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Playable like a game of Top Trumps or Trading Cards, Smut Stones is a girl on girl battle using cards. Each card has its own character with different attack scores. Choose your deck carefully to ensure that you have the best set of cards to defeat your opponent.It's a mix that will give you extravagant stuff, sex, big tits, all kinds of characters, an epic storyline that throws you out and so on. The graphics are fantastic and all the above will tickle your eyes and more. When you enter, they will give you an introduction where you have to press a button that will open the doors of this world of sexual fantasy. Are you ready to be the most fantastic in the Smutstone game?

It’s a game with an addictive quality although arguably the animation isn’t strictly speaking Hentai but is more Hentai-inspired.Fights with cards! Magic cards! If you are a real player, you know what I'm talking about. Each card has 2 parameters, attack and HP. If you do not know what HP means, well, you're a mofo! HP means Health Points and if it falls below 1, you're fried. Some big black cocks will penetrate you! I'm kidding! The only problem will be the fact that the card is defeated and will no longer fight in the current battle.


Your character will be in a strip club. Some strange things will happen and he will end up in a fantasy world where some bad ones will give you problems! You do not have to worry about anything. Once started, the game will take you to a detailed procedure, such as a guide, which will explain all the features and all the things in play that you need to know in order to enjoy the wonderful adventure.
You will save a girl with big tits and she will thank you for it! You can imagine how! In the doggystyle position, of course. Yes, fights, beautiful women, good gameplay, interesting story behind the real game, call it, it's here! And since it has such good graphics, you can easily declare SmutStone one of your favorite games! one of the best current hentai games !! definitely to try !! Play now!

what makes this game special:
  • awesome gameplay
  • walkthrough
  • guidelines
  • hot graphics
  • fantasy storyline
  • epic adventure

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