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The Rimini bathing season ended around September 20th, less than two weeks before the reopening of the schools. I took the opportunity to go to the beautiful Sonia's house early in the morning by train, telling my parents that I was going to Bologna to meet some friends I had met at the hotel. When I arrived at the station I called her to let her know but no one answered. I decided to go to the address anyway, by public transportation to avoid being confronted with her husband's cab.
I arrived at the apartment building where she lived and rang her doorbell, trembling with excitement, I heard her open it without anyone asking who I was. I went up the stairs and arrived in front of the door of her house, I rang and found her in front of me as soon as I opened the door. "I'm sorry but who are you, are you the boy from the store?". "No Mrs. Sonia - I answered - don't you remember me? The assistant waiter at the hotel in Rimini, the one from your vacation in July." She, surprised, remembered but scolded me: "I told you to let me know if you were coming to Bologna, if my mother-in-law sees you, there will be trouble". I tried to stammer out, "But...but I one answered." "Yeah, I was out. Luckily my son and my mother-in-law are at the park... Come on in."
He let me in and immediately after the usual pleasantries he asked me with a flirtatious air. "But then you remembered this old woman! I didn't think about you anymore but now I'm glad you're here, even if we have little time. How is your girlfriend, give the one inside the elevator? She has already, now I remember, she was older than you... so I don't think she's your girlfriend..."
I didn't answer, in fact I didn't know what to say or do. She did it all. Telling me "But then you like older women, huh? And me, tell me, do you like me?", she took me by the shoulders and brought me closer to her lips. I should have kissed her, but I was totally clumsy at that moment. I was the only one, though, because she stuck to my mouth like a sucker, flicking her tongue around for mine. I didn't understand anything anymore, all I know is that I started groping her tits with the ardor of my teenage fervor. "Ah, take it easy...not like that. If you like my tits so much, taste them with your mouth," she told me, uncovering her breasts. She didn't have the big tits of the tobacconist in Amarcord, but I was like Titta in that movie: I felt them, I licked them, I blew them, I sucked them like a hungry child. In the meantime she stroked my head.
Then she took me by the hand and led me to the couch, there she took off her blouse, slipped off her skirt, took my hand and brought it to her panties. Once again I was impetuous and clumsy, and once again she had to guide me. She removed her panties and brought my index finger to her sex. What a spectacle of nature her little pussy, pinkish cutting through the black bush, perfumed as I had the chance to appreciate when she pushed me with her mouth towards that coveted goal. This time I tried not to be rough, I stretched out my tongue and began to lick her. Of course I passed it everywhere due to inexperience, but with a lot of mutual pleasure: I finally had a real pussy to taste and explore, she was enjoying my tongue even if inexperienced. I could tell because she was moaning. She was leaning back on the back of the couch, with her hands pressing on my head and moving her pelvis trying to make me stay with my tongue on her clitoris, as I understood later because at that time I didn't understand anything, I licked, sucked, sucked with my mouth open and that was it!
After a while 'Sonia made me get up and lie on my back on the couch, helped me to take off my underpants and underwear, took my hard cock in her hand and brought it immediately to her mouth. I can't say that that was the best blowjob I had ever had from a woman up to that moment, I hadn't had any before! All I know is that I felt like I was going to faint from the pleasure of feeling that hot mouth enveloping me inside, and then the tongue darting over the chapel the shaft and even the balls. I was in heaven, and I would have surely melted inside that adored mouth if she hadn't stopped. Surprised I looked at her, she stood up over me and came down with her pussy on my cock as hard as I had ever witnessed with my handjobs. She was impaling herself, she was fucking me... Of course she went up and down a few times, the thrusting from her balls and my tension made me come almost immediately, with almost painful jets for how powerful they were.
It was only later, with experience, that I realized she hadn't come, or rather she hadn't come for the short fuck, but maybe she had come a little earlier because, thinking back on the whole thing, I remembered that at one point her pussy tasted more sour than when I had started licking it.
I remained as if stunned for a while, her stroking me gently. Then, giving me another tongue-in-cheek kiss, she quickly dressed and said, "Come on, get dressed and go. My mother-in-law could be here any minute." I could not do anything but obey, I would have liked to stay with her always, resume kissing her wonderful body, rifarmi do the mouthpiece, riaannegare in her sex ... Instead I had to go, with a sweet kiss that I hoped was a thank you before opening the door, with a hasty dismissal and a peremptory "Do not do it again, got it?" ordered on the landing, which a little 'disappointed me.
On the train, on the way back, I thought about the fact that she had thrown me out of the house so abruptly, that I hadn't even had time to tell her that it had been the best day of my life, to beg her to see me again... I was young but not stupid, and on the way back to the station I calmly rewound the tape of the whole thing and told myself that I couldn't have anything else from her, that what I had had was so much. With my dick out for the whole trip I gloated with pride and said to myself "What a wonderful thing! God, what a fuck I had with the most beautiful woman in the world!" and, as a good little male asshole as we all were at that age, I thought of the envy I would have made to my classmates in telling them about the fuck and the blowjob had by the lady from Bologna.

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