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My husband, while I was telling the story, was holding my hand, and I was staring at the wall.
I won't hide the fact that, together with a touch of shame, I felt a strange excitement.
However, without ever being interrupted, I arrived at the end and only then did I look for Gennaro's eyes.
"What are you doing not talking?" I asked agitated, while he, quietly, smiled at me.
"Are you excited? - he asked - I am."
And so saying, he took my hand and brought it to the flap of his jeans.
He was really turned on - from above the fabric I could palpate his hard cock.
"Just one thing,,, he had it bigger than mine" he asked.
I was dazed and hadn't expected this request, but I answered immediately:
"Yours is nicer" evading, certainly, the question.
In fact I remembered Corrado's member very well; it was really bigger than his, but I didn't feel like stating it explicitly.
"Besides, it satisfied me and made me enjoy it so much, that I would hardly change it with that of any Corrado".
But the events that were unfolding made me, of necessity, change my mind.
He got up and took me by the hand and helped me to get up from the sofa; he took me in his arms kissing me with immense transport.
That night we made love again with the same passion of the previous night, but Gennaro, unexpectedly, while he was fucking me began to whisper words like:
"You're my bitch aren't you? Tell me you would do anything for me, what you told me has rejuvenated me; can you feel how hard it is?"
He was actually possessing me with a different vigor, I could feel it deep inside me and I was really enjoying it
"You're driving me crazy, I'm enjoying it keep going, don't stop" I replied in a rough voice
"Yes, but answer me: would you do anything for me?" he repeated.
"Yes, but move harder" I said, as I was cumming.
That "yes" was magical, he too, with a deep sigh, cummed in my belly.
We collapsed on top of each other exhausted, but happy, and without cleaning ourselves we fell asleep.
I woke up and he wasn't in bed.
It was not the first time that, while we were making love, he addressed me with words like those of the previous evening, but, said after what I had told him, they had a different effect on me and led me to meditate on them. I absolutely had to know what was going on in his brain.
I had time to stretch and sit down when Gennaro appeared, with two cups of coffee and a small jug of milk.
"Good morning, my love, did you sleep well?" he said resting the tray on my legs.
"Yes, thank you, you are my darling, milk too! Give me a kiss."
He sat on the bed next to me and as we sipped our coffee he said:
"Last night I enjoyed it very much; if you hadn't fallen asleep right away, I would have done an encore. You didn't spare yourself either; I felt you were very excited and involved, I really think we need to create a...diversion, that will reignite our passion, don't you think?"
I knew that smile, but I could not understand where he wanted to go; however, I knew, also, that now I would certainly not get a spider out of the hole, so I decided not to answer and wait.
I left the house, to go to the office, with a fixed idea in my head: what was Gennaro's intention? What could I expect?
Strangely enough that evening he didn't return to the subject and, after dinner, we found ourselves in the living room watching a movie on TV, me on the couch and him relaxed in his favorite armchair. Nor was he in bed; after the usual goodnight kiss, he rolled onto his side and fell asleep.
"Strange, really strange" I asked to myself and, of course, this didn't convince me at all; he was surely brooding over something else.
In the morning, like the previous day, he brought me coffee in bed, after which I ran to the bathroom, followed by his gaze.
When I returned to the room to get dressed, he was still in his underwear and picking out a shirt to wear.
"Tomorrow, would you like to go to the beach, so we can close our little house, what do you think?" he asked.
It was the last Saturday of a September that had been the true continuation of a wonderful summer.
"If it pleases you, of course, so we can get some more sun, which certainly doesn't hurt," I replied, approaching to be helped to button my bra.
He did it and gave me a little touch of my willing ass.
I spent the afternoon at the hairdresser's, who wanted at all costs to shorten my hair, while the girl took care of my hands and painted my nails with a cherry red nail polish.
"Ma'am you look beautiful - the girl said to me - if you come that way, I'll put it on your toenails too." And I followed her into the back of the salon.
I saw the same astonishment in my husband's eyes when I returned and, when he held me close to him, I really felt his desire and, only then, I understood that I was really ready to satisfy any of his wishes.
That night I went to bed while he finished writing some emails and I didn't hear him come in, as I fell asleep immediately.
The next morning we wanted to get on the road early to avoid traffic and we quickly got ready. Gennaro came down to check on the car and I dressed quickly: a short jeans skirt and a white T-shirt, with a bleu bikini underneath that my husband loved to see me wearing.
I put a change of clothes in my bag for him too and was about to close the house when Genny stopped me.
"Wait for me downstairs, I'll lock up" showing me in re-entering the house, his hands dirty.
It took a couple of minutes and I saw him arrive with a small gift bag, which he put on the back seat.
He got in the car, started the engine and we pulled out of the driveway.
"What is it?" I asked externalizing my usual curiosity.
"A gift for you," he replied, smiling at me.
"For me?" and I extended my arm to take it.
