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  1. Thecockyjock

    33 [m4f] Cocky Jock Iso Mistress For Humiliation/verbal Abuse/forced-bi/blackmail/exposure!

    My name is Ben, and I am seeking a true Mistress that is interested and knowledgeable in the BDSM lifestyle, NOT a Findom! Ideally an LTR online or leading to RT, a Mistress I can trust and serve loyally and completely submit to. EXPERIENCE: I appear to be a dominant alpha male to all of those...
  2. S

    Any slave want to be on my feet and worship me

    I am looking for serious slave to serve me on kik/Snapchat. My kik username is luciamiss_dom and my Snapchat is J_mistress2021
  3. S

    I'm looking for a loyal and humble slave to serve me on Kik sandrascott1810

    Mistress looking for a loyal and humble slave to serve me on Kik sandrascott1810
  4. S

    Are you looking for strict mistress to serve?

    I am looking for obedient and serious slave to serve me on kik/Snapchat my kik username is Mi88ty and my Snapchat is J_mistress2021
  5. freshmella

    Looking for a filthy generous slave!

    I'll be your mistress, if you obey what i say, and my demands.. if your interested in degrading yourself, just msg me on kik:gndcamerella
  6. E

    Detailed Degrade/ rap3 Chat About My Friends

    Love sharing my college friends, fuckdolls for other creeps to perv on and lust over. Nothing gets my cock harder then hearing all the filthy shit you guys would do to them. I also love getting tributes for them. I’m currently edging my cock, and I need a bud to degrade, abuse, and just ruin...
  7. freshmella

    Queen of Punishment!

    You want punish? humiliate and degrade? ill turn you into a fucking sissy.. if you want more details add me at kik:gndcamerella i need generous slave...
  8. freshmella

    Queen of Pain!

    im gonna humiliate your entire life obey what i say! im gonna disgrace you! i need generous filthy slave! msg me on my kik:gndcamerella
  9. E

    [SUB LOOKING FOR DOM(S)] Please humiliate and degrade me! Kik: JasiAnoo

    Hello, I want to experience some new online bdsm adventures because my boyfriend doesn't please me in real life. I want to be treated like a bitch. Serve all people on earth. Fucked and given away to men. I love groups who want to fuck, humiliate and use useless whores like me for their...
  10. I

    18yr old Mexican spic needs to be degraded

    I need to be degraded and humiliated on Kik ladycurves
  11. I

    Degrade Mexican slut

    Looking for dom men to degrade and humiliate me on Kik jynx2x
  12. H

    Kik Me To Chat & Degrade Non-Nude Pics Of Sluts I Know Personally

    Kik me at HIsaidmycat if you would like to see some non nude pics of girls also to comment on he degrade them it turns me on when people say shit about the girls I know and say stuff they would like to do to the girls I know and Please go into detail about what you would like to see happen to...
  13. I

    18 yr old beaner slut Kik fuxxxahoe

    18 year old beaner slut into incest and other degrading humiliating
  14. S

    I'm A Fat, Worthless (m) Slut, Please Humiliate, Degrade And Sissify Me (nl)

    Dear Doms/Masters/Mistresses etc... I'm currently mostly looking for a dom or doms who would enjoy humiliating and degrading me while also sissifying/feminizing me and force me to act/do things girls would do, or in a way girls would do it. I already only pee sititng down but I'd be willing to...
  15. I

    Submissive Ebony Slut Loves Degration

    Selling Nudes and Videos. Submissive Slave in Training saving for New Tits, Kik Satinbunny22.
  16. F

    Let me degrade

    I'm looking to degrade your wife/gf, sister/daughter, or even just someone you know.. I'm also a bull looking to chat with a cuck couple
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