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My name is Sandra I am 22 years old, I was on holiday at Veronica my best friend at her mother's house Sandra 50 years old but she seemed our widow for 7 years.
Veronica was sick, she hadn't left the house for almost a week, I was quite bored with my dating partner.
One night I came back around one o'clock in the morning, asleep and wanting to sleep and not even talk about it, so I put on my nightgown I went to watch TV in the living room and while I was zapping I thought about what happened two days before...
I had gone out with Sandra to shop and we bought a dress each, black floral pattern with a back zip with two straps, short skirt came halfway down the thigh. Sandra took a very youthful electric blue one with a very pronounced décolleté, the straps formed two triangles to cover the bust obviously tightened at the waist, the wide skirt had a semi-transparent tulle band.
I had had the chance to observe Sandra's body, she was wearing a white lace underwear, the nipples, big and dark also because of the air conditioning, stood out from underneath the hard and soaring fabric, she was wearing a Brazilian girl whose design showed a well-groomed hair.
It came back to mind when she chose a really sexy outfit for me... also in lace, black and purple, and a really minimal thong.
I remember that we went out with our purchases worn, at the bar I pointed out to Sandra that maybe her dress, it was better to wear it without a bra, because behind it showed dis and the hook and on the front was evident the hanging of the cups.
Without blinking an eye, she brought her hands behind her back, unhooked it, slid the straps over her arms and took it off from a high part of the dress.
"keep it in your bag as a reminder that it's the body that chooses and the dress and vice versa, there must be harmony, otherwise it's sick!".
On TV they were broadcasting a film with Sarandon who during a lesbian relationship was turned into a vampire... My hand had reached my bottom and after a while my fingers had moved the fabric passing underneath, my pussy demanded attention, reacted to the first contact sending me shakes straight to the brain.
I kept caressing myself slightly... I didn't have a brief but I still had the thong Sandra had chosen for me and I realized as soon as I took it off. This thought excited me even more. The film was finished... I had already taken off my voice to hear the noises of the house... a deadly silence.
My hand was running, caressing my skin, my lips, I don't know how I could stop, I wanted more, I got up to try to get my toys a nice vibrator in my room.
I left the thong on the carpet and walked towards my room, I opened it in time and heard Veronica's deep snoring, knocked out by the antibiotics I had taken, when I was distracted from my intent by a light glow.
As I turned around I noticed that Sandra's room was ajar and was filtering the light probably coming from her TV.
When I closed the door I walked towards that door, Sandra was still awake even though it was almost three o'clock in the morning, she was watching an erotic film, whose images I could observe in reflection from a mirror.
She was wearing the dressing gown that we had chosen together, I almost began to feel some damp dripping on my thighs so much I wanted to have sex. I'm not a lesbian, in fact I've never had a relationship with a woman, and yet I was tremendously attracted to my friend's mother's body.... I felt like a bee is attracted to pollen.
The desire moved those steps that in moments of greater lucidity perhaps I would never have made, I entered her room closing the door behind me.
I stood by the bed, Sandra hadn't said a word. My hands went up my hips, they settled on my abdomen went up my breasts, the shoulder straps came off and my nightgown fell at my feet. Naked in front of Sandra, staring at me with a questioning look.
I went to untie the knot of the gown belt and opened half of it towards me. Her body was even more beautiful and desirable.
She had a fifth size, full, firm, a large areola from which stood a nipple at least 2 cm, hard and soaring like Everest, her breath had increased as a sign of her excitement, her gaze went down to her navel, then even lower to see her flower. Her pubic area was different from what I had imagined, I thought she had a thick and well-groomed hair, instead she only had a strip of hair of about 1 cm vertical that ended at the clitoris. Her lips were full, closed as if they were those of a twelve year old girl instead of a 50aa woman, mine, for example, had more pronounced small lips ... but to hers transmitted desire. I was attracted to her.