I opened the bag and, from inside a gift box that I quickly unwrapped, came out an anal plug.
It was a seven or eight inch long prick that I turned over a couple of times in my hands.
"I bought it yesterday afternoon at the sex shop that recently opened, sometimes we go together to take a ride. Will it be like your co-worker's?" he asked.
The pig was referring to Giorgia my colleague who had taken a lover and used the plug to prepare her ass for her encounter with him. She wore it in the morning and only took it off when she was with her man. She had confided this to me and I, in unsuspected times, had told Gennaro.
"Come on, put it on: there's gel in the glove compartment," he told me as if it were a normal thing.
I had to and could refuse, but, as if hypnotized, I opened the drawer and pulled out the tube.
"How do I do it," I said awkwardly, but with only a desire to please him.
"Take off the brief, slide on the seat down and raise your legs a little, you should be able to do it."
Quickly I took off the underside of my costume and lubricated first the plug and then the little hole, and looking at my man, red in the face from excitement, I rested the tip of the little object on my little hole and pushed it in.
"I can't get it all the way in," and he pulled into a freeway lay-by, put on the four arrows and:
"Turn on your side and relax" he slipped it out again and this time he pushed him me making me get it all in.
I put my brief back on and once relaxed the initial discomfort gave way to a delicate pleasure.
During the trip a couple of times he asked me how it was going, obviously referring to the guest in my anus and, having reassured him that there were no problems, he did not return to the subject.
In fact, I could feel the presence of the plug only by changing position on the seat, but, all in all, Giorgia was right when she told me:
"My dear, as soon as you get used to it, it really becomes a desired guest."
We arrived at our destination after about an hour or so, and before entering the house we stopped at the lido to rent an umbrella and sunbeds. Even walking with the accompanying intruder was not at all unpleasant.
"I have to pee - I said to my husband - maybe I'd better take it off."
"Wait, I'll help you - and accompanying me to the bathroom, he made me sit on the toilet and, putting his hand behind, held it in my ass - try to do it like this!"
It was really urgent, because a rather loud roar accompanied my urination.
With a full bladder that little prick was starting to bother me, but as the pee was expelled, in addition to a sense of relief, the pleasure that the plug was previously giving me was returning.
Gennaro wanted to be him to dry me and, while one of his hands was stationed between my buttocks, he proceeded to clean my pussy with the other.
I got up from the cup and pulled up my briefs.
"Come on, let's go to the beach?" he said.
"Ok, but do I still have to keep it?" alluding to the dildo
"If it doesn't bother you, maybe take it off at the beach" he replied with a wry smile.
Gennaro's confident attitude kept me in a state of strange excitement. I would have jumped on him, I would have fucked him in the bathroom, but he, with a shifty attitude, took my hand and led me out.
"Can you tell me what's on your mind," I asked in the car, as we drove down the stretch of road that separated from the beach.
"Nothing much, I'm in the mood for a nice bath and lots of sunshine; what about you?"
I didn't answer, and as soon as we got to the beach, we took off what little we had on and lay in the sun.
The beach was semi-deserted and, as if to challenge my husband, I took off the top piece of my swimsuit, remaining with only the bottom one.
Gennaro, his eyes gleaming:
"There's no one there, take off the bottom one too" he asked in a whisper.
"Help me" I replied, lifting my ass off the lounger and taking the towel from my bag.
He sat down on my crib and in a flash took it off.
He turned me on my side and, from behind, with two fingers he pulled the plug out of my ass, which came out with a gasp similar to: "Flop."
I felt slightly empty, but I let him take me in his arms and let myself go into a seductive kiss from him.
"Let's take a bath," I said, pulling away from him and wrapping, then, my lower belly in the towel, I ran towards the sea.
He followed me and, before entering the water, I dropped the towel and naked I jumped into the waves.
"Would you like it if someone saw us naked?" he whispered to me.
Lowering my eyes, I replied, "Yes."
I don't know what was happening to me, but the idea of transgression was taking shape in my soul.
We went back to the sand and, although a little anxiously, I got back naked on the deckchair, enjoying the glances of my husband and fully appreciating the rays of this warm autumn sun.
We had lunch in the restaurant next to the beach and then, in a hurry, we went back to the beach, not to miss a single moment of that beautiful warmth. We spent, so, in the sun all afternoon.
"I'm taking a shower: can you give me a change of clothes? - asked Gennaro looking at the clock - it's a quarter to seven".
"Wait, I'm coming too" I exclaimed, getting up from the deckchair.
We took a shower together and, drying ourselves with the only sponge available, we got dressed.
"What about this?" handing me the plug.
"I'll put it back in the car," I said with my eyes downcast and, under my arm, we walked to the car.
He started the engine and pulled out of the parking lot.
I held the rubber cock in my hand and with the gel I lubricated it and moving my briefs I pointed it at my anus.
He slid in immediately and, adjusting my costume, I sat comfortably on the seat.
