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Silvia and the neighbor

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We recently moved, changed cities and had to find a new home. The choice fell on a small village house, the house is not luxury and without too many pomp, but despite this we have tried to furnish it with taste. The aspect that has most conquered us is the large garden that surrounds the house, this, in addition to having two tall trees that shelter from the sun on the brightest days, is also delimited by a hedge that separates our property from the other gardens. After an initial period during which we had to settle in with the new house, we slowly became familiar with the surroundings and with the neighborhood, however small; in fact our property borders on the right with another house where an elderly couple lives and on the left with the house of a grizzled and attractive 55-year-old man named Franco. Which as expected, positively struck Silvia as soon as she saw him.
If by chance you have already read our previous stories, you will have already got to know both Silvia and our fantasies. If not, allow me to repeat here the most significant features.
Silvia and I have been a couple for many years now, I am a normal dark-haired boy, nothing exceptional. She is brunette, has a winking face characterized by a sharp nose, her physicality is not long-limbed, about 1.65 tall, she has an abundant third of breasts, a round but certainly not mandolin-shaped butt, light bacon, turned thighs and what for me it is the highlight: the feet that drive me crazy, always cared for and with long and square nails. Yes, because you have to know that feet are my passion and this is also accompanied by cuckold and slightly bisexual fantasies, as mentioned in the previous stories.
Obviously these are all fantasies that from the beginning of our relationship I shared with Silvia and she has always shown herself happy to help me fulfill them; taking advantage of it with great pleasure.
Going back to the present, well, as soon as we met Franco, meeting him in front of his gate, I knew very well what Silvia was thinking at that moment and I think she also announced what I would have said to her as soon as we passed our garden and entered the house. Franco introduced himself, told us to live alone and to love gardening, and given the beautiful days, we would certainly have seen him, besides the hedge, dedicated to taking care of his plants.
"Would you do it?" I asked Silvia once inside the home. "Of course, even immediately, Franco is just a handsome man, he must also be very capable", she replied and I didn't let her finish the sentence that I pounced on her lips; we kissed for a long time, intertwining our tongues, until she grabbed my penis, starting to masturbate and whisper "who knows what Franco's penis is like, do you think it's bigger than yours?"
"I really hope so, at least you will have a man who makes you enjoy", I replied moaning.
"You like to imagine me in another's arms, don't you? Would you like to see me offer to Franco? See him taste my sex, welcome his penis between my breasts?" Silvia continued.
"Sure love I would like it, you know how much I like to play these games and you also know how much I would like to adore your feet while a real man gives you pleasure", I admitted through gritted teeth, since his soft hand had never stopped caressing mine penis now at the maximum erection. Indeed, as soon as I finished responding his pace increased and accelerating the movement to the maximum, he inflicted the coup de grace by adding "I don't know if I would grant you this honor, I really believe that in that situation my feet become the exclusive property of Mr. Franco". So I came with a very intense orgasm that dirtied his hand and a few drops fell to the ground.
Silvia brought her hand close to our mouths and we both began to suck and lick the drops of semen that left her fingers dirty.
After having dinner, relaxing on the sofa, Silvia explained her plan to me. Given the expected hot sunny days, he would have started to tan in the garden, in the moments when Franco would have practiced gardening, wearing a costume that literally drove me crazy, a microkini that calling him "micro" was an exasperated attempt to magnify him. A triangle that covered the large lips on the front and a thread of transparent nylon that crossed the groove of the buttocks, while the upper piece was formed by two stamps necessary to cover nipples and haloes. In doing so it would have been easy to evaluate the reactions of our neighbor and to evaluate if he had been affected by the body of my young companion. I, on the other hand, while she was busy luring that man, I should have stayed at home, perhaps "making myself a little bit", as Silvia specified, while I was watching her from the window, being careful not to show me.
Needless to say, from the first time Mr. Franco turned into a giraffe, who would not have peeked continuously,
the neck beyond the hedge, to see the graces of Silvia half-naked intent on spreading the tanning cream, accentuating every movement to the limits of pornography. Not to mention the moments when he placed the towel, turning his ass towards the eyes of the neighbor voyeur; at times he pretended to forget that he had unfastened his bra and when he got up he revealed his beautiful breast always in the direction of that brazen look.
Often hearing the noises beyond the hedge, Silvia attacked the button and the two talked at least for several minutes while I, from the window on the first floor, not only spied and masturbated, but I could also notice the powerful erections that Mr. Franco held at hardly in his pants. Which I promptly referred to Silvia as soon as she returned home, who, hot and excited, went straight on the sofa to masturbate imagining her copula with her neighbor. He asked me to describe what I saw from up there, if I had noticed the size, and I replied - magnifying because I was hoping he would take him to bed by now - that he must be a huge member. She then masturbated with more ardor, ordering me, to my delight, to suck her big toes and lick the wrinkled plants of her feet while I stimulated my pea, as she liked to call my penis. "Come on Pisellino", he added, "Imagine, while I am lying in the garden, Mr. Franco who climbs over the hedge, lowers his pants and pulls out his penis and starts banging it on my face".
Or, "Pisellino, think about how Franco would make me enjoy with his member, I really think I would like to taste it also with the little ass and you on your knees, while I get fucked, to lick my feet", to which I replied "Yes love, it would be beautiful, I would like to see your butt taken by that man, I would like to prepare your little hole and maybe even moisten his glans penis as only a cornutello like me can do ".
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Not open for further replies.
Do you want to see me now naked online? CLICK HERE!
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