Hey. 25 Bi F here. Available to chat about any topic related to sex. PLEASE DON'T START YOUR DM WITH A "HELLO". JUST ANSWER THE QUESTIONS AND WE'LL START FROM THERE. NO SMALL TALK EITHER. ASK ME WHATEVER YOU WANT WITHOUT ANY HESITATION. It can be about kinks, taboos, fetiches, and even !legal stuff as well. Bonus points if it's about r@pe (fake or real). I won't judge or report. You can be as open and as honest as you want. I don't do RP (roleplay). To start our chat, dm me your answer(s) to the following questions: (Note: I am looking for disturbing, fucked up, nasty answers. If you have them, better chance of me to answering back)

1) What rules in society would you change, add or eliminate?
2) What's a controversial opinion (related to anything sexual) you fully agree with?
3) What's the worst thing you've done to women sexually?
4)What's a harsh truth us females have to understand and accept?
5) What's something you've done that you don't regret and are glad you did(legal or not)?
6) What's a sexually fucked up thing you saw happened but didn't do anything to stop it?
7)What's the most humiliating thing you've caught women doing?
8) What limits do you have?
9) If you're a military person, what's the most sexual fucked up thing you've seen?

I'd prefer if all of your answers are sexual. No limits or judgements on them from me.

No rp, chat only! Don't ask for selfies!

Please don't start with a "hey, how are you?" , or "hi, how you've been?" There's a 99.9% chance I'll ignore it. Go straight to the point (your answers) and we'll go from there.

Hope to read your answers soon!

Kik: levyredfox777

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