Meanwhile, my husband took the road home, but at some point turned to a dirt path that led to the pine forest.
"Where are we going?" I asked curiously.
"Wait! I want to take a look over the brush."
Slowly, because of the bumpy road, we reached a clearing after the trees, close to a huge free beach.
We entered that kind of parking lot, while the sun was setting and where two cars were already parked, almost side by side.
Gennaro slowly went around to peek: in one there was a couple and in the other a single man.
"Do you want to stop us like when we were engaged, we'll put us there at the end".
"But isn't that dangerous? I'm scared with what you read in the papers" I replied quite agitated.
"Don't worry; if we notice strange things we'll start the engine and leave" he told me in a reassuring tone, at the same time pushing his hand between my legs.
I didn't answer because the butterflies were starting to dance in my stomach.
He lowered my seat and I lay down, while he lifted my skirt up to my navel.
"How beautiful you are! You drive me crazy!" and removing my slip he threw his face between my legs.
I caressed his head as his tongue lapped at my vagina and traveled from the bottom to my clit.
I lifted my ass and unwillingly pulled the plug out of my anus.
"Fuck me by fuck me," I pleaded, as I awkwardly tried to push the little cock back into my bowels.
"Would you like two - alluding to the cock - one in front and one behind?"
I replied yes, thinking of a rubber phallus, while he was, surely, thinking of something else.
He threw himself on me and in one stroke penetrated me.
It felt really good with two cocks, despite the small size of the one I had in my ass.
From where I was, I could see very little, while Gennaro, who was on top of me was able to look around.
"The car with the couple is moving - he told me - what do we do?"
I got up just enough to take a look and in fact I saw the car going around the parking lot.
It was across from ours and we saw a couple about our age.
We exchanged a glance all four of us, then the man of the couple maneuvered and put the car perpendicular to ours.
The woman, without any fuss, kneeling on the seat, began to suck her man's cock, showing us her big and beautiful ass. Perhaps, at the suggestion of her husband, she opened her legs letting us see her dark pussy, completely open.
Genny and I stayed watching, but his finger was fiddling with my clit, while I was jerking his cock.
"Do you like it - he asked me - you're all wet."
"Yes very much, like a porn movie" I replied with my heart in my throat.
Unexpectedly, the driver's side door opened and the man with the hard cock came out. He went around
the car, opened the other door and pulling his wife towards the outside, began to fuck her doggy style.
As the show continued, we realized that it was no longer just us watching; in fact, the man in that other car had gotten out of his and approached ours undisturbed.
He was about sixty years old, not bad at all, neat looking, seemed like a nice guy.
But the one he was fucking had to warn his woman about this unexpected peeping tom, because we noticed her stiffening first and then trying to compose herself.
But her husband continued to talk to her, and we heard her say distinctly:
"If it's just to watch, that's fine, but don't let him get close."
She must have also felt the viewer was not very desirable, as she stepped back and noticed, only then, that my husband and I, half naked were masturbating.
"May I look at you?" he asked shyly and, receiving no response from us, interpreted the silence as assent.
Meanwhile, those other two, were going at it hard; the stranger craned his neck to get a better look and, without any permission, pulled out his cock and started jacking off.
It was a big, hard cock, certainly more corpulent than my husband's and, perhaps, even than the other man's, so much so that the woman in the other car raised her head and, squinting her eyes
"But is he huge?" she said aloud.
"I'm going to call him now," suggested her husband, but she wouldn't have it and they continued to fuck.
The male, even more rejuvenated, moved closer to our car.
"You like him, do you want to pet him?" my husband suggested as I looked at him ecstatically.
"No, please, not tonight!" but, even if I wanted to, I would not have been of much comfort to the man who, at the height of his pleasure, erupted a quantity of thick cream that partly smeared my door.
He didn't even clean himself up and, with a semi-hard cock, walked away towards his car.
Both we and the other couple saw him start the car and drive out of the parking lot.
"NO TONIGHT, NO" so, if Genny had insisted, would I have touched that stranger's member?
What the fuck was happening to me! I was in an uncommon state of mental turmoil.
As I reflected on what I was experiencing, my husband broke away from me and got out of the car.
"Where are you going?" I asked in amazement and he came over to my side and said:
"Come on...get out, let's fuck they can watch us better!"
I got out of the car and like an automaton rested my hands on the hood, with my skirt totally up on my hips, I waited for the cock to stick me.
Now I could see them well, our two neighbors, as they admired us.
I didn't understand anything anymore and, with my husband's penis in front and the plug behind, I came screaming without any restraint.
I collapsed on the hot metal sheet of the engine compartment, while Gennaro emptied himself inside me.
The other couple had also reached the peak of pleasure and was about to return to the car, when she thought about it and, squatting down, started to piss.
As a sign of solidarity with the unknown friend and, under the lustful looks of my and her man, I joined her and did the same.

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