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Zombie Incest

Hello, i am Athena, Zombie Queen from the movie Army of the Dead. I am looking for someone to pretend and Roleplay as a Young female zombie called Summer in a Zombie Incest scenario. In the scenario you will be constantly breastfed, learnt how to have sex, etc. You would also not be able to speak properly and you would either have one arm or one leg. Roleplay will include blood, gore, lesbian sex, breastfeeding, zombie porn, zombie orgys with other female zombies (I will play them as well) and bathing in blood. Create a Kik as Summer, use the pictures of her below in your snap story, refer to me as mommy or mom, talk and act like her but remember you are unable to speak properly and ask for the scenario. My Snapchat is zombiequeen450

Do you want to see me naked?


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