some pastime. Paolo had the brilliant idea of proposing a game of strip poker.
Since I didn't know the rules of poker, we veered for the straight forty.
The mechanism was simple. Each hand we played a garment of our choice and the two who lost had to remove what they had bet.
Everyone tried to find out as late as possible so that first the shoes left and then the socks for men and I, who was not wearing them, had to take off my dress revealing the short silk petticoat that covered but did not hide the underwear I wore from view below.
I happened to win two hands in a row leaving both in my underwear. Fausto won the next two so I was soon with only my briefs while Paolo was the first to remain completely naked.
The next hand was Paul to close so the scores were cleared and the game ended.
We could have continued perhaps this time who closed the hand could invent a penance for the other two which could have been a tantalizing idea but the circumstances suggested that it was another move to make.
"Guys as I see you put I guess you agree if we continue the evening in bed"
My naked body under their eyes had caused both of them a strong erection and they did not let themselves be prayed, it was most likely what they hoped to hear me say.
So we headed for the bedroom.
At the time I would have been between 34 and 36 years old and since my adolescence I have been attracted to those who were more mature than me and growing up I have not changed my tastes in this sense.
Fausto was 52 years old, dry physique, the result of his morning runs, of medium height, salt-pepper hair and an equipment, alas, not too up to my standards, which, however, partially compensated with a nice round and firm ass.
Paolo, on the other hand, was about 45, one meter and eighty with a virile, male appearance and with a decidedly better equipment to meet my needs.
I forgot to point out that Fausto, unlike Paolo, loved to completely depilate which made his feminine side stand out in my eyes.
I was the one who broke the ice by taking the initiative. I asked Fausto to lie on his stomach and lift his hips while keeping his head on the bed and arching his back. That position maximized his beautiful butt. I went up to him and started kissing his buttocks, not sparing him some light bites but which I noticed pleased him. I then devoted myself entirely to her anus which was also carefully depilated. I started to kiss and lick him, salivating him abundantly. While doing this, Paolo's hands ran along my body accompanied by kisses behind the neck, on the shoulders and back.
I had gone to use my thumb to massage the orifice to relax and at the same time spread the saliva until it penetrated to lubricate the entrance.
After the operation, I asked Fausto to turn around and send me on all fours to give him a blowjob starting from the testicles as my custom. While playing with them with one hand I handled the bird and with the other I massaged the perineum.
Taking advantage of my favorable position, Paolo stood behind me and after having rubbed the chapel several times along my sex to collect its moods, he penetrated me with his beautiful stick.
I went to suck Fausto's cock which I had no trouble swallowing up to its root and inserted my index finger into its hole once I found the prostate I started massaging it.
He showed his double pleasure with long moans while the other firmly pressed his hips and started pumping decisively.
I enjoyed and was very excited by what I was able to make Fausto enjoy especially with prostate massage.
My endeavor finally paid off because it announced that the orgasm was about to come.
I took my mouth off my cock and devoted myself exclusively to massage. I became aware of the imminence of orgasm from its panting and from the increasingly intense moans.
I was surprised when he came in that his cock at full erection released the sperm very slowly and for a long time while Fausto seemed ecstatic. I had never seen a man come that way. Her orgasm both in duration and intensity had many affinities with the female one.
I was proud, it was the first time that I had brought a man to the height of pleasure in that way. I licked all the sperm that had spilled on my belly and gave my cock a final suck by now become a flabby sausage to collect the last drops.
Paolo from behind did not stop sliding his piston back and forth
"Fuck my ass I told him"
He poured a bolus of saliva on my anus and spread it well even on his rod and slipped inside easily. While taking care of my backside I started to masturbate.
When I felt close to orgasm I intervened again
"I want you to come to my pussy, I'm protected"
He did not hesitate to switch from one hole to another.
I touched my clitoris but I regulated the movements so as to come at the same time as him and when the time came I increased the pressure on the trigger and the movement of the fingers and I came while I felt his semen warming my belly.
The evening could not have ended better than this.
After dismissing my friends, I went back to bed and decided to put off the shower the next morning.
I wanted to enjoy the taste of the auspicious sperm that I had in my mouth, Paolo's semen in my belly and the smell of sex and male that I had on me until my sleep caught me.
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