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YouPorn has been around for only a while now, since 2006, just around the same time I started not shying away from the fact that I am a porn fan. It is actually one of the very first multiple category free porn sites to hit the interwebs. It has been a meteoric rise since and if you are not taking advantage of this site, I wonder what the fuck you have been doing with your life? You Porn has unlimited content, over 300,000 videos to be precise. kikdirty loves the daily updates, which are about 100 times per day, which is pretty much a mystery till now. With over 12 Million visitors per day and an incredible 2.5 million searches per day from countries around the world, why would someone not want to have a piece of this cake everyone seems to be enjoying.

About the women. kikdirty basically loves anything with a pair of tits and a pussy (but of course the pretty ones have priority)…There are so many sluts in YouPorn; they are in all forms, shapes and sizes. javpornxxx I’m talking of whores as young as 18 to old-timers of 50 years. One way or another you can be sure that your fantasies are all figured out. It’s called variety, dear fap friend. No rules are filtering the contents of this site. Everything is appropriately categorised to improve your viewing experience. Prepare for one hell of a ride.

Just like the whores, kikdirty definitely loves the action, which again comes in a variety. Any sick and twisted XXX mixture you can think of, you will find on this bitch. Watch these beautiful women get their wet pussies pounded dry, watch them take cumshots, suck gigantic dicks, and basically any crazy fantasy involving cocks and clits. You will also find, lesbian, BDSM, and everything. Dude, this is heaven.

Feeling like your boss has been a pain in the ass? Feeling like releasing some of that tension? kikdirty highly recommends You Porn. There are loads of categories; fetishes, lesbian, hardcore sex, mature, young and old, and much, much more. The videos correspond to giant channels like Defloration TV, Brazzers, Nubile Films, and Young Anal Tryouts. Over 2,500 channels representing the biggest porn studios are represented here which guarantees you to find whatever it is your horny habits yearns for. You would have to check out the site yourself to comprehend.

The site has a handy menu bar at the top of the homepage which allows you to zero in on the content you are searching. Under ‘videos’, you can choose to jerk off to new content, content that the site recommends for you based on the amount of discussion the videos have generated, top-rated videos, most-viewed videos, your location, and your site history.

YouPorn understands that you are a busy person and therefore allows you to create your collection and save videos you like. For instance, you can create a collection called ‘Threesomes’ from multiple porn publishers, and anytime you want to jerk off to a threesome; you can always retrieve it. Even better, you can check out the collection your fellow twisted freaks have made. This is a terrific way of sampling the thousands of videos You Porn has to offer.

Perhaps even better, you can also filter the search results by category, for example, Asian, and then combine filters to zero in on your specific smut cocktail. The site has a simple and intuitive keyword-combining mechanism. Let’s say for example you have clicked on BBW. You can then click on +Redhead and +Anal and +Amateur and boom, YouPorn (often misspelled as "youpron", "youporno", "youpirn", "youprn", "yporn" and "youpoen") delivers you your cocktail. This is clearly not something you can say about many sites.

Regarding quality, hentai porn is displayed to you in beautiful 1280×720 resolution or a high of 720p high definition quality for short clips. That’s pretty fucking awesome. Streaming videos and download them in MP4 format is quite easy.

Just like you would expect with a free site, there are a lot of ads and pop-ups on You Porn, which I sure find a bit annoying. Anyway, maybe that’s how the site pays its bills without bothering you with a monthly fee. Understandable. Still, you can avoid the inconvenience by using Ad Blocker.

Want to avoid the hassles of ads completely? You can sign in for a monthly membership at $9.99 per month. You will not only get to view content without ads but also gain access to premium content including high-quality 1080p HD videos and more than 13,000 DVDs. However, kikdirty does not like how vague the site is forthcoming with specifics about what you get when you pay for membership. You want to know what you are paying for.

There are also some videos with pretty poor quality, possibly because the video source was poor, to begin with. But don’t you worry, you will still find plenty of 720p HD quality videos.

I know all you are looking for is a supply of high quality, free videos to jerk off your miserable life away. Don’t worry; there are millions like you all over.
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