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"Don't you find," said Dario aloud "that it's really hot tonight for the season we're in?" you won't mind if I get comfortable. I hate sweating and creasing my shirt ”said that he took off his shirt and remained bare-chested and took off his shoes while remaining barefoot.
“Feel free to do the same if you believe…. We are among men "
As if he had thrown a stone into the pond everyone seemed to be waiting for nothing else.
They stood up and began to take off some clothes.
Signor Amedeo took off his shirt and shoes and I had never seen him so happy. The muscular guys did the same, even my colleagues remained shirtless in all this Mattia and Francesco continued to fill the glasses with wine and the atmosphere was really cheerful.
My boss's son Matteo had stopped looking at his cell phone and he too had undressed at least in part his old man father from the south kept laughing and joking and making jokes, some of them sexually motivated.
Dario also motioned me to undress and I made the request by removing the turtleneck and shoes while remaining barefoot.
“Have you seen that physicist who put up our good Luca? Mario, look at the bibs, touches touches are the result of sacrifices and constant training. " He had turned to my area manager who immediately hadn't been prayed for and put his hands on me, feeling me everywhere.
At that point I noticed a large bulge in his pubis. The effect of Dario's herbs had an effect.
"Come on now just touch it, ruin me" said Dario laughing "Matteo rather take off your father's shoes and give him a nice massage I'm sure he would appreciate" The son, as if hypnotized, knelt at his father's feet and carried out the order.
The data was drawn and the evening could only take a certain turn from there on.
Even my brother Enrico had taken off the sweater he was wearing and remained in jeans. Then he had bent under the table to take off his shoes but had never returned to his seat now that I noticed well.
Without getting too noticed, I pushed aside the flap of the tablecloth and looked under the table.
I couldn't believe my eyes.
My half-naked brother was sucking Dario's cock under the table and with a rush and a transport that left me stunned as if he hadn't done anything else.
Under the table I noticed that there was another movement Amedeo was sucking on one of the boys' cock.
I looked back at Dario, who was laughing with pleasure at the little service my brother was doing to him.
Matteo had begun not only to massage but to lick the feet of his father who liked and occasionally moaned with pleasure.
Nobody seems scandalized by the fact that everyone was enjoying the situation.
"It's your time," said Dario
He got to his feet, removing the toy from my brother who was greatly upset by the noise produced and with his cock out of his pants he said loudly.
“Well, gentlemen, it seems to me that the evening has warmed up enough.
Now Luca will show you what he is capable of doing.
"Let's move to the tavern where there is a relaxation room for coffee and dessert"
Dario took off his pants and remaining completely naked led the way. Nobody was embarrassed about it, indeed many followed his example, leaving their clothes at the table.
My brother came out from under the table at that moment and looked at me with a lustful and full of desire.
I looked away. Dario had motioned me to follow him and I had to obey.
The relaxation room in the basement was a playroom.
Over 85-inch giant screen, two sling hung from the ceiling a large sofa / bed that took two walls and on the walls shelves containing all possible sorts of dildos, plugs and erotic games.
It was there that Dario brought the slaves to have fun.
Next to the room there was a huge bathroom with two showers, a small sauna and, if necessary, a Jacuzzi.
Dario had modernized a few months ago using my money but I didn't care if this was his wish.
I entered the room second after Dario.
“Here we are, do as if you were at home but I have only one request. I wish Luca entertained as all our guests can do. Courage Luca don't be shy.
What do you want to see on TV? "
He turned on the big screen that lit the room and immediately started a gay porn that left nothing to the imagination.
I was truly petrified but my slave will was hardened by years of submission.
In the meantime, everyone had sat or lay on the large sofa and stared at me.
I unfastened my jeans and took them off while remaining completely naked. I tied the hair behind my head and went on all fours.
I went to the first one. He was one of my colleagues. He was already half undressed. I began to lick his feet one by one with passion and enthusiasm. On the contrary, he did not withdraw. "And good the manager, I knew you were a cocksucker ... toh sucks this" and pulled his nor size cock
it hurts but very odorous and I like an automaton started sucking it.
Excited from the scene, the others in the group began to incite the person concerned, speaking to me with the worst words.
The three slave boys of Dario at one of his nods undressed and began to work each one of the guests.
Mike the black boy gave the cock to suck Mr. Amedeo who did not waste a second and rushed there in a flash flashing his cock with his other hand.
Matteo the boss' son was intent on looking at the dildos on display on the shelves first.
"Start with a small one if you have never taken it," said Dario, going to his side and feeling his ass and chose one for him. "Lubricate it well and then try it." The boy did not have it repeated twice and positioned himself in a corner of the room to have fun with the new toy.
Dario sat down on the armchair that was on the short side of the hall in the room and lit his pipe he enjoyed the scene.
I did not stop sucking but from behind I felt that someone was touching my ass. It was my area boss who was horny behind me and was about to butt me up with his cock.
I did not want to take it in the ass not now in fact I was not even excited by the situation despite sucking on the cock I always liked a lot.
Dario seemed to intuit my thought. "Alberto, look at your son as he learns quickly," he said with a sneer and diverted his attention which landed on his eighteen-year-old son Matteo. I looked out of the corner of my eye.
The naked boy had placed the dildo with the suction cup attached to the wall and at 90 he took it all in the ass.
And she enjoyed ... madonna if she enjoyed.
"Come closer come on, make him smell dad's cock you will see the reaction" added Dario.
Alberto like a naked automaton approached his son who, widening his eyes always plunging his ass into the dildo, took his cock in erection and began to suck it hard.
It was too much for my fifty-year-old area boss two strokes and he came directly into the jaws of his son who didn't lose a drop but visibly sorry that the game was over so early.
"Don't worry, the game and the fun can go on as long as we want." Dario said and threw several blister packs of blue tablets on the table that he gave me every day because he always wanted me excited and eager.
Alberto went to get one and then sat on the sofa to enjoy the show waiting for the magical effect.
But where did my brother Enrico end up in all this? I haven't seen him for a while. To my right was Mr. Amedeo who was astride Mike and was taking all his cock in the ass enjoying it. But Enrico? The opportunity to see the room was given to me by my colleague who was still sucking.
"Turn around and I will lick your ass that I want to fuck you filthy bitch" I turned to 90 with my back to the sofa and holding out my shaved ass to lick and looked around.
After dinner it had turned into an orgy and this was probably Dario's aim from the beginning.
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