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Marco had kindly offered to host me in his room in Bologna. A university student, about to graduate in electronic engineering, he was a smart and intelligent guy. He was a womanizer, he loved pussy in a visceral way and he didn't spare betrayals to the girl on duty. Laura, his current partner, had managed to harness him even if there were escapades with young students fascinated by the dry and athletic body of my friend.

I was a guest because of a competition for a state position. Although I had never opened up to him about my feeling like a woman, Marco had sensed something. Jokes and various hints of a sexual nature had made me realize it.

I arrived at his place in the early afternoon of a hot day in early June.

- stay whenever you want

he told me

- if you want to go out together tonight for a pizza. Laura is also coming

- I thank you Marco, but I prefer to go out to meet a person with whom I have already fixed an appointment.

I did not want to disturb and then the idea of going out to Bologna alone attracted me.

- As you wish. This is the key to the room, come back when you want.

I took a quick shower and said goodbye to Marco. I went out for a long walk enjoying the city, its stores, the vitality of the young university students of which the city was rich.

In the evening I went to eat in a small restaurant and after the last walk I slowly went home.

I entered the hallway of the house and met Laura coming down the stairs. She was visibly upset, angry. She quickly said goodbye to me and walked out, slamming the front door. I went upstairs and entered the house. The room was empty, the small kitchen deserted but I could tell from the dirty dishes that they had eaten dinner. The bathroom door was open. I looked out.

Marco was taking a shower

- Marco

I called

- I'm here

he told me while he was soaping himself

- I met Laura on the stairs

- Never mind, we had a fight

- How come?

- She's a bitch. I told her to blow me and she said no. He just wanted to fuck. She knows that if she doesn't take me in her mouth, I don't like to fuck.

He stood in front of me naked, wet. The statuesque physique. His bigol that still hung a little excited. I couldn't help but look at him, admire him, imagine him in my hand. Feeling him as hard as marble, aroused by my work. She was exploding in her desire to have that cock all to herself.

Marco noticed my attention to his sex.

- tell me, do you like my cock?

- really...

- Come on, don't make a fuss, I've always known you're a girl. That way of yours, that sweetness you have. Come here, come closer.

He shut off the flow of water.

I approached slowly like an automaton.

- come here.

I was facing him now, feeling the warmth of his body. The water flowed in many rivulets on his chest until it reached his groin.

- Take it in your hand, I know you want it.

I reached out my arm, spread my hand and grabbed his member.

- You like it, don't you?

- It's nice, it's big

I answered him

- play with it then, it's all yours

I took hold of him and began to saw him off slowly. He hardened quickly, obviously they had made out and he was excited but everything was over with the fight. The excitement and the desire, however, remained intact. I had to collect Laura's inheritance and make Marco feel like a real man. A stallion.

- go on like this

My movement was regular but slow. Of course, I didn't want him to enjoy it right away, not before I had tasted it all. He caressed the back of my neck as he used to do with his woman and gently pushed down making me clearly understand what he wanted from me. I knelt down and before my eyes there was his majesty erect and hard as ever. The red and purple chapel, the protruding foreskin. A delicious invitation to enjoy that goodness. Veins protruded all over the shaft that was not long but certainly well developed. The testicles hung from the scrotal sac. A fine specimen of the male sex without any doubt.

- take it in your mouth

he begged me

I gently caressed his abdomen, feeling with my fingertips the profile of his muscles. Hard and firm, tense from the effort of resisting the stress to which I was subjecting the sexual organ. It was a magnificent cock that no female could resist. The idea that that big piston could enter the vagina made me horny as hell. To me who didn't have a vagina but mentally it was my fixed thought. To be pistoned by that wonderful tool that mother nature had created to give pleasure. I parted my lips and pushed the glans into my mouth. I held it on my tongue. It smelled so clean, he pushed forward in an attempt to get it all in my mouth. I satisfied him. He slid it in slowly giving me time to take air with my cheeks, widening my throat to facilitate access to that vibrating pole of flesh. He managed to get it all the way down my throat. In my face his pubic hair.

- you are very good, much better than many little whores that go around barefoot.

as an answer I pulled back my head to plunge right back in.

It was beautiful to have him in my mouth. To feel the male being dominated by a missed female, but still female who knew how to appreciate his penis for what it was: the demonstration of power of the male.

- you like it, don't you?

Silly question as I was dripping with pleasure. With my lips I teased every part of his member, with my throat I tried to titillate the foreskin, with the tip of my tongue I sought the thread of the glans. My hand was on my pussy and I was trying to tease the imaginary clitoris. I was squealing big time as his woman would have done.

- I fuck you in the mouth, I want to drown you with cum because you like it.

I pulled it out only to tell him a slobbering and willing

- yes

with his hands he blocked the back of my head and began to fuck me with a fast pace. His testicles clacked loudly on my chin. I clung to his hips to avoid falling given the force with which that stud was fucking me.

- come

he said and a moment later I could no longer breathe. I had to free my cock from the grip of his lips and while I let it out a stream of cum hit my nose and immediately after another on my right cheek. I swallowed his cream while hot cum slipped from my nose onto my lips. It was creamy, hot, the essence of the male. He began to jerk off to empty his balls and unloaded everything into my mouth, open to the extreme.

- you were very good

he told me, while I was collecting with my tongue and rivulets of sperm that were sliding down

- you deserve a prize: I want to have you, fuck you well

- do you really want me?

I asked him

he groped my ass

- to die

whispered to me.

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