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Hi ;* I'm a Dom (partly switch), who is looking for a little sub to play with. I'm a soft dom, so i like giving affirmations and positive encouragement, and making a safe space to explore fantasies. All though that doesnt mean i dont like being rough and I also like teasing a lot, so dont expect an easy time. I can also do degreding and humiliation, but obviously that depends on you as my sub and what you prefer. I do like punishments and rewards. And i like delving into fantasies and getting close with each other.

- What to expect:
We will get to know each other, sext, and see where things go. Itll hopefully be a safe space for us to have fun as much as we'd like.
If you aren't active all the time, I won't be active all the time either, then we can just focus on having fun from time to time, and give you rewards and punishments to do for me.

- Just a little about myself:
I like being very loving and caring, and I love pleasing both me and my sub. I do that by either using them, making them do stuff for me, or by doing things that please us both. I am known to spoil my slave, but because of that I try to tease a lot too ;3
I also like degrading and being rough. That ofc depends on you, what you like, and our moods.

- What I expect:
Someone who is actively trying to have a good back and forth and not just expecting everything to get to them.
To have fun and explore together, create a nice and warm connection with each other.

When you message me it could be a good idea to write about these things right away:
-Your name
-Your age
-Where you're from
-What you like in general
-Your fetishes
-Your limits and what you are open to
-Your fantasies
-How you feel about being a sub and your expectations

Do you want to see me naked?

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