My hand brushed her leg up towards my knee, then on the thigh on which I exerted a slight pressure, reached my hip, moved slightly towards the pubis, climbing almost immediately on her belly, warm and soft. I climbed up to the rib. I stopped a moment before reaching the inframmammary line, which reached me transmitted the warmth and the feeling of weight of the same breast. With my back I grazed that skin until I reached the nipple.
Sandra moaned, arched her back and dropped the other end of her robe. I went back down and rubbed the palm of my hand against the velvety skin. I dedicated myself to the inner thigh, a very erogenous zone for me as much as for Sandra who hardly contained the erotic charge she was whipping even if it was cream.
With my index finger I grazed her big lips after so much, then with my fingertips I just grazed her big lips, now the mount of Venus, now I split it. A light, almost ethereal touch descending towards the perineum.
I barely massaged it with my fingertips before going up again, stopping at the beginning of the vagina.
I took with my free hand Sandra's, licked her fingers simulating a blowjob, carried them on a nipple that I squeezed through her fingers. I took them again to moisten them in my mouth, while the other hand began to rise with such a pressure to open the big lips, I had inserted the first phalanx until I touched the pleasure button, which at the first touch came out of her sheath, making me realize that Sandra was ready, she was mine.
Now I took her hand straight to my pertugium, I made the palm of her hand enclose all my vulva, I rubbed myself on it flooding it with my juices.
Sandra still hadn't taken control of the operations independently so I took two fingers and carried them to the mouthpiece. It was simultaneous penetration, while I was pushing my fingers inside her, I lowered myself just enough to get my index and middle fingers inside me.
A moan of pleasure escaped me. I just masturbated for a few minutes. I saw her look of disappointment when I took my fingers off each other, but my smile made her realize that we were just foreplaying.
Sandra moved, I made my decision, I straddled her pelvis, I let her rub our nipples, Sandra stood up and offered me her lips to kiss, I took my face between my lips and gave her a grazed kiss. It didn't take long before the mouths joined in a very long carnal kiss. My mind seemed to be lost in the clouds. I wanted more, I put myself half seated and Sandra caressed my whole body, she reached my breasts which she palpitated with energy, dyed my nipples with her fingers wet with saliva, my hands played with my long hair. I lay down on her body inviting her to suggest my breasts, the invitation was received instantly, starting to suck them eagerly.
She went from one tit to another licking, nibbling, nibbling and suggesting my nipples, my pussy was a lake ebbing away. I got up on my knees, Sandra lay down totally so that I could move forward and literally put my pussy in his mouth.
After a moment of hesitation she kissed me, it took a few minutes for her to get the necessary confidence, I too at the idea of wanting and having to kiss her pussy at the thought I felt lost but tremendously excited, my technique would have been to do everything men hardly do, I would have kissed her as I would have liked to be kissed, but Sandra ... a learned confidence with my sweetish taste was unleashed.
She tinged my clitoris with the tip of her tongue and now she was sticking it in. She licked me with the whole body of her tongue, I felt its roughness... shakes of pleasure went straight to my brain.
I fucked that tongue moving around on my body holding my lips apart... The breath was short and rapid, my legs were trembling, my strength was gradually growing more and more afloat to leave me all at once. I had enjoyed what had happened to me.
When I was exhausted, I came back prone on Sandra's body and we kissed several times while I was trying to get lucid again and regain my strength.
Sandra invited me to turn around, I prevented it... I went down to kiss violently, leaving a hickey on her breast. In the meantime my hand had found her flower and started to masturbate her quickly, I didn't have time to work it with my mouth, I was about to come down but Sandra was now cooked and asked me not to stop, I made my vulva cling to hers in the position of the missionary and after a few rubs her legs clung to my body in a vice impressed by the shocks of her thighs that meanwhile prevented me from any movement were the prelude to her orgasm that she suffocated with a pillow.
We stopped exhausted. But still eager to explore ... it was 5 o'clock in the morning, the alarm clock rang. Sandra had to go to work..... Think of me .... See you later! We kissed before we got my things and went back to my room. Veronica was still sound asleep. I was satisfied but not quite asleep.